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By: Wendy R.
Star Montessori School
I am writing mainly about the Pre-K class as that is the class my daughter is in, although my daughter has been going here over two years, I have noticed a lot of change in personnel in the younger class but with the pre-k class Ms. Sarita and the manager Ms. Cynthia have been there since we started. I am also a parent of two children 8 and 4 and I am not expecting my child to be watched like a hawk everyday all the time, especially when on the playground. She has gotten bumps and bruises from playing, or running into her friends on accident but I always get an accident report and it's normal - she is active and almost 5 years old. She loves her friends and will miss her teachers no doubt. This is an affordable school and they are flexible and fair and do fun things for holidays and in the summer the kids get to go to special places (my son went there last summer as well) They have also added cameras in each room for more piece of mind. My daughter can write 1-100 and is about to graduate and is now writing her name and writing almost all of her letters in the alphabet. She will be ready for kindergarten and I do recommend this school - but it might be better suited to parents with more than one child, most of the negative reviews I have seen expect perfection at a day care which is just not a reality . The kids are safe, the teachers and caregivers are nice and they care for my daughter. Turnover in child care unfortunately is a regular occurrence but Ms. Sarita and Ms. Cynthia have provided stability at Star Montessori.
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By: Tactic559 ..
Challenger School
Be sure to visit my blog for the full article and coupon page for 15% off tuition to this location. https://challengerschool-review-roundrock-pflugerville-northaustin.com/..................Jaden was/is what we like to call a spirited child with tantrums and emotions galore. If we wanted to get him ready for school WE had to dress him. In order to get him to eat WE had to spoon feed him and forget taking him to a restaurant, the kid could not sit still!! He wouldn't pick up after himself and he was very shy, it was hard for him to make friends. The trade off in this case is he is a little brain. He has loved being read too since he was in diapers and his first word was puppy. We were consistently trying to find ways to feed his brain so we got him started on workbooks at an early age and couldn't buy enough of them because he woudl..... tough. Finally after research and several interviews at other educational facilities we cam across Challenger School.
By: sknymom
Master's Senior High School
Excellent customer service. Great program for high school seniors to use instead of public school system to get around placement issues. My daughter was #295 out of 315 in her graduating class. She dis-enrolled from school and joined this program, where she took a test and the next week she was a HS grad. Please note that my daughter is very bright, but was not applying herself at all at school. She had been Commended on her TAKS tests the year before. You have to know the material to test well, but it's more forgiving than a formal high school program. Worth every penny!
By: aimee.fenton.3
Challenger School
We had a great kinder experience. They really help your kid achieve their potential, in addition to teaching responsibility, independence, and how to approach their academics with enthusiasm. He LOVED it. Our own standards for what a good school can do have now been elevated. It is a well-rounded, nurturing environment!
By: Ishwar R.
Star Montessori School
Good Montessori School and I would recommend this school to parents. My son loved this school and graduated with an excellent academic skill set. Kudos to teachers!
By: Steve S.
Star Montessori School
I recommend this school to parents. They did excellent job and my son loved the school. He graduated from school this summer.
By: Keith H.
Star Montessori School
My daughter Tracy graduated from the school with an excellent academic skill. I would highly recommend this school.
By: Natalie S.
Star Montessori School
I would highly recommend this school. Kudos to the teachers for providing excellent care to my daughter!!!

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