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By: Ann B.
Sears Appliance Repair
We bought a Samsung refrigerator in Feb. 2013. We initially bought the 3 year warranty for $380 which was very good advice. (We were convinced because they come out and service it annually regardless of need). After that warranty expired, we thought we could do without. Within a month, we needed service and bought the next 3 year warranty--now for $566. In addition to our annual service, we have had 5 repair visits. In the past, the repairs were handled to our satisfaction. This recent repair request showed us that something is going on with Sears. The first representative refused to send someone out. Our refrigerator was making a loud humming noise, which had happened in the same way in April 2016--resulting in our refrig. not cooling. However, the humming was not consistent and we couldn't predict when it would hum. The rep said that if she sent someone out and it wasn't humming, we would be charged for the service call. Finally we left it that the manager would call us back which never happened. So, I called again and talked to a different rep. She started playing the same game that they wouldn't send anyone out. I asked to speak to the manager and that caused her to cooperate and schedule a technician. He came out, quickly assessed the problem, said they had only sent him out to do annual service check (which we didn't ask for) and said he would order the part and return. To make a long story short, there was some major confusion. The part was never ordered and there seemed to be no record of his visit. We had to start over with another tech. He could not diagnose the problem and our refrigerator continues to periodically hum very loudly. Very disappointed with Sear's cust. svc. and the high but necessary warranty cost. Worth it to buy another refrigerator!
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By: Chris N.
Sears Appliance Repair
The repair guy himself was great, but the customer service overall and the product they sell has gone downhill so much over the last 10 years that I am done with them. They sold me a washing machine that didn't work when I bought it and had 4 service calls of 7+ repairs before they had it working. They refused to replace under their lemon law of the extended warranty I purchased with it. Same story when it broke again this time. Just flat out refuse to adhere to their own warranty and do the right thing. I used to buy all Craftsman tools and products, but they quality has gone to be that of the cheap shoddy Chinese made products, but still at the Craftsman premium price. I have tools that break and have to be replaced literally every time I use them in some cases. I will never buy another Craftsman/Sears product and would not be surprised to see this century old company be out of business in the next 5 to 10 years. Bad quality product and bad customer service is its demise.
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By: Deborah W.
Sears Appliance Repair
It took a few days for them to get to us, when we had a refrigerator leak. They came out, found the problem, but then it started leaking again. We wish the first guy had discovered the problem, we had a bad water filter, and he told us that, but he did not discover the other problem, so we had to have a repairman out again.
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By: Pat G.
Sears Appliance Repair
Israel always arrives on time & is very proficient & patient with our frig issues. Not happy about the frig handle breaking every six months & having to buy an extended warranty to keep from having to pay for one twice a year. But repairman appears to go up & beyond to make sure ice maker is functioning properly.
By: Sandi S.
Sears Appliance Repair
Israel is the BEST. he is competent, friendly, on time and anything else you can think of the say he is great. I am at 5 years on my refrigerator, microwave, stove, and dishwasher. No problems so far. Just keep doing the yearly checkups to catch anything before it becomes a problem.
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By: Mary ann V.
Sears Appliance Repair
Rickey is very proficient and expert in his field of work. All your Sears repairman should have his knowledge and skills. He deserves a big raise!!!
Tips & Advices
Aftermarket replacement parts can be perfectly safe and reliable, but be sure to do your research. If replacing a more integral piece, such as washing machine’s water pump or a thermostat for a busted water heater, it might be best to purchase new.
Replacement parts generally come with warranties extending anywhere from 30 days to five years, depending on the original price, the nature of the fix and the age of the part itself.
If you’re seeking new parts repair companies will generally mark up their prices slightly--particularly at a major national retailer. However, used parts are typically discounted.
Cheaper used appliance parts can be found online or at many local, independently owned retailers, along with ecommerce sites such as eBay. Major retailers, however, generally limit their selection to unused, full-priced options.
Second-hand appliance parts are generally anywhere between 50-75% cheaper than new ones, but warranties might not extend as long and the parts may be less reliable or come with a shorter lifespan. Be sure to research the source of any second-hand parts to ensure the dealer is reputable and the part itself reliable.

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