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By: Kristina T.
Nature's Own Pest & Lawn Services
I was recommended in using Nature's Own Pest and Lawn Services and I couldn't be any more satisfied. They are fantastic! I was having a major pest control problem and after I was recommended this company I decided to give it a try. I made a service call and spoke with the office manager who was very friendly and very professional. They are willing to come at any time of the day even weekends. We set up a date and time and I was given specific instructions so when they come they can get right to work quick and easy. I thought that was great they gave me instructions because most businesses don't tell you anything until they get there and then you waste a good 30 minutes. When the guy got to my place he was very friendly and did his work. It didn't take long but from what I saw he was very professional and knew what he was doing. After he was done with his work he asked if there were any other problems that he can take care of for me. I was surprised because other businesses just go in do their work and leave. Before he left he says if I was having any problems please to contact them immediately so they can take care of the problem. A few days later the manager called to make sure everything was going okay. Great customer service they truly care about their customers. I will for sure use them again. My pest problem has not continued since they have done their service. I strongly recommend this company to everyone. They truly go over and beyond to help, serve and satisfy their customers. Well done!
By: nikoled
Alterra Pest Control
Ricky G. was the technician that came out for the initial service at my house. I walked the property with him in order to show him some problem areas, and while doing so, decided to put my pit bulls inside so they would not be a distraction. Not realizing that I left my front door cracked, I returned inside to find no pitbulls and a gaping, wide-open front door. Ricky saw that I was distressed, asked if he could help and immediately jumped into his vehicle to assist. Alterra Pest Control to the rescue! Fortunately, after a mutli- vehicle, whirlwind tour of my subdivision, we were able to locate the dogs and bring them home without further incident. Without missing a beat, Ricky got right back to work knocking down mud dauber nests and eradicating massive ant colonies. He even found time to bait for field mice, and throw some humor around. This is just my initial treatment, but I am impressed with the professionalism and dedication of the technician.
By: pfayeb
Alterra Pest Control
I think these guys are a cut above the rest, especially the well known names people associate with seasonal pest control services. Josh spent all the time needed to answer all my questions. I especially like the "call anytime" feature for more complete control of certain persistent and resistent pests. It made perfect sense to me that the initial visit that gets 70-85% pests with a follow up visit in one month to get the rest is done. I haven't used a pest service before as everyone I know who does is less than enthusiastic about the results they have had. Giving a newer company like Alterra a try also made sense. It seems that a lot of companies work hard to GET your business but over time, they do less and less to keep your business. If Alterra continues to do a thorough job of controlling and eliminating my pests, then I will be a long time customer.
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By: G E.
Nature's Own Pest & Lawn Services
I had a huge problem earlier this year with purslane in my lawn and garden. I tried over the counter remedies to rid them without any success.I was then recommended to Nature's Own by a neighbour that had used them on a previous occasion. I then gave Nature's Own a call and set up an appointment two days later. The service individual was there 30 minutes before the scheduled appointment, he was knowledgeable, patient and knew exactly how to get the job done. He even took the time to explain to me what the different weeds that were plaguing my lawn and garden were and preventative measure that I could take to prevent them from coming back. He did a tremendous job, and I will most definitely use Nature's Own again whenever needed.
By: Lauren W.
Aptive Environmental
Caleb came to the door to sell me the yearly package. I was reluctant since we just had a Terminex employee try to do the same only to find out that they wanted the year's worth of payments that day. No thank you, Terminex! I was very pleased with the plan that Aptive had to offer and they actually had an appointment for me the same day. The appointment started later than planned but I received multiple texts updating me on the start time and apologizing so I really don't fault them there. Then Jacob showed up and was very friendly. My two year old came to the door with me and Jacob engaged with him too. He was very informative about what he did to our yard and from that I could tell he was thorough. Great company!
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By: Sean S.
Aptive Environmental
We recently signed for Aptive services and could NOT be more pleased. They were extremely professional during the process of signing up and I felt completely confident in their abilities to do the job. When Matt Carswell showed up to perform our first service he was extremely polite and knowledgeable. He was very friendly and was not at all intrusive of our home. He asked if it was OK to enter every room prior to doing so and was very thorough in his applications. I was reminded multiple times that if I EVER have any sort of pest issue in between our quarterly visits to call the immediately to come out and resolve the problem. I will be referring to all friends and family with complete confidence.
By: Denise E.
Aptive Environmental
Today was my first visit from APTIVE, a pest control company. Living in central Texas (Temple) with many trees on a property that is really like country in the middle of a city is really challenging. I don't appreciate bugs. We've been using another company for a year and decided to go with aptive and I feel I made an excellent decision. John arrived on time, he was knowledgeable, worked quickly and, well. actually WORKED really hard. He scrubbed away all cobwebs, inspected and sprayed all areas needed outside, answered questions. Quite frankly, he went way above and beyond what we expected. I can honestly say that I will stay with this company as long as they employ experts like John.
By: Judy M.
Alterra Pest Control
Ricky G. came out to treat our new home, and was amazing as he was before. At our previous address, we had an issue with a certain type of roach, that our daughter brought with her, when she temporarily moved back in with us. Apparently, this type of roach is extremely difficult to get rid of, and Ricky is an absolute EXPERT on this, and was able to rid the thousands, perhaps millions, that had infested our once beautiful home. Alterra made me a believer and a lifelong customer after that experience!!! I have had salespeople come to my home, offer me countless discounts to switch my service, and I have to turn them away. Trust me, these guys are the real deal. And reasonable priced too!
By: keoni.kanohokula
Alterra Pest Control
WOW!!! Ryan conducted exemplary service today from the moment he shook my hand, told me he's from Alterra Pest and asked what areas of my home was being invaded by any critters (ants, spiders, etc). When he said ant & spiders, I said, "EVERYWHERE" since I hate them. As he was working on laying the poisonous foundation for these insects, I couldn't but help walk side by side and ask questions so I can help keep these things out. Ryan has explained and showed me the process as well as the areas that I didn't think to look. THANK YOU Ryan and Alterra Pest Control for putting my mind at ease! (roommate of J.Milligan residence)
By: Pamela M.
Aptive Environmental
Matt C was the initial tech that came out and then he came out for a in between service. The service was because a vacant lot was cleared and the after effects came to my house. The outside was very active with new activity and the inside was not bad but enough to notice new activity. Before that there were not problems. One call to Aptive and they sent someone out the next day. Matt was very timely and explained what he was doing to handle the situation. He was very informative and courteous. He explained that if another vacant lot is cleared or of we are in need of a in between service to feel free to call them back out.
Tips & Advices
Fumigation is dangerous to pets and humans. Liquid termicides, however, are safe to use around pets.
No. Because termite infestations are considered preventable, most home insurance policies do not cover treatments or damage.
It's best to treat an entire home to ensure the termite infestation is completely eliminated. Spot treating costs less, but increases the likelihood of missed colonies. In addition, spot treatments can make a home unattractive to future buyers.
The cost to eliminate termites varies depending on the method. Bait costs between $150-$300, while fumigation costs $1,300-$2,500. Heat treatment costs around $1 per square foot, so a 2,500 square-foot home would cost $2,500.
The length of time depends on the process used:
  • Fumigation takes approximately five days. The termites die quickly, but homeowners must remain out of the house until the chemicals clear.
  • Bait exterminations can take months to destroy an entire colony. The bait kills termites during the molting process. If an insect eats the bait and does not molt, it is unaffected.
  • Heat extermination takes approximately eight hours and is environmentally friendly. This process heats the home to 150 degrees F.

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