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By: dean.kaus
Kaus Photography Video & DJ
I hate the fact that a person (bridezilla... you've seen the shows) or a competitor can log in and try to destroy a business and reputation of that business. In fact the party doesn't even have to use their real name and didn't state the facts correctly.I better not use her real name or the name of her father, however the facts are these. This bride was very demanding up front which I don't mind at all. I was led to believe up front her Father possibly wasn't even going to show up at the wedding (probably gave me this information as a lie so they could try to get a refund after the fact.) At any rate the wedding was a great reception and we did work with the bride and groom and they even came up with a couple of really cool ideas which we did and they went well.Her Father did in fact approach me about doing an impromptu gag speech which I sent out my assistant to purchase what he needed in order to do his thing. By the time it came time for her Fathers speech he backed out and decided to blame me. The brides Father's brother (unless he wants to go on record lying) was a witness as to how hard and all of the effort I put into making his speech and help him get over his nervousness to make his speech special as it should have been. I believe that he eventually got drunk and then turned bitter towards me which is totally unfair.The reason DJ, Caterers and ALL professional wedding vendors (or any other professional for that fact) uses timelines is to make sure that everything that is asked for and planned goes of smoothly. In this case this was something that was added just moments before the reception started and we didn't have the props and sound effects as this was something I've never had requested in all of my 25+ years in business. I have Thousands of satisfied clients and the only complaints I had ever received we if I refused to do something Illegal or immoral. Am I perfect? Not by a long shot and I don't know anyone else who is. However my clients (except the one's who want to try to rip you off or destroy your business) will tell you that I work harder than everyone else to make your day a special day.On another note This Bride (and again I wish I could post her real name as well as her husbands and fathers. I'm sure that they would find a way to sue me for exposing the type of people they really are) had discouraged me from ever wanting to work with a bride or wedding couple again. There have been several weddings I've lost due to their outlandish claims and posts over the years. Good for them I don't believe in suing people as I believe that God has a reason for everything and will ultimately take care of them on judgement day.What hurt the most is that I never thought I'd lose my love for performing weddings. Whether it be Photography, Video or DJ services. Also the many bride and grooms who could have experienced our outstanding service.So to E.B. and her father, I don't know what to say

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