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By: Sandy S.
Xenon International Academy-Denver
Worst experience ever. Don't go there. They messed my hair up bad. The student and staff are clueless. I have junk from the coloring still in my hair. Hopefully I will be able to find someone to fix it today before I go out in public. Don't go there! They don't even deserve 1 star!
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By: Saikat M.
Children's Hospital Colorado Main Campus
I went to this hospital 11th sep. My son had little fever and mild head pain. Spent at most 30 mins.Doc just checked without any kind of test. Last week I got a mail that for this visit , they charged me $860 ..!!!! Bills have no break up .... why they charged me so much. My insurance going to pay some amount and rest $637 ..I NEED TO PAY BY MYSELF ...!!!! THIS IS INSANE ..!!!I called hospital's accounts department and they said, "THEY PROVIDED LEVEL 2 SERVICE ... I STILL DON'T KNOW WHAT IS LEVEL 2 SERVICE ...THEY ALSO MENTIONED, THEY HAVE LEVEL 1 TO LEVEL 5 SERVICE ( NO ONE MENTIONED ME THEY ARE GOING TO PROVIDE LEVEL 2 SERVICE ) ..I AM LUCKY ..IF IT WAS LEVEL 5 ..AMOUNT WOULD BE MUCH MORE ..!!!!!ASK , WHICH LEVEL OF SERVICE THEY ARE GOING TO PROVIDE YOUR KID, BEFORE YOU TAKE SERVICE FROM THEM ...!!! "NOT RECOMMENDED TO ANYONE .....!!!!
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By: Edita J.
Aplmed Academy
LPN for an instructor. She was all over the place. Director doesn't speak English. Outdated 2012 used boooks. Only 4 girls in class during my stay which was for a day. Refused to keep learning in such an environment. Unfortunately my SCHOLARSHIP money of $245 was kept due to a nonrefundable fee. The most rude and unstable individuals I had to deal with. Instructor and director. I would never recommend this program.
By: itwasfun
Children's Hospital Colorado Main Campus
After a year+ of Children's I found the ED to be exceptional along with nursing staff, many residents, and most attending. However, I would give their OR 1 star and their Kidney Center 2 stars. After discharge, I kept trying to get an appt but our contact nurse, Sylvia, repeatedly told me we couldn't come in. My child developed a number of side effects that the Kidney Center did not manage and let get out of control. We've been lucky to see a very good doctor (not all the docs there are good--one promised to meet me in the emergency room and never bothered to show), but have had to deal with Sylvia who talks over you and doesn't listen. Feeling completely unsure my child was getting enough care, I took him to Johns Hopkins. My son's disease is vascular, but no one from rheumatology ever followed up with us. I didn't even know Children's had a rheumatology dept. (Hopkins was AMAZING btw.) I came back armed with a few things we should've been doing that no one at Children's recommended. It took me ten calls to the Kidney Center to get the ball rolling on other preventative measures to keep my child healthy. Kidney Center is WAY too laid back and generally not proactive.
By: Sally A.
Children's Hospital Colorado Main Campus
First of all this is an uncomfortable review to write because I am sure there are many very talented and life-saving physicians treating very sick kids at Children's. However, my experience in trying to find behavioral/psychological services for my teenager was so awful that I have to alert others.First if you are in my position you already know how hard it is to find services, especially if you are low-income. I spent an entire day (6 solid hours) talking to Children's and encountered the same compartmentalization, bureaucratic attitude, misinformation and lack of compassion from multiple people.I will tell you what I learned as for me it was a wasted day and there is no sense in anyone else going through that. First, I had called there about a year ago looking for an Asperger's assessment. I was told the wait was two and a half years. I could not believe my ears. That is ridiculous! So I had completely ruled out Children's for any services. But then a therapist told me she had a client who got her child in for behavioral treatment in two months (still ridiculous but not insane) so I thought I'd try again.I was really surprised and pleased when I was given an appointment in just a few days. But then over the course of the day and talking to various people it turned out that the appointment I was given was in their medical unit for medical problems. This despite me being very clear about the reason I called and what I was looking for. My child already has a primary physician and I was told all that a referral would be given us for psychological/behavioral issues. I explored getting those referrals on the phone but no one knew any so i just cancelled the appointment.Next I started looking for a parenting support group and I was sent to Parent's Smart which after four transfers I learned was a referral source for parents with physically ill children. Then I started pursuing talking to someone directly in the behavioral or psyche units. They were so compartmentalized: nurses, social workers, operators, volunteers that no one has any idea what other departments are doing. At one point I asked a nurse if she could just call another unit and ask what services were available and she was very snippy and hung up on me. Finally I was sent to Rita Brinkman an insurance expert at Children's. (she was really awful) who told me that my son was not covered for services. I had already spoken to the insurer and been informed that he was. I repeatedly asked for e-mails confirming what I was being told but everyone refused. I also was told I would get calls from other people, but never did. I would say that the infrastructure of the hospital is so disjointed and populated by really uncaring people that any treatment experience there other than medical would be terrible. I was told over and over again that the reason I was having so much difficulty was because the hospital is so big. I worked as a behavioral med provider for years at University of Colorado Health Sciences Center and never heard anyone having these experiences. Also, in a site called GlassDoor where employees anonymously review their employer the hospital is getting very low grades and professional staff sound miserable. Not a good environment for healing!One of the reviews on this site is written by a doctor who was also disgusted by the treatment he got there as a prospective patient. The only nice woman I talked to all day was an employee who after trying to get her teenage son treatment there took him somewhere else. I think that says it all.Good luck and keep trying.
By: Amber H.
Platt College-Aurora
They know they're stiff they are very well prepared! I am so excited to start
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By: Angelina C.
Aplmed Academy
i went to aplmed for my cna license and loved it, i also got a job one week after i finished my state test. they said they hired me because they are familiar with the great training at aplmed. thank you so much
By: amanda.jensen.7
Children's Hospital Colorado Main Campus
I have been in the hospital with my 14 year old for four days, she has a very rare and serious disease. From the moment we were admitted via flight for life, I made it very clear to every person that walked through her door that I needed two things. 1. A doctor who had knowledge of said disease to discuss my child's condition and explain things to me 2. A plan for pain. As her disease does not allow her to take many of the drugs, and since her level of pain during an attack is comparable with childbirth, i asked to utilize this hospitalization to explore some pain options as the only pain option we have currently is a very hardcore narcotic. I have been asking for both things for four days, and I was told I would see both of these come to fruition day 2. Here we are day 4, such a long stay because the doctors twice gave her a substance that caused a re-attack, and not one of my goals has been realized. They are sending me home in the exact same position I came in. Not once have I had access to a knowledgeable doctor, my own can't hide his ignorance of the disease. Nor have they attempted to remedy my medicinal issue. I just called my specialist to ask her to rally with me, to help them understand the situation and she said that she has been trying to get a hold of my Dr. all weekend, and he has never called her back. Actions speak much louder than words. Compassionate care? I think not.
By: steuck
Children's Hospital Colorado Main Campus
Great care but dealing with the billing department has been a degrading, frustrating process. We couldn't pay our bill in its entirety and were offered a payment plan. Great- or so I thought. The representatives in the financial department have been so rude and insulting that I cried after one rep's confusing and degrading explanation of my account. I don't cry easily. I did get an apology from the manager (the representative, on top of being rude, was feeding me wrong information about the account) but wondered about the type of employees they hire.Months later I missed one payment and was sent a reminder letter. I paid the past due amount plus the current month and then was informed I was being turned over to a collection agency unless I paid the amount in full. This is ONE missed payment that was then made current. Terrible. I will never send my child there again.
By: thajuggla
Children's Hospital Colorado Main Campus
If you or your child is on Medicaid expect to get crappy care and not be top priority regardless of the circumstances. Unfortunately I have taken my children to this dump of a hospital because im a nice person and was giving them the benefit of the doubt. First let me start out with mess up #1: I had just had my son and I was being seen there as well in the "young mother's clinic" for my post pardom visit. I had my pap and all the other things that went along with it but no urine sample to test for the STDs. I know this because I remember thinking to myself oh she never brought in the cup for me. Well a few days later I get a phone call from them saying my urine test came up positive for Gonorrhea! At that point I had forgotten that they didn't get a urine sample from me. I freaked there was no way I could've had something after being with the same person for 5 years! So of course I thought he was fooling around he cried and was worried about me leaving him he denied any foul play. I wasn't convinced and we went up to the children's hospital together and on the way there I remembered they didn't get ANY urine from me. While we were there they gave us these huge round nasty tasting horse pills, but before we took it I told them they didn't get urine from me and that I wanted another test done right now. They seemed to be offended by what I said but agreed to get "another " urine sample from me. After I gave them my sample they stressed to us that we need to take those pills right now . So we took the pills before leaving. The next week I called to get the results of my test and it was as if nobody wanted to tell me. Finally after being on hold forever I was told my test was NEGATIVE for ALL STDs! !! I then confronted the lady who told me that on the phone and of course she was acting stupid and giving me the run around game. That whole week me and my FAITHFUL. fionce were sick from that medication! To Be Continued ...
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