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By: alex.wildee
Coal Creek Stables
People rarely leave Coal Creek Stables. Most of the current boarders have been there for many, many years. There's a reason for that. People don't stay at stables that long unless they know there is no place better. I have a pretty high standard for how my horses should be taken care of and have been to several different barns over the last few years because none were ever up to par. At the past stables none were ever able to keep my horses at a healthy weight and often never let me know when my horses were injured. I have NEVER trusted a stable with my horses well being until I moved to Coal Creek. Michelle cares for the horses like they are her own! The hay is GREEN and my horses love it. My farrier made a comment about how much my horses had calmed down after only a month of being there. They know when they are going to be fed and they know they will be fed WELL. My 3 horses have been stabled here for over a year now and I am so happy to have found this place. It is the longest I have stayed at a barn in a very long time. I am still happy and so are my horses! I will stay at Coal Creek until the day I get my own property, whether that be tomorrow or 10 years from now. Its not a fancy, upscale facility. Its an older barn run by a nice rodeo family. There's not heated bathrooms or club house. But there is a wonderful tight knit community of people who love their animals and best of all an owner who cares more about your 4 legged children than the money in your pocket. No barn is perfect, but this place is damn near it. If you want a quiet, no drama barn that will care for your horses like you would, Coal Creek is the place.
By: Heather W.
Coal Creek Stables
I COMPLETELY agree with the previous review, and after finding a much better boarding situation I felt compelled to say something. The owner was very nice but the place is poorly run. Their idea of turning horses out and bringing them back in is quite literally opening all of the stall doors and letting them do a mad gallop through the barn aisles and out to their pens. Horses end up together that shouldn't be, they kick each other and generally just go nuts during this process. I mentioned my concerns about this and the response I got was that I shouldn't come out during that time. My usually very gentle horse was constantly on edge, especially after a few of the above turnout rodeos where I had to shoo away kicking horses while he was in the cross ties. There wasn't room for my tack (one saddle, one trunk), and the owner even acknowledged this when I got there (I assumed someone could at least make room for me - but nope). Pens were sloppy, I found obviously moldy hay being fed to my horse on more than one occasion and oh - the kicker - I paid them to feed supplements. This wasn't part of the paddock boarding situation but I paid extra for the service. They made it seems like this was such a hassle and I was later told that my horse wouldn't eat them so they stopped feeding them (after I noticed I had more than I should). My horse has never refused food in his life - he'll steal pizza from you if given the chance. There's no WAY he'd ever turn down his grain. I tried to work through the kinks, but my horse is a million times happier elsewhere and I'm so glad I moved him.
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By: Rathel G.
Coal Creek Stables
I have been keeping horses for 40 years at different barns, with trainers and at my own place. I ran a riding program at Coal Creek for 10 years. After closing the program, I continue to keep my own horse at Coal Creek because she is very happy there. The barn is excellent for my situation now, was a great blessing during the time of my youth riding program. All barn communities require co-operation, good relationship skills, flexibility and must fit your current needs . Still, the owner of the horse is ultimately responsible for the details of their horses life. My experience has always been that the Martins are very reasonable to work with and completely commited to the welfare of my horses' needs. Michelle has a vast knowledge of horses and endless compassion. She is the main reason I recommend the barn to people: her knowledge, commitment and availability is rare. I love the friendly old barn with lots of stories to tell...and how content my once-skitsy horse has become there.
By: A M.
Coal Creek Stables
I can say without any hesitation Coal Creek Stables is a great barn. I currently board a horse and pony there and throughout the past three years, I have witnessed firsthand the care the animals receive. The barn is fun, the quality of feed is great, the stalls and pens are clean, and the arenas are worked often. The members of the family that own and run the barn are good and caring people. They show respect and kindness and promote an atmosphere of community. I value the trail access and both the indoor and outdoor arenas. My fellow boarders are friendly and come from many different equine disciplines and backgrounds. There are several good farriers and a veterinarian that are at the barn regularly. The board rates are competitive and fair and they don’t charge extra for essentials like trailer parking and appropriate amounts of feed. I have full confidence in Coal Creek Stables and the care offered to my important animals.
By: Judy F.
Coal Creek Stables
I have boarded at a dozen stables in the past twenty years. I would put this one on the lower end, if not at the bottom. This is the only stable I have ever felt compelled to write a negative review on warning people. My and my horse's safety was repeatedly put into jeopardy (the owner thinks its ok to let loose horses in the arena when you are riding and to leave horses in the hot sun without access to water). I ended up with hundreds of dollars in vet bills because of the stable owner doing things with my horse I had asked her not to do. If you have any experience with horses and/or are concerned about your horse's safety, it would be worth it to pay a little extra and go to a better stable, even if it is a farther drive.
By: Holly A.
Coal Creek Stables
We have never had anything but superior treatment for our horse and for our family. The facilities are great and access to indoor and outdoor riding areas is comprehensive. A fantastic draw close to the metro area. The family that hosts us as boarders is kind, really truly cares about the animals and provides a great comfort to our family- our animals are a key part of our lives and we know they are well cared for here.
By: Brian W.
Coal Creek Stables
This stable is almost an hour from our home. It is not nearly the cheapest. We have boarded here for the past few years and will continue to do so because the care provided far exceeds anything else we've seen on the East side or South side of the Denver metro area. Our vet still comments on the drastic change in horse since we moved to Coal Creek.
By: Tena F.
Coal Creek Stables
Coal Creek Stables is a clean and knowledgeable place to board your horse. Eric is great with horses and people, as is Michelle.

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