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By: Shaun M.
Apres Apartments
Before moving in we made sure to ask all the right questions. Here are a few ways we were misled. We were told our apartment had vaulted ceilings with skylights. (It doesn't) We were told that every room, even the spare bedroom had cable connections. (The spare room doesn't) After moving in we had to hire someone to pick up the carpet and run wires under the carpet so we can have TV and internet in our spare room. The sample apartment that they show everyone has a regular sized toilet. Our toilet is the smallest toilet I've ever been on. We asked for a quiet corner of the property away from all of the noise. But apparently my building is the hang out spot for a young skate and scooter crew. The downstairs neighbor has even complained about my dog barking on a day that our dog wasn't even in this state. Now we have been getting harassed by a "cleaning man" that doesn't clean anything. We watch him tear open trash from the dumpster then put it in his bucket so it looks like he is working while he snoops on everyone. This guy leaned up against my car and started hitting the undercarriage while my car is still on. I asked who he is and he tried to conceal his name tag. He wouldn't speak to me so I had to tell him to leave me and my family as well as my car alone. When I contacted the front office with pictures of the the guy, I was told he was a great employee and that everyone had lots of good things to say about him. So basically be careful of what you are told and shown at these apartments. [If they apologize to me and fire this guy I will change this review and bump them up a star] *** (Update) Now everytime we see the cleaning guy he flips us the bird, and the front office and the Greystar company won't return my calls. •Very disappointed•
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By: lilnikkey86
Sunchase Apartments
Worst place to live. Angela is a total hateful woman and very evil. She hates anyone who isn't Hispanic. God forbid you be disabled or sick because she told friends of ours who were living there at the time that she does not want disabled or sick people living there. Would never rent here ever again. The apartments are filthy
By: Rick B.
Aurora Green Apartments
Under new management/ company in 2017 that is terrible. If you complain, they will make everything as difficult as possible for you. Old buildings, everything leaks, pipes burst, all the floors squeak, and the walls/floors are very thin. You will hear every cabinet, door, window, and footstep of your neighbors. Rent cost steadily rises. Maintenance patches things and tries to do their best, but these places really need to be rebuilt. I would recommend this place if you want somewhere to throw parties all night, smoke in your unit, and have extra people living in your apartment. There are rules against this but management doesn't care. The most they can do is keep giving you warnings. They will threaten to take you to court, but don't worry they are too lazy. Management literally walks around smoking cigarettes all day and gets an attitude if you ask them to do anything. Find a newer, better constructed place if you want a comfortable and quiet place to live. If you want to go crazy and live somewhere with lax rules come here. You can actually fit multiple families in a 2 bedroom. This will lower your rent considerably.
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By: Nick B.
Heritage House Apartments
First time trying to find a good but cheap place, hopefully yall can help me out with it. So far so good though.
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By: Sarah P.
Nomad Apartments
This place is under a new name, Park at Fitzsimons. It not a wonder they didn't update their info because this place is not as advertised. For 1000.00 month you get loud neighbors, grounds littered with trash and a really bad roach and ant problem. Steer clear of this place
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By: Ladonna J.
The Gardens on Paris Apartments
This place is ridiculous. Gang fights and bed bugs. The buildings are dirty and the landlord does NOT do her job. Repairs are dine for friends and family. I lived there a year and could not get my blinds replaced or my dishwasher secured in its housing. There is no secured entrances and the landlord will swindle you our of money to cover other ppls rent. I am going to BBB after this review because I was evicted and through the trauma I did not remember to disconnect my utilities. She let the new tenant use my utilities because he was homeless and she wanted to help him she told me. The result is I now have to pay for nine days of his use in KY bill?? She doesn't want to come forth with ideas or help just played victim and told me to please please leave her alone. Her vehicles are always vandalized and other rude things dine to her because if the way she treats her tenants. I believe in Karma and good business. Stay clear of The Gardens on Paris. She doesn't have a clue on how to keep her tenants happy because she doesn't care as stated by Debra the manager herself. Close to the school??? Great but she moves in crack heads and gang members. It's a family affair and her children who all live on property expect royal treatment. They will tell you their mom owns the place! Your kids will be bullied by her grandkids if you don't stay right there and watch them "play". My experience has been one of constant lies and she doesn't remember what she lies about which resulted in me being evicted after we had a plan of action to work in my balance due. I was fired from working off my rent as a cleaner because her friend needed the position. This was after I cleaned all if the dirty roach, bed bug, and rat hinfested laundry rooms and hallways. Know your rights before you rent here or anywhere really. This is prime example of a slum lord who needs to be exposed.
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By: Keith C.
Alvista Highline
I have lived in the location for over 3 years. Great place to live. Arlie is a great, polite and professional property manager. She's always on top of what needs to be done with the property.
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By: Crissy G.
Greenleaf Apartments
They are under new management and she is fighting like hell to drag these Apts out of the ground. The Nepal residents do not care about the grounds,allow their children destroy everything in their path. Trash the place daily while management fights to keep it clean, it's ridiculous. There is more I could go on about.. But instead I'll just say RUN like hell. issue after issue here. These Pots should have been left to be foreclosed and shut down.
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By: Beatrice M.
Aurora Meadows Apartments
I moved out of AURORA MEADOWS and they will not return calls I have also gone in, they are trying to charge me 3 utility bills. On the 1st my bill was paid in ful I moved out on the 30. This place is very poorly managed they don't return calls. they locked me out of my garage by replacing doors with no notice, then had no keys for it. you leave message with service and the never return call. they lost my rent check then gave me a 3 day notice. this place is very bad. No one knows how to contact building management. They say they will report broken washers then when you call the company they know nothing. They give you less than 24 hour notice for spraying your apt. Don't move here you also get a lot of flats from roofing nails
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By: Casey S.
Joliet Towers Apartment
Since I moved in I've had 3 different managers. I'm not sure what is going on in management. But my word does not reach anyone. I've been complaining about bugs this whole time and it took 4 months for them to actually take care of it. Which I still have bugs. There excuse, was that it was the first time they heard of it. Sorry mam I understand it's ur first time but I've been living a lie since I moved in. Everyone said they would help me out and never did. I asked for a early termination fee eliminated and I wouldn't write this review. But they wouldn't let me get out of this cockroach palace so here is my review. Stay far away from this place. It's a bunch of liers and scammers.

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