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By: s-disick
Psychic Stephanie
I have been doing sessions with Stephanie for a month now and my energy is stronger and stable.Before I had actually started my sessions, She must have read me about 7 or 8 times.Spiritually I have felt a block of some sort, I couldn't connect with myself nor others.I wasn't able to function normally without my anxiety meds. I couldn't meditate at all.Now I feel in charge.. I feel like nothing can stop me? I stopped all meds. I can sleep on my own now.It took a lot for me to really listen to her and follow her instructions but I did and I am very thankful to her now. I appreciate her with all of my heart. Steph, if you read this... THANK YOU!!!!!! I need a new crystal and some more sage. LOL Thanks again.
By: nicolepaisley
Psychic Stephanie
You have got to go!!!!!!!! all those times I passed by and was scared. I thought about it, I finally and gave in.She was SPOT ON!!! The down side is you can't go so often, she won't allow reading sooner than 2 or 3 weeks!

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