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By: Deana B.
Goss William Dr
I've gone to Dr. Goss since I was 17. I am 46 now. I recommend him to friends all the time when they are having problems I've had over the years. I was having an issue with my sciatic nerve in my right hip and leg a few months ago. I was in pain standing and sitting. The only way to get even a little relief was too lie flat on my stomach. One visit to Dr. Goss gave me relief. My leg was still numb and I had several more visits to get back to"normal" but he can definitely help you. Also several years ago, I had vertigo really bad. I was having panic attacks and symptoms that are hard to even describe. I went to several different kinds of doctors, but Dr. Goss is the only one who helped me. It took several months, but each visit I could feel a little improvement and he constantly encouraged me it was going to get better. He is not only the chiropractor I recommend to everyone, he is also a friend and gives God the glory for his success in helping people.
By: tillygky
Martinez Wellness Center
Will work with you for payment, and they have their own policy that is very affordable, as our insurance does not cover. Top of the line care, I have to go back to keep alignment, as needed. The most gentle, as I do not like the twisting of my back. If you have ever had a bad experience I highly recommend Dr Lynch as the most gentle and helpful to my back and neck.
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By: Robert P.
Walker Chiropractic
Hands-down one of the best chiropractor I have ever seen! As for the care he provides I truly appreciated his approach of treating me as a whole, not a collection of potential disparate problems. His long term goal also fits mine (no pain). The office staff has bent over backwards to assist me, they have a great payment plan that should fit anyones budget.
By: yellowglow001
Central Avenue Chiropractic Clinic PC
I felt so great after Dr. Walker Adjusted me, He does a pinless Acupuncture that works wonders on certian things that is wrrong with you. i totally recommend that everyone go to visit Dr. Walker and his staff to keep you Healthy and functioning at your full potential...
By: johnwetherbee3
Dr. William Michael Rice, DC
He cured me in a month, of a back pain I had for a year but thought could not be cured. I stongly recommend him. You can call me, John Wetherbee, at my cell (706) 267-9899, with any questions.Good luck!!
Tips & Advices
At the first appointment with a physical therapist, Expect an overall assessment of your condition, which may include exercises to understand your range of motion, balance, and strength. Based on that information, the therapist can then design a regimen.
Physical therapists can work in a variety of environments. While many choose to work in a physical therapy clinic, others will operate out of hospitals and are also able to make house calls to help patients who need in-home assistance and rehabilitation.
Physical therapists can specialize in sports medicine, women's health, geriatric, neurologic, orthopedic​, pediatric, and cardiovascular and pulmonary conditions, among others.
See a physical therapist following a serious muscle or bone injury, especially if pain doesn't go away within a few days, is recurring and dull, or is frequent and sharp. Book an appointment if medication is not helping or if your doctor recommends it.
The majority of health insurance plans do include physical therapy treatment, but the amount covered and the co-pay for patients varies person-to-person. Medicare and workers’ compensation both cover physical therapy.

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