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By: Jason S.
Mattress Man
I had one of the best experiences I have ever had from a retail store here. It started Sunday when I called 10 mins before the store closed . I called and wanted to see when the store closed and Bryan said it was about to close, but would be glad to stay and help me. Really who offers to stay and wait on a customer that they have never seen. Then today when we came in Bryan was extremely helpful and friendly. The biggest shock came after the sale and I found out that he was not the owner. He handles the store like it was his own. Bryan Shaffer, keep up the great work! You are the model employee that every owner wants to have interacting with customers.
By: raylene.cooper2
Mattress World
They just opened and sell Restonic mattresses, gel mattresses at very good prices. Great service and when I layed on the beds to test them, I felt like Goldilocks! I found the one that "was just right!!" If you are at Pilot/Wendys on Riverwatch and head toward Martinez, they are about half a mile on the right. Mattress World of Georgia!! Check it out before you buy anywhere else!
By: cathyrw
Great Deals on Furniture
Really blown away by the selection and prices. Not what I expected at all. much better! They had some great things in there and Rachel helped me pick out everything I needed. Saved a lot of money compared to the store across the street. Telling everybody i know about this place....but they're only open on weekends...that's a bummer.
By: Steve J.
Great Deals on Furniture
just got my sofa with recliners this week. My wife picked out the fabric she wanted and we got it made for us. it took 6 weeks, i wish it would have been faster, but they made it from scratch, so i guess that wasnt bad. We love it! As soon i get it paid off, im getting a bedroom suite from Laddie
By: bmcc201
Great Deals on Furniture
just moved into town with the army. Needed a bed to sleep on tonight. went there and Freddie (retired army) helped me find what i needed. they loaded it into my truck and tied it down. i will be going back when i get my next check and get the rest of the group.
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By: alakes39
Farmers Home Furniture
Yp has the best local info when it comes to finding businesses quickly. The info is always accurate and if any changes have to be made, they do so immediately. Thanks yp for being our local rescue guide.
By: Inara W.
Mattress Liquidators
great prices and very friendly service

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