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By: ceoprince82
Angel Nail & Spa
U say we do such a horrible job but u still came back to us. Especially looking for Tom. So all that nasty comment u made about us choke on your words mam!!!! And for the record we have been open 9 years and have never failed an inspection so the part about ur friend almost getting an infection is a complete lie because if it were true then we wouldve had a complaint from her. I havent seen u since we remodeled and i think tom is pretty glad too. Our business isnt hurting any so if u choose to not come back then thats fine good luck finding a place that do what we do. And when we speak vietnamese it isnt about our customers and how would u know its about u?? We dont need an ignorant client like u thats gna smile in our face but behind our back talk nasty about us! Thank u for ur money and ur business but we dont need thats from such a nasty customer!!! HAVE A GOOD DAY! AND YES I DO STILL WORK THERE AND I LOVE IT MY BOSS IS A GREAT BOSS THAT KNOWS HOW SHE WANTS HER BUSINESS RAN! SHES DETERMINED NOT DISRESPECTFUL RUDE AS U CLAIM. IF U OWNED A BUSINESS U WOULD TOO UNDERSTAND! AND ONCE AGAIN U DONT UNDERSTAND VIETNAMESE SO THEREFORE HOW DID U KNOW THAT THE INCIDENT WHERE MY BOSS TOOK OVER THAT LADY WAS ABOUT????? EXACTLY I DIDNT THINK SO! AND U DONT KNOW WHY PEOPLE COME N GO SO STOP ASSUMING THINGS AND NEXT TIME AS QUESTIONS IF U WANNA KNOW! ITS THAT SIMPLE. REMEMBER GOD DONT LIKE THE UGLY BUT HE ISNT TOO FOND OF THE BEAUTIFUL EITHER! REMEMBER EVERYTHING THAT U DO UR BEING JUDGE BY GOD SO WEN JUDGEMENT DAY COMES AND HE JUDGES U DONT ASK WHY. NOW ONCE AGAIN KEEP UR NASTY COMMENTS TO YOURSELF U DONT EVER HAVE TO.COME BACK TO US HAVE A GOOD DAY!!!!
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By: Ann I.
Davi nails
I have been getting my nails done for many years. This place has given me the best results. No lifting on my pink and whites and that to me is extremely important. My nails always look great when I leave there and until I return for a fill.
By: cassandra
Pro Nails

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