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By: Karen M.
The Office Assistant
Brent Dickinson of The Office Assistant has been helping me with my computer for over 2 years. Not only does Brent excel in the type of computer assistance one would expect from an IT professional, he goes above and beyond what is asked. My 89 year old uncle in Germany decided he wanted to learn how to use a computer. Brent helped research the computer, and while I was visiting my uncle, Brent used remote support software to modify my uncle's computer to make it easier for my uncle with poor eyesight; Brent added additional virus protection software, programmed the new mouse, enlarged the icons and duplicated them in the bottom tray, programmed the computer for ease of access to frequently used websites and to automatically translate webpages, added remote support software so I could access my uncle's computer from my home -- he did this all from his office in California. He is responsive, he takes the time to explain what he is doing and why. In my eyes, this was above and beyond the services IT folks usually offer. If Brent cannot help, he is honest about it; I totally trust him with my computer and confidential files. In a word, Brent is extraordinary and I highly recommend him when you need help with your computer. Karen MitchellShorewood, Illinois
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By: Mmm B.
The Office Assistant
I'm usually suspicious of only good reviews, but was very pleasantly surprised to experience that Brent fully deserves his 5-star rating. I had to get a new laptop in an emergency when my old one died. I had a two day turnaround time, a limited budget and many requests. Brent managed to accomplish all I needed and more. Not only did he fit my budget and timeline, he also provided his valuable knowledge on the best anti-virus software, which brand, how and when to renew, etc....he provided me with great office tools...he told me how to prevent overloading my battery which was the chief reason my laptops keep dying....and all of this for a very reasonable fee while he sat patiently explaining and answering all my questions. I can't recommend Brent highly enough.
By: Kent R.
The Office Assistant
Brent Dickinson purchased and installed new computers and associated peripherals for my wife and I. Top notch response, technical expertise and customer service beyond the best. I had some "getting acquainted" questions later and he jumped on these real time with immediate answers and coaching that took away my cobwebs within minutes. Subsequently moved and needed assist in setting up in new location in GV. Brent was on the scene right away and got my wife and I back in business within an hour. In every respect, Brent has raised the bar in total customer service way beyond my level of expectation, all at a very reasonable rate! Don't look further! Brent Dickinson is your man!! K.Riffey
By: Barbara M.
The Office Assistant
After rereading the other reviews for Brent Dickinson (The Office Assistant) -- all I can say is DITTO, DITTO, Ditto!!! Everything said about him and his skills is true, (knowledgeable, patient, quick to respond to your problem, very reasonable for his level of expertise, etc.). I am 74 yrs. old, and it's difficult for me to understand so much of today's tech. BUT Brent quietly and clearly explained what was necessary for ME to know and completely took care of the complicated "stuff" I don't need to know! He's a refreshing "breathe of fresh air" for us seniors to deal with! (An easy -going "old soul" personality - who's an expert on today's tech issues!)
By: Kathryn S.
The Office Assistant
Brent is definitely my go-to computer genius and lifesaver. Although I'm on the East Coast (NC), it makes no difference; his expertise in solving all my issues has been extraordinary. I am a senior citizen and not very tech savvy; I have been browser_ hacked; had problems with virus and other attacks and Brent has cured them all (plus lowered by stress level to zero) :-) He is prompt, big-time patient with all my queries and limited tech knowledge; has handled everything with professionalism, patience, integrity, and humor! So grateful that he was recommended; he more than meets high criteria standards!
By: Terri H.
The Office Assistant
Brent at The Office Assistant has been our tech go-to guy for a number of years. We have had nothing but good experiences with his service. For example, we have never waited more than a few hours for a response from him, often actually appearing at our business in a matter of hours. We use three computers daily which operate flawlessly thanks to his expertise and efficiency keeping them in top trim. As a tech service center, he is a breath of fresh air after years of frustration with other providers. We also love his rates.
By: Julia A.
The Office Assistant
We have used Brent Dickinson with The Office Assistant several times to help us with our computer needs, especial converting from an HP to a MAC. He has responded to our requests for help quickly and solved our problems expeditiously. He comes to our home and is very patient, courteous, quiet, resourceful and diligent. When he did not have an immediate answer to a question, he researched the problem and found a solution. We recommend him for hardware and software needs.”
By: Tess A.
The Office Assistant
Brent has been supplying technical support for my computer needs for almost a year. I've worked with him before that while he was employed by a computer firm. I found him to be knowledgeable and responds quickly which helps tremendously! He is easy to work with and very patient when I have questions. I would recommend him to others who needs technical computer support!
By: Jolene T.
The Office Assistant
Are you are looking for someone to service your computer and/or give you continued computer support? You have found him, "The Office Assistant"!! Knowledgeable, dependable with years of experience. For years he has taken care of my computer needs and I have less of them since he practices preventive repairs. Don't lose his number.
By: Grant & peggy G.
The Office Assistant
Brent with The Office Assistant has been taking care of our computer issues for years. He has always been highly available and responsive to our needs. Even assisting us with replacing aging systems with our business and then migrating the software and files to the newer systems for us.Grant & Peggy Greven, Bear River Auto Tech.

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