By: missprettylady
Day & Night Cab Co
Worst customer service ever. Not so much the dispatcher but the drivers are very rude and dont care about the customers at all. I called to have a cab pick me up from the store, nobody showed up. I called again to remind them i am still waiting here, told me ten minutes, never showed. Saw a taxi pull up, asked them if they were here for me he said that he "was" here for me, but the people he picked up wanted him to wait for them. So, now it has been an hour and 20 minutes, i call again and the dispatcher says he is trying to find me a cab. I called five star taxi and they came in less than ten minutes. The only reason i gave it two stars is because i like only about two of the drivers.
By: beautynthebeast
Day & Night Cab Co
I ordered a cab to take me to the airport.. I had to call 3 times before it even showed. After the first time that I called, I was put on hold for a while and then told a cab would be at my place in 2 minutes.... Needless to say, it wasn't. The driver ended up being almost 20 minutes late. The only reason this got a 2 star is because the particular driver I got was apologetic and somewhat courteous.... Tho I suspect he was just trying to get back in my good graces for a tip. Use this company as a last option or make sure you order a cab well in advance of the time you have to be somewhere. Best option: don't use.
By: Chandra C.
Atlanta Yellow Cab Of Georgia
Atlanta taxi cab is the best cab service that I have ever used. Each and every time my experience with them have been excellent! They are always on time (which is very important to me) and their prices are always reasonable. I find consistency and reliability crucial, hence they are my number one choice whenever I need a taxi!
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By: silotysele33
Georgia Express Taxi
Georgia ExpressTaxi Now Serving Dekalb & Gwinnett County. For Fast and Friendly Service Call 404-315-0073. Always On Time!! Which is more Important!! Special Rates for frequent Rider!! Chamblee to Airport $45.00Doraville to Airport $50.00Norcross to Airport $55.00Northlake to Airport $50.00
By: jonathan.cruz888
Xpress taxi of Northlake
Early bird (depart before 5:30am) specials to airport for one person....Northlake---------$55Chamblee--------$55Doraville----------$55Jimmycarter-----$65Pleasanthill------$75Each additional person over the age of 6 is $5 extra.Please call to make appointment so you dont miss your flight!
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By: Teyso A.
Cascade Cab Company
Let me tell you this car company is sooooo awesome!! I have had two drivers so far and they are so personable!! Mr. Jack and I do not recall the Nigerian gentleman!! Let me just say this is my cab company!! 5-stars!! Very safe for females. The men are gentlemen!! The respect your time!
By: ugodede
Atlanta Yellow Cab Of Georgia
Great drivers and rapid services. I enjoyed riding with this guys all the time. You just have to give them time to get there especially during the weekends. And one more thing: they will go outside the box sometimes to help you out. Call this guys!Jayson peters
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By: Chaltu T.
Cascade Cab Company
I enjoyed my ride to the airport. Yes I got the upgrade. The car was super clean and comfortable. I got their in less time than quoted. The driver ali was friendly and conversational. Next time I return to Atlanta, I will definitely call him.
By: Victor H.
Five Star Express Taxi
I'm the sole owner of this business my phone # is 4047665500 and 4047665501 someone stole my identity by using my business name with phone # ending with 6122 and 2700. I operate from home @ 5375 Orly terrace in college park 30349
By: Manuel M.
Hispanicos Taxi Cab
All our driver's are insured, licensed and we take seriously our compromise with all client, 15 years and more than 120 vehicles speak louder than of us.

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