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By: john.odonnell.75054
Saint Joseph's Hospital Of Atlanta
My experience is a little old--it occurred July 4, 2001. Turth in advertising requires me to say I was born in St. Joseph's over 70 years ago, but have not lived in Atlanta since 1970. I was visiting to attend a wedding and staying with friends. I was supposed to go to the Rehearsal Dinner, but was feeling ill, so I declined hoping to attend the wedding on Saturday. The friends with whom I was staying had dinner plans. BTW, I should be considered a knowledgeable layman, having worked in healthcare administration for decades. Four years prior to this, I had had an angioplasty so I was conscious of potential heart problems. When my friends arrived I told my host that it would probably be wise to go to an Emergency Room for a blood test to see if I was having heart problems. I was vaguely surprised when he suggested St. Josephs. Predictably, the ER was a zoo on a holiday weekend. Eventually blood was drawn and my host proved to be the really good friend and stayed with me. The staff put me into one of the ER cubicles while we waited. Eventually the ER physician came in about 3 a.m. and told me that the blood tests had proven negative for the enzymes indicative of a heart attack. However, he encouraged me to stay in the hospital for an angiogram the next morning. I decided that I must be having some type of flu, and declined. But my friend supported the idea--I must have looked really bad. Reluctantly, I agreed. Angiogram results: The good news: No heart attack. The bad news: Blood vessels in the heart, 85% occluded. Consulting with the cardiologist who recommended a CAB (a bypass). Having observed a number of those operations, I was less than enthused at the prospect plus I did not have medical insurance. I asked about another angioplasty. They advised against it saying in a relatively short period of time, the problem would recur. When I mentioned the lack of insurance, they said something "Let St. Josephs take care of you. Also, they said the CAB would be performed first thing Monday, which meant I would miss the wedding. I was also bummed because I had been exercising in an effort to not have heart problems. I decended into a combination "blue funk" and pity party--still resisting the idea of a CAB. As a result, things were kind of up in the air. One of the nurses, who deserves my everlasting thanks, came in and counselled me. By the time she left, I was more amenable. They sent in the heavy gun--the anesthesiologist. By the time he arrived, I had come to grips with it. Before he could open his mouth I said "Let's do this."I've gone into this detail so that readers will know that St. Josephs really does care and, take this from someone in a position to know, does a great job. I was pretty much of a deadbeat, and I received care worthy of a Chief of State. I would like to think that I was a knowledgeable patient--let the wounds drain and exercise as much as you can. In fact, I made them sit me up in the chair rather than the bed when they brought me to my room from Intensive Care. I felt compelled to write this when I read a couple of the reviews. There are two low ratings. One is the result of the doctor's orders, not the hospital. In fairness, staph can be very very difficult. The other low rating was because of a mixup about telephone numbers. I can see why that might be inconvenient for the person, but it hardly deserves a low rating. As far myself, I am seen by a Harvard-educated cardiologist at a tertiary medical center. However, he wants to see me only annually, and this is 11 years after my surgery, which also prevented a heart attack. The sites where the veins were removed from my legs were more problematic that the operation. Thank you, St. Joesphs. Thank you, ER. Thank you, cardiologist. Thank you, wonderful Nursing Staff. Thank you, Dr. Snyder and the surgical staff. I think Someon was really looking out for me when they caused be to be where I began life.
By: Gari H.
Progressive Medical Center
I went to Progressive medical center after suffering from exhaustion and a poor memory and a lack of energy. I felt like it was 4pm at 11am. To cut a long story short, the diet that they put me on, my weekly routine along with the supplements that they prescribed have drastically helped my health. It was a combination of leaky gut, gluten reaction and an exhausted thyroid that were the cause. Overall, the staff was very kind and receptive and the doctors answered my questions very professionally and knowledgeably. Its a well rounded approach, you also see a dietitian as part of the process. In my case i had a LOT of blood work, stool tests and a saliva tests that revealed a great deal of information to help me with my condition.I would give this place 5 stars, if it wasn't for the cost. You wont spend about 3K+ out of pocket like some of the other places that are as reputable or similar (my opinion after reading other peoples reviews on the facilities i researched), but you might have to pay about half that much(in my case)...this might be more or less depending on what they are treating. This is the amount out of pocket (After insurance had kicked in). Did they warn me about the cost on the first visit....YES....do i regret the amount that i have to pay(i have a 12 month payment plan).... NO. When your health starts affecting your job, relationships, and confidence(memory loss), it put a different perspective on how much i was willing to pay. Most importantly, i can remember stuff far better than i have in years and i cant put a price on that!If you have a short term disease, injury (flu, sprained acl) then this might not be the best place for you. But if you have a chronic disease, then I would highly recommend these guys! They really know what they are talking about.
By: chris.spurgeon.7
Progressive Medical Center
Thank God for Progessive Medical. I had been to over 30 different doctors over the course of 2 years and was told by each that I either had nothing wrong with me, my ailments were all in my head or that they couldn't do anything for me and I would live out the rest of my life in pain and confusion. My wife had heard about Progressive and decided to do the new patient tour without me (as I was bed ridden by this time) and returned home excited. I could tell from the first appointment with the doctor that this place was different from any other I had been to. They listened to what I had to say, looked me in the eye as I was talking, and didn't rush me out so they could get to their next appointment. I was immediately given a treatment plan that was adjusted as my condition required. After 2 years of searching for an answer, I was given one by Progressive Medical! In 3 short months I was driving again! I continued to improve under their care and haven't looked back since. This place is super comprehensive, so at first it does seem confusing because all that is going on inside one building. (Which is another great attribute. You don't have to drive all over town to see different doctors and get different treatments.) I hate to think what my life would be like today if my wife hadn't taken that patient tour and insisted I go. They gave my wife her husband back, my kids their father, and me my life!
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By: nancy.still3
Saint Joseph's Hospital Of Atlanta
I was scared to death when I got to this Imaging Center. I was trying to find out if I had a bone infection which everyone seemed to think that I did. I hope that I am in the right place to write this review.The man and woman that was in Imaging set my self easy and helped me in so many ways.Their names, I know only by first names, Were Rodney and Katie. I have, a son and daughter named Rodney & Katie. I thought in my mind that this IS the right place, their names are like my children's and what a coincidence They took the best care of me, My waiting time was legitimate, right on the button.I have trouble with my back..Rodney helped fix my back so that it would not hurt me. The table was just like all tables, it was bad. All tables are bad all over the place but Rodney help me overcome the pain by helping me lie there with assistance of pillows and etc. He was the right man for the job. I enjoyed these two people very much.If you have to have something like this done, Don't hesitate. They are good people and will not just put you on the table and tell you to 'wait' until it's over. I am so glad that I had the pleasure of knowing these two kind souls. I will never be afraid of having this testing done again. I am so happy that I got to meet them.They are very good at what they do.. St. Joseph's be happy that they enjoy their work. Nancy Still, penned 03/18/2013 @ 4:15 p.m.
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By: nancy.still3
Saint Joseph's Hospital Of Atlanta
A very good place to go IF anything happens to you. I stayed two weeks on 4 South. Was wonderful in all ways. They even got a heat pad which was wonderful.Nothing but good things happened to me. Dietary came in and helped me with food choices and also for help at home with direction on how and what to eat at home. The lady was very kind and even put edible orchids on my food tray but could not eat it, was too beautiful and put them in book to preserve them for future memories. Will never forget them. It was just a great place to be sick if you have to be sick. I had surgery which was a little unpleasant, but after the surgery, I did not have any more pain in my foot which was what the surgery was all about. Thank you St. Joseph's for being kind and thanks to 4 South for their nurses and healthcare people on that floor and in the surgical wings of that hospital. I, of course, was ready to come home. I have another surgery on the same foot to do and I do hope that this trip is successful as the one in Sept. 2012.I have one picky thing to say.. and that was the bed. It was awful. It's not suppose to be like home tho. Hospital beds are known for their beds being horrible. This one was not horrible, just tolerable. But that's ok. I still had a wonderful experience with them.. Nancy Still (penned 03/19/2012 @5:45 p.m.
By: kaywell
Progressive Medical Center
DO NOT go if you have Cancer!!! Great place to go to help Restore your Immune System but Do Not Go if you have Cancer!!!Was excited and had such high hopes after meeting with Dr Bouquette and Dr Agolli. Extensive testing was done to identify immune system deficiencies. Began Jan 2, 2013 on a 30 day detox, with lots of supplements purchased (additional costs above treatment amount) and given diet restrictions for that time frame.But at the end on the 30 days there was NO Strategy going forward to address fighting the cancer. I had to call several times to ask ..What now?? Never met with Oncologist on staff or any other staff relating to or regarding my cancer!!! Got scheduled to see a doctor 3 weeks later to go over test results and then after another month and a half was told to go have surgery. By then the tumor and cancer around it had grown. The Oncologist that was on staff has retired and there appears to be no true staff to provide services or strategies to help you if you have cancer. DO NOT go if you have Cancer! If you are looking for an integrated effort of building your immune system with a definitive fighting of cancer strategy ... I would not suggest Progressive.
By: Lori B.
Grady Memorial Hospital
Things have really changed over at Grady in the past few years. They are in the process of building a brand new Emergency Department Tower that will relieve the insane congestion of the current tiny ER that so many have experienced. The doctors at Grady are from Emory and Morehouse so you are getting the best of the best. Some of the floors have been completely renovated but I can assure you that the equipment and the staff are of the highest quality. Yes, Grady treats a lot of gun shot victims, but you wanna know what? Those people walk out of Grady as well. Grady has 2 helicopter pads on the roof that all day receive patients that are too critical to be assigned to just any hospital in Atlanta. If I had to trust my life to ANY hospital in the greater Atlanta area, I would choose Grady!
By: Jackie L.
Progressive Medical Center
If you are looking for an alternative to standard medical treatment this is the place. Each staff person was very attentive during their visit with me. Exceptional service, a quality facility and a wonderful atmosphere to be restored back to health. I came into the facility "dragging my leg" and unable to put weight on my foot due to a tear in my tendon and two sprains in my right knee. After only one "pain management treatment", I was able to walk out of the facility walking on my foot. Dr. Mike Gramazio is wonderful in administering pain management - he definitely has the "magic touch" (blessed hands). My visit and satisfaction with Progressive Medical is certainly deserving of not only five stars but ten!!!
By: Taylor S.
Progressive Medical Center
Okay, I'll admit it, I'm a procrastinator when it comes to going to the doctor. A friend convinced me to go to PMC and I'm so glad they did! They discovered a Thyroid problem and thanks to changes in my diet and all-natural supplements, I have more energy and it's easier to maintain my weight. PMC has helped me in times of crisis too. When I sprained my ankle, and my husband shattered his wrist - their physical health department is incredible. So many innovative ways to get you back to health and the activities you love, FAST. I've learned so much about living a healthy lifestyle from PMC. You will love the staff there AND love how you feel after following their advice.Taylor Scott
By: Shineka M.
Progressive Medical Center
PMC and the staff members have been very attentive and they are very caring and informative. I have been treated for conditions that my traditional doctors do not even care to acknowledge that may be the underline cause for my heart condition, such as leaky gut and mercury poisoning . PMC is trying to find a solution opposed to just treating symptoms. Overall, my health has improved. I also enjoy going to the Pain Management department and trying their alternative methods of treatment. When I leave a session, I am energized and more alert. I recommend trying the hyperbaric chamber! Awesome experience so far!
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