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By: Nicole S.
About Faces Models & Talent
I started with About Faces almost 7 months ago. I paid for training, my head shots & comp cards because I had no experience or the right photos. The agency was sending my new photos I shot with them to clients & I was getting booked on jobs before I was even finished my classes. I got booked for hair shows & fashion shows. I used that money to finish paying for training. That's what I love about Lesa. She wants to help you win. Some clients don't pay but Lesa will let you work with them if she thinks you can gain some experience. For example, I recently got booked to do a Six Flags commercial & the client paid the main actors but all of us extras got to experience what its like to be on a commercial set. We got free tickets to come back to the park & rode rides all day for free with free meals. We learned a lot watching the director & the main actors work. Plus it showed my agency my dedication, so they will want to call me again for jobs.
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By: Caroline W.
About Faces Models & Talent
I'm glad I invested my money & time with the right agency. No I do not pay About Faces to represent me. I have only paid for recommended runway & acting coaches to help develop my craft & every model & actress is always responsible for their own photographu. If you want to become singer, you most likely have to pay for vocal lessons right?! Well, I want to become a famous actress & model, That's why I didn't mind paying for acting & modeling lesson. Since then I have been booked jobs. Even though they never guaranteed they book me on jobs. The confidence I have now because is of proper training is priceless.Thank you Lesa & Ashley for believing in me!
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By: Peachy B.
Diamond Productions Modeling & Talent Agency LLC of Atlanta
I recently went to an open called held at this modeling agency. Although, I didn't get selected for hire, the company still took my comp card and contact information and made me aware that I needed to find runway classes and get with a better photographer to give me professional industry standard photos the ones I had weren't flattering for me. This company is a good modeling agency. At least they tell you the truth and don't take your money and do nothing. If they cant help you, they will def inform you of that. I love honesty IJS. But, I'll be back in 6 months with a awesome runway walk and better quality photos. WATCH OUT!!!
By: Tim C.
About Faces Models & Talent
I love About Faces Models and Talent! When I began modeling and acting, I was new. I had no experience, no pictures, and no idea what I was doing. Lesa really helped me get started in my career. I was able to pay for my training and headshots within about a month (while I was still training!) I did pay for training as I wanted to receive the best training I could. I received training from professional, well- known models and actors who helped me learn everything I needed to know. When I go on jobs, I am always complimented on how well I do- and a large part of that is due to About Faces and their help. Thank you About Faces!!
By: Ashton J.
Nine9 The UnAgency
My experience is that they did what they say. I went in for an evaluation and then a follow up. They talked about the castings and clients they work with and I'm excited to be part of it! So far I've done work on Fast 8, a Tyler Perry project and a local independent movie. It's only been about a month but I'm pleased so far. I only gave a 4 for professionalism because the Receptionist had her cell phone on her desk and I found it unprofessional since it kept vibrating while we were talking.
By: Pam E.
About Faces Models & Talent
About Faces Models and Talent really helped me launch my career as a model and actress in Atlanta. I am so grateful for their help! Lesa is nothing but fair in the way she conducts her business. I've seen the behind the scenes work she and the office staff put in to auditions and casting calls for their talent. I'm so glad to be a part of About Faces!
By: Kim W.
Nine9 The UnAgency
The staff was very nice and seemed interested in my daughter's success. I must say I was a little hesitant at first but once we got to meet face to face with the Director, all my worries went flying out the window. I would recommend any friends or family looking to start a a model or actor to try out Nine9.
By: B C.
Houghton Talent Inc
I have been represented by Houghton Talent for over 5 years now. Their desire to work hard for the talent they represent, paired with their generous spirits only benefit their clients. I am thankful to have such hardworking people on my side. Truly a Top Notch agency here in the Southeast!
By: Mckinley R.
About Faces Models & Talent
I love About Faces Models and Talent! I've been so blessed to have them as my agent in Atlanta! Lesa and her staff always help me with whatever I need! Thanks, AFMT xoxo Mac
By: Ron S.
About Faces Models & Talent
Although they are one of the oldest Atlanta modeling agency they definitely get work. I get called about jobs at least once a week. Just wish every job would hire me.

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