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By: g.r.stevenson
1Act DUI and Defensive Driving School
Giving up a whole weekend for a mandated dui class definitely sits last on my to do list. This place, however, made it more than bearable. The staff itself is extremely accommodating to your needs. The owner is super nice and will go out of his way to make your inconvenience tolerable if not pleasant; he understands the mind set that the students walk in with. I thought as I walked in the weekend would last for an eternity, but, with the: amount of breaks, long lunch period (long horns on them if you so desire), quality and informative teaching, clean environment, the multitude of snacks and drinks (from veggie and fruit platters, assorted chips, candy, to coffee, soda, and hot chocolate), and the ability to get up and stretch your legs when you need to it made for a rewarding experience. This is an establishment I highly recommend!
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By: Angela R.
1Act DUI and Defensive Driving School
The was far most the best experience I could of hoped for I went in thinking this is going to be one of those judgemental, finger pointing type classes but it wasn't. We was never made to share anything that we might feel bad about never told that we were bad just bad choices which was very true. David was very easy to converse with and explained things throughly. Ash was very helpful and gave good information on helping get points off your license through a class they offer which is a better rate than any of the oher schools. If you want to be comfortable and enjoy this experience take your class here.
By: Maurice W.
1Act DUI and Defensive Driving School
I recently completed the risk reduction course and my experience was awesome for a state-mandated course. Ash is a very nice, understanding, POSITIVE director and the instructor Chris made the course material easy to understand. I recommend this place to anyone that has to take a state mandated driving class. Excellent program, excellent staff oh and I forgot to mention the steak lunch!! A1!
By: kerrybarber71
Nathan's Driving School
I took the defensive driver's course, it was nothing like what I was expecting...and that's a good thing. My instructor was Chris Vail, he was great. His experiences in police enforcement, the military and life in general were very enlightening. Add his stress free teaching style and it was not only informative but a good experience all the way around...and I'll save on my auto insurance!!!
By: Lenny C.
Atlanta Dui Academy Inc
This is the place to go if you want to get your license back. The greatest service ever. The phone customer service, the personal service, the class and the after service is great. Ask any questions, no judgement, just help! Really, if you need a traffic violation class, DUI, eval, treatment, vip, whatever to get your license. MOST HELPFUL. Damien, Tia, Cathy
By: Big B.
1Act DUI and Defensive Driving School
if you have to go to DUI School, without question, this is the place to do it. Ash is an amazingly kind and professional owner, and it is clear that they actually do care about their clients. Location is clean, and Longhorns lunch is actually delivered to you on the days that you are in class. If you must do it, 1 Act DUI is the best.
By: marcmarseille
Nathan's Driving School
Nathan's Driving School is a pioneer in keeping the roads in Georgia safe. They are great at what they do because they love teaching and have a genuine concern for the safety of our motorists. If you reside anywhere in the metro Atlanta area, Nathan's should be your Atlanta driving school of choice.
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By: Kelly D.
1Act DUI and Defensive Driving School
Great facility to do your Defensive driving course!! Ash was very helpful, he came and picked me up from the bus stop down the road so I could be on time for class! David the instructor did an awesome job and the food was excellent! Very happy I picked there to do my course!
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By: Jona P.
1Act DUI and Defensive Driving School
Highly Recommend! Excellent teacher! Ash is very detailed, kind and thoughtful. He had everything we needed to be comfortable to be successful in learning. He made it fun and I learned a lot! If you have to take a defensive driving class, this is the place!!!
By: cherylhu5
Nathan's Driving School
Excellent. Roy learned a great deal both from the classroom and driving instruction. Melba and Lucile were great in terms of providing information and helping us get Roy scheduled for driving instruction and his test. My daughter will attend here soon.

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