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By: Lori B.
Bella By Alethea
Everyone there has been beyond nice to me and very accommodating including Alethea. Keep in mind that I always go out of my way to project positive energy in hopes of receiving it back and that may well be my secret. :) First, I have very pale non tanning skin with dark coarse hair. I also feel almost no pain. I have been there 3 times for laser hair removal and after just one treatment I noticed at least 25% of the hair was gone. Since then I have been a total of 3 times. It has been at least 3 months that I haven't even shaved. Looking right now I can actually count how many hairs are left and they are hard to see and maybe a quarter of an inch long. I am leaving them so we can see what still needs to be done. I wish I could have my whole body done!!! I have been to another place when laser hair removal was still new around 5 years ago and I had 6 treatments and 100% of that hair has grown back. it was extremely painful and It also cost me around $700!! Since my 3 laser treatments at Bella so far I even went in for a microderm facial. Two weeks before I had a microderm performed at another salon and my face wasn't even red! I couldn't even tell! At Bella, my face was really red and all my skin just fell off for the next few days. It was amazing!! I just put avocado oil on my face right after my morning shower then before I went to bed. I can't believe how fantastic my skin looks and i heard that you need to have like 3-6 done to see any results?!?! I love my results right now. I even had a groupon and I don't feel like I was treated any less.
By: d.c.h.
Urban Body Studios
My partner and I got a Scout Mob deal on massage services at Urban Body Studios, and I scheduled an appointment with Tai, who was one of the massage therapists participating. I figured, since I got him by default, that I shouldn't have any unreal expectations for a great massage. Man, I could not have been more wrong!!Tai is that rare massage therapist who actually listens to what you tell him, has the skills to put his hands to work, and produces GREAT results. After only three massages, I'm hooked...I work out a lot. I do weight training, and use the machines at my gym to row, bike, and sweat it out on the eliptical. I'm in my 40's, and definitely need help staying balanced with the hard work I put in. I have been to massage therapists many times before, and have finally found someone who can keep me tuned up.Tai has intuitive, powerful hands, and gets right into those difficult areas with just the right amount of pressure, just pushing right up to the point of pain without ever crossing over the line. I stay in a meditative-like state the whole time he's working on me, and don't even have to give him feedback--he's that GOOD. I am so happy to have stumble upon this wonderful, amazing therapist. I cannot recommend his services enough. Just WOW!!
By: Jennifer C.
Blue Divine Aesthetics
If you are looking for a little pampering for yourself or with your girlfriends with a sincere and professional staff, then definitely check this place out. Located in the rear of a two story building you will find this quaint and chic med spa. They offer the most up to date natural beautifying products and procedures including laser hair removal, peels, teeth whitening, botox, vein treatments, microneedling, and more. Kai, was such a joy to work with, she walked me through step by step of what she was doing before, during, and after my teeth whitening experience. Kalen, the founder and owner pleasantly explained different facial treatments. I chose the Hydra Facial, which only took about 30 mins and left my looking clean, radiant, decreased my wrinkles, and evened out my complexion. I can't wait to go back and pamper myself with some other specialized treatments.
By: Donna B.
Cleopatra Beauty Spa
This place is wretched!I ONLY gave this salon five stars because of the nail salon here.I wouldn't let them touch my head with a 10 ft pole! Or do my makeup!Lol! Everyone that gets up from the makeup chair look like Bozo the clown! I swear they do!They are ghetto and unprofessional,the sign says don't bring your kids but they bring unruly undisciplined children here every time I get my nails done. You go to the spa for peace and relaxation not for this hot mess of a business! I would hate to see this place close ONLY because of YEN,the girl who does my nails! I drive 30 min cause she is the best nail technician I've ever found! I wldnt let any other nail tech here touch my nails either. As for all the others? They need to fire everybody but YEN! She's the best!
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By: medicalmassageinc
Advanced Massage Network, LLC.
Bodywork unlike anything you will ever experience anywhere else. If you have a structural problem or ailment/diagnosis you will work the problem out here. If you have a: pinched nerve, atrophied muscle, lack of range motion, tons of muscle tension, or a stubborn trigger point (knot) in the muscle, it will be alleviated at Medical Massage at Midtown, Inc. in a relaxed setting.It's worth a try with an:introductory price of $45 for a 60 min. Orthopedic Massage or $60 for a 90 min. Orthopedic Massage.You can't beat that price anywhere. Physiotherapy like this is normally retailed at $150 for 90 minutes in medical spas and physical therapy offices across the U.S.A.. If you can find it offered at those locations.
By: Marcus S.
Buckhead Nail and Toe Spa
I have been coming to Buckhead Nail and Toe Spa for over 11 yrs. I like this nail spa because they are friendly and very attentive in their profession. I noticed how they clean everything once they finish with each ever customer. I know they clean up the whole spa at closing because I have been there several times at closing. The atmosphere of the spa is alway fresh and relaxing. Everything seem like brand new every time I visit. I haven't noticed dust or dirt on anything in the spa. Normally I don't leave reviews but I think it is time I praise this Buckhead Nail and Toe Spa for its cleanliness and excellent service....M. Sharpe
By: Milla W.
Blue Divine Aesthetics
I recently visited Blue Divine and I had a phenomenal time! The ambiance is relaxing and the decor is chic and comfortable. I went in for a 15 min teeth whitening session and I was quite pleased. I was able to see an immediate difference. The technician explained the process and made sure that I was comfortable. The staff is quite knowledgeable and was able to answer all of my skincare questions. I will be returning soon for another teeth whitening session and I hope to also get the hydrafacial. The ladies that received the service while I was there had beautifully glowing skin. I cant wait to return for that!
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By: Loren B.
Lehua And Spa
Wow, this is the type of ambiance that excels expectations. Located in a strip mall, there is plenty of parking. When, I walked in - plenty of natural light bursting through the windows. The staff was extremely polite and friendly. The massage was heavenly. I did a couple's massage - you're in the same room, hooks on the wall to hang your clothes, and overall a great experience. This was the first place I experienced hot stones and I could feel the heat relaxing my muscles. I approve! Overall - great massage, plenty of parking and reasonable prices - Enjoy!
By: Emily D.
Salon Five Nails & Spa
The staff is so nice and they offer more services than any salon I’ve ever been to. At Salon Five, you can get pedicures, manicures, facials, threading, waxes, lash & brow tinting, and massages. I got a gel manicure done for the first time and was blown away by how quickly it dried! Kathleen, the owner of Salon Five did my manicure and she was so nice! I also got a regular pedicure done and it looked perfect! I also got my eyebrows threaded and I had to get a lot of shaping done on my brows so threading hurt a bit but I was so happy with the results!
By: Gia E.
Blue Divine Aesthetics
I went to Blue Divine to have my teeth whitened and it was an amazing experience! I walked in a little nervous because I've never had the procedure done but the staff was very friendly and inviting. I absolutely loved the decor of the office. I also had the opportunity to meet the owner and she was very nice and knowledgeable and proud of the business!The procedure was painless. They used a mouthpiece to keep my mouth open, they gelled my teeth and I sat for 15 minutes with a blue light on my teeth. My teeth were six shades whiter when finished!

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