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By: victor s.
Midcity Cafe
MidCity Cafe is an extraordinary spot amid the day to do work (free WiFi), observe a few games, or meet with a companion/customer. They have different TVs more often than not playing some sort of games and the staff is cordial and open to changing the channels when inquired. The sustenance is not regular bar nourishment, MidCity offers an assortment of soups, servings of mixed greens, and sandwiches and the quality is the thing that you would expect of some other kind of bar, reasonable. They have an extremely decent open air yard with outside warmers for those crisp evenings. It is likewise puppy benevolent and they have open air outlets so you could work outside and charge your gadgets. Around evening time the bar has an incredible domain. Continually playing awesome music running from a wide range of classifications and for the electronic music fan they get numerous DJs amid the weekends so watch out for their occasions. The group here is dependably exceptionally social, benevolent, and entirely fun! You'll frequently discover individuals moving inside, chuckling at the bar, or having a smoke and associating outside. The staff here are well disposed, snappy, and aware. They've generally treated me well and I've generally seen them be extremely quiet. General I would very prescribe this spot!
By: macduga
Bonappett Cafe
This is a quaint family owned cafe in the bottom floor of my office building. If you turn onto Glenridge Point Pkwy, there are two office buildings, this place is around the back of the building on the left side of the road. In this area, there are few lunch options despite a lot of office buildings around. Bon Appetit has two home cooked lunch entree options each day, and about 6-8 different sides. Some of my favorites are their Sesame Chicken, Meatloaf, and Salsbury Steak. The pricing is very affordable. They also have a varied selection of items you can order off the menu anytime. My favorites include Philly Cheesesteak(or chicken philly), Chicken Quesadilla, and their burgers. They also serve breakfast every morning, my with a variety of breakfast options available. The ownership is very friendly, and remembers the way I like my food prepared(bacon crispy, what veggies on top, etc.) I just noticed there had not been any reviews, and for anyone else in the area that struggles to find places to grab a quick bite for lunch that offers variety and affordable pricing I would definitely recommend giving Bon Appetit a try!
By: David M.
Busy Bee Cafe
Obviously you can have southern solace sustenance at pretty much 9 million spots in Atlanta however in the event that you need southern solace nourishment that touches the soul...get to Busy Bee. Halted in on a Friday evening and obviously there were 1700 individuals there yet we were situated immediately. The space is super little however hey this spot has been around for a considerable length of time and certainly has that old school charm about it. The comfortable vibe kinda made you have a feeling that you ventured into your grandparents home. Our server, Tawanna, was great. She took care of our enormous gathering extremely well and never overlooked anything. She was so agreeable and accommodating. A large portion of us had the fries chicken uncommon for $11.99 that accompanied two side and johnnycake or a roll. The fries chicken was hot and fresh and tasty. The Mac and cheddar was made with adoration and the green beans were prepared with bliss. The sweet tea was so justified, despite all the trouble. I cleared out full and glad!
By: Emily D.
In my mind I classify this restaurant as a pretty southern one. In terms of setting, There are cheap plastic chairs here and the parking is kind of sketchy. In terms of food:Jerk Chicken + Rice+ Black Beans– My roommate thought the chicken was too spicy for his liking but he said you can’t go wrong with the rice and beans. Corn bread was a bit on the dry side though.Turkey Meatloaf+ Green Beans+ Mashed Potatoes- I enjoyed this meatloaf and would get it again! This combo was pretty tasty but the green beans were somewhat average and could’ve been better in my opinion.BBQ Chicken+Mac & Cheese + Broccoli– My friend liked the barbecue chicken and he let me try his Mac & Cheese. I thought it tasted great and liked that it was made with white cheddar!My best friend got the sweet tea with her dish and she mentioned that it wasn’t that great. She also said that the ranch for her salad also seemed water down in a way. Wish we had better things to say about those items!
By: Abby H.
Cafe at Pharr
Cafe at Pharr is the perfect weekday, healthy, fast, casual, lunch spot. The food and service are consistent and the price point is fair for amount and quality of food. They offer a variety of chicken and tuna salad options that you can get as a salad or sandwich. Their ginger salad dressing is such a crowd-pleaser that they offer it for sale at the restaurant. The menu is not limited to the salads, they offer sandwiches and rice plates as well. Another perk, there are several locations around town so no matter where you find yourself (at work or running errands) you can likely find a Cafe at Pharr to stop for a quick lunch. I also recommend buying tubs of their chicken or tuna salad to go, it's the perfect healthy snack to have in your fridge.
By: Sanika S.
The Flying Biscuit Cafe
Flying biscuit is a great place for breakfast, but the biscuits were not as good as people told me they were. They're not bad, but they didn't live up to the hype. Ok,now that we've got that out of the way let's talk about my meal which was amazing. They should be called flying grits because these are some of the best grits I have ever had. I had the breakfast bowl . It's a bowl of grits topped with two oven fried green tomatoes, turkey bacon , two eggs over medium and top with homemade red salsa. This is truly a dish you need to try and a place you need to go. I just didn't want you going there ready for biscuits, but hey you may like them. I'm use to my grandmas biscuits so, don't mind me.
By: Sanika S.
Tassili's Raw Reality Cafe
I went here today on my lunch break after a coworker told me that it was a nice spot. It's a raw vegan place that may make you want to make the move to becoming a vegan. Everyone was super nice , but It took my full lunch break just to get my order. It's best that you place your order before you get there. Now back to the food. I had the Punany wrap. Which comes with your choice of a whole wheat or gluten free coconut wrawp kissed with soy mayo and packed with Spicy Kale Salad, avocado, tomato, sweet coconut corn, and couscous. I also had some infused water and a cookie that was just to die for. This is definitely one of my new go to spots and once you try it...I think I will be yours too.
By: Nichole W.
West Egg Cafe
One of the absolute best brunch spots in Atlanta - and the line reflects it. Always a long wait (1 hour+) on weekends, but definitely worth it. If you get bored while you wait, there are tons of shops to walk around, as well as a farmer market in the summer. The food is excellent - I love their chilaquiles, banana bread French toast, and fried green tomato BLT. They have great rotating specials as well. If you come for a birthday brunch (or just want to celebrate), they do mimosa service with a full bottle of champagne and a carafe of orange juice. Try to come as early as possible for a table, or during the week - if you can't, I promise it's worth the wait!
By: Nichole W.
Cafe Intermezzo
Cafe Intermezzo has a few locations, including one at the airport, but this one is located in Midtown on Peachtree and 11th. There is parking available at a deck nearby, and they'll validate your ticket for you before you leave. Intermezzo has a European flair, making you feel like you're in a dark cafe somewhere on the streets of Paris. They have a pretty large menu, including coffee + cocktails, crepes, sandwiches, salads, entrees, etc. They also offer wifi, so it's a good place to work or take a lunch meeting during the day. At night it's a bit more focused on dinner and cocktails, with a nice semi-covered patio if the weather is good!
By: Abby B.
Cafe Posh
I mostly enjoyed my to-go meal. It was light and filling. The first bite of my Tunisian tuna salad was really good! The bad is the first bite is better than the following bites. The salad had fresh tuna and lettuce, and the green olives, lemon, cucumbers, and capers gave the salad a nice zest. There was an unexpected mild spice to the dressing. I was expecting different and more. When I finished, the salad left a bitter aftertaste but it was not extremely unpleasant. Overall, my experience was satisfying. The combination of ingredients was pleasing. I'd return.

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