By: Kendra W.
Apex West Midtown
This place is the bomb.com, and I'm so happy to be a resident here at Apex West midtown. The staff are amazing from the management, and to even the maintenance men. To have a great priced apartment in the heart of midtown is wonderful, but most of all to have such great amenities is a plus as well. I feel right at home here, and honestly I've never been more excited to even live in a place in Atlanta, Ga. It's a heartfelt place to stay, and to add a touch of spice we have cute retail shops in the same facility so what more could you ask for? Let me add my apartment is sooooooooooooooo cutezy wutezy lol! :) I wish that, I would've found this place when I first moved here 3 years ago. I'm amazed at being able to pay my rent online, light bill online, trash, sewage online, and don't ever have to go through the hassle of money orders again. I can just log in, pay with my check/credit card to make my payments monthly, and be on the go. That is the most convenient thing ever for me, because I'm always so busy. I've never heard of a company ANYWHERE that do all of this, and I just can't explain how happy I am. Do understand it's so hard to find great security as well so, I noticed security walking around the premises even early today when, I went to go pick up my keys. That is a HUGE PLUS FOR ME! I've told all of my friends about Apex West Midtown, and this place need to be blasted all over the city for everyone to move in lol It's such a blessing to be around staff that care about their residents well being, because I'm moving from a place that SUCKED at that! (THUMBS DOWN) Thank you for hiring such caring, and loving people here! Your employees here brighten up the place from Justin, Dustin, Alisha the property manager, and Keisha!!!!!!! They always have a smile on their face, are ready to help anyway possible, and make you feel right at HOME! Ha! I don't know about you, but I'm #apexwestmidtown! #thanksamillion
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By: Courtney M.
Nicole James Real Estate Group Of Georgia Inc
My experience as a first time homebuyer was a rollercoaster of emotions. Throughout it all Tiffany was there for my family. No matter the time of day/night, Tiffany responded to emails/text messages we sent her on properties we had found on line. She was the one that found the house that we eventually closed on. Early on we were out bid on the property and when it came back on the market, Tiffany called us the same day so that we could put in another offer. Every request or concern we had she asked the seller for us. Any information she thought the lender might need, she let us know before they even asked.Tiffany is the perfect balance of professionalism, keep it real and fight for her clients. In my time knowing her, her focus has been on her client’s wants, needs and well being. She knows the market and she knows what’s a good and fair offer. She was able to point out the repairs needed during the initial showing and tell us what the seller would be willing to do. She also told me that she thought the property was worth more than the list price and she could see us getting a great return on the house in the future so I know that she has our long-term investment in mind as well.Tiffany is so easy to talk to and is a powerhouse of motivational energy. She told me multiple times that she just wanted us to find a place that we would be happy with and we have!Fate could not have brought us a better agent in my opinion! There are no guarantees that the home buying process will be smooth sailing. If you are looking for someone to be honest with you, someone that will keep your file in the front of her thoughts until you close, someone that is so motivational and has nothing but your best interest at heart before their own financial gain, you can get that from Tiffany Richardson at Nicole James Real Estate Group!Call Tiffany and tell her Courtney sent you! Yes, that was a plug lol.
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By: William B.
Braden Fellman Group Ltd.
I've been a resident of 730 Frederica for 14 months now, in my second lease and have to say that this is my first apartment owned by a management company and I actually signed the lease before even seeing the apartment. There have been zero issues, little crime (you have to be smart), and nothing but friendly reminders via email for any issues concerning the building. Jessica and Thomas have been outstanding in helping me with anything I need. I read a lot of reviews about rent increases, scamming on leases, etc. My initial lease did have some typos and mistakes, but let's be honest people, that is why they send you the lease for review. If you can afford $1200+ a month for an apartment, then you should be able to have a lawyer review a lease for you as it's your money and your home. I was sent a renewal request via email, 60 days before my lease was up, and yes there is an increase in rent should you decide to go month to month, or opt out of the 12 month lease, but for another year it was the same amount, with no hidden agenda. There is a deadline to submit, so you have to print, sign, and deliver to office. Shortly thereafter, I was sent a thank you email for my renewal by Jessica personally stating that BF was glad I was staying. I think that people fail to realize that they are a office of not that many people from what I see. So it's not like there are a 100 people there fielding calls and emails 24/7. If I have a issue, my emails are always promptly returned, but we all have the address of the office, most of us live across the street, so just go there and speak to someone. I'm in the restaurant business and I hate reading aggressive/ill-spirited reviews about my business, and especially about a business that has been nothing but welcoming and helpful to me. And for all the haters bashing apartments, get another job and buy a home.
By: Chanelle H.
Heritage Property Management Services, Inc.
Sandy Decker filled in for Sharon Silver as our Portfolio Manager while Sharon had her back operation and recovered. I, and the entire board of Dunwoody Chace, want you to know how much we appreciated having Sandy step in and do a very good job for us. Sandy is very capable and a quick learner, taking over her new duties so we did not miss a beat, pitching right in so we had only to familiarize her with all our quirks and expectations. She demonstrated strong follow-up, interest in and caring for our community, and contributed to our board meetings with sound advice and ideas. She was pleasant and easy to work with – she establishes and maintains relationships quickly -- always with a smile on her face and in her voice, keeping an even keel at all times. She even walked the community in August with board members, recording follow-ups and taking care of them. So, thanks for assigning Sandy to help us as well as Sharon. I know she and Sharon talked frequently to assure we were taken care of properly and in a timely manner. Having Sharon as our Manager and then experiencing Sandy filling in confirm the wisdom of our decision to contract with Heritage for your services.
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By: Nick M.
Nelson-Rives Realty Inc
It is with extreme honor that I am writing this. I will try to frame my words so I can capture the essence of Ms. Pat's worth ethic.She comes from the generation of great trusted advisors who believe in creating value for their landlords and tenants, both. In working on a property transaction with her, I noticed that the tenants and landlord, were truly happy. She personifies the American Dream and is a living legend.Her transparency, patience and persistence in the process reflects that of a respectable advisor in the ancient court of the king, Caesaer. She is thoroughly knowledgeable and understands her clients privacy, need for information. Being an engineer myself, I noticed her to immensely believe in data. She maintains all records, meticulously. We worked on a transaction in the Gwinnett, which was made seamless and transparent with her personal touch and professionalism. I highly recommend Ms. Pat for any of your property ownership or renting needs. Please feel free to contact me for any questions. SincerelyNick678-871-9089
By: jasoncoughlin26
Heritage Property Management Services, Inc.
Mr. Cobb, I have been an owner at the Highlands for over 15 years, and have recently been voted onto the Board as VP.I want you to know that the addition of Nada London to our team has been a blessing.Nada is personable; she arrives on time and is always well prepared for our meetings. She brings great ideas to our attention, along with competitive pricing on services we are looking into. Through your well run organization, she is able to leverage contractors to get better pricing on our projects.As we finished our meeting this past Sunday she was ready to walk the property to get a first hand look at some of the improvements we are looking at doing.When she sets time lines and informs us that she will be getting back to us with information; she does it. Her follow up and detail is impeccable.Thank you for taking the time to read a few of the many qualities that we see in Nada London
By: Patrick S.
Heritage Property Management Services, Inc.
Lee earned his wings this week. When he heard about the Boom lift, he suggested the light over B5, which has not been working for years and is difficult to access due to its position, be replaced as he would have access using the boom lift. Good thinking! It has now been done and the 11th Street has a flood light. Thanks, Lee! Lee also fixed the sprinkler thingamabob that went on the blink when whatever else went out. And, he watered the flowers the painter ripped out of the ground with their hoses. Thank You LEE. You are a GEM!! You, Paul, Lee, Morris and, of course Jan, make my work so much easier. Thank you so much. Now I just have to figure out how to program the sprinkler system for every other day instead of every day. Should be a breeze for someone as tech savvy as me? Tell Gavin, please, about what Lee has done for us. He is invaluable to me and our Association.
By: James S.
Heritage Property Management Services, Inc.
This letter serves as my personal reference of Heritage Property Management. My name is Greg Halvorson. I live in the Broadlands Community. Our community is a group of over 200 single family homes. I served on the Architectural Review Committee for two years and served as Vice President for four years.I became active in the community shortly after moving to the community. During the time I was on the board we made the decision to contract with Heritage Management. I can tell you this made a positive change not only on a day to day basis in our community but also the handling of the collections of dues and dealing with past due accounts. We have been contracted with Heritage for over five years.Heritage has been easy to work with, quick to rectify any situation and just generally a very professional organization to be associated with.
By: Joyce R.
Heritage Property Management Services, Inc.
I wanted to drop you a line and tell you what a great job your staff is doing representing The Accolades. I moved in May 1 and I have had lots of questions and also some maintenance work done on my unit to prevent water damage. Jennifer and Bobby have gone out of their way to make me feel like a welcome addition and to satisfy my needs. When I questioned some work done to stop water leading into my crawl space, Bobby did not hesitate to set up an appointment, at my convenience, to come by and discuss exactly what the landscapers had done to rectify the problem. I am in the new home industry and know great customer service when i see it. I only wish the communities I represent could use Jennifer and Bobby and Heritage Management. Thank you for having such a wonderful representatives on your staff, and keep up the good work!
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By: Jacqueline B.
Nicole James Real Estate Group Of Georgia Inc
When i met Tiffany ,she told me I work for you,if see something @ 4am and want me to put an offer on it text me, and thats just what happen ,not quite that early in the morning ,but I wrote up @ 12:25am saw my house text her to see if the house was back on market and if so we need to put an offer on it asap ,she tiffany hit me back and said yes it is that was@ 12:40am and @12:55am she was text me to go on and E-sign my contract, awesome, that was on.. a late Tuesday early Wednesday, and on Friday of that same week my offer was accepted, Tiffany and her Asst courtany are a great team I really enjoyed working with the two of them , tiffany also will go above and be beyond for her client, in closing if want someone who will work fast and promptly she is the one, in your home search today .

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