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By: Kevin R.
Assurant Solutions
This is an unethical company that should investigated for nonpayment to rightful claims. Would not accept claim on broken watch band that caused watch to stop working when it fell off. Happened first time I wore it. Policy stated it covered "accidental damage."
By: Joyce B.
National Credit Systems, Inc.
I recently had dealings with this company after relocating. I have not applied for a house or apartment in a few years. I had no idea that an old complex lied and charged me with all sorts or damages and cleaning fees. Had no idea. So I try to do the right thing and contact this company. Granted according my record it has been there for 4 years. So I know a bit about collections company's and I know they purchase these "contracts" from business. I KNOW THEY CAN SETTLE. Now I decided to settle and she came up with price. It was saving me about 250.00. Although I don't agree at all with the apt I was willing to pay it just to get it off my credit report. Okay so we come up with a figure she says "oh I'm sure it will be fine just have the money so I don't look like a fool". Of course I have the money expecting to settle the next day. She tries to tell me " we got in contact with the apartment and they refused" Really? So after 4 years of being in collections she expected me to believe the APARTMENT COMPLEX would not settle. I was not born yesterday. Not only that she tried to tell me to go ahead and pay the 960 and it won't come off my report and we can make arrangements for the rest. I'm like "NO not happening. If you guys can't settle and get the majority of money , I'm not doing it. You can continue to wait now. I have a person willing to rent me a place. I explained all this to them. I don't have my belonging because it's packed away in storage. I don't have the time to go look for a piece of paper which is why I was settling. They lost out on the payment for trying to play freaking games.!
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By: Linh W.
Urban Land Cruisers
People need to know about this company and their business ethics! My husband purchased Land Rover seats last summer which they sent the wrong ones. My husband sent them back in September 2014, it is now April of 2015 and yet we do not have our full refund. The seats were over $5000, every month my husband has had to call to speak to someone which he would get the run around. Thieves!
By: Ncs N.
National Credit Systems, Inc.
As a representative of NCS, I recognize the below username Chelleycaesar. Ms. Caesar, I believe you were released from NCS for a multitude of reasons and attempted to convince us numerous time to allow you to remain employed with our company. I don't believe you would have wanted to continue your employment so badly if things were as you inaccurately describe at NCS. In fact, our company has one of the lowest turn-over rates in our industry because we treat our employed and others with dignity and respect; however, we wish you the best in your future endeavors.Regarding other comments about our company, keep in mind, disagreeing with a charge assessed our client, not being offered a reduced settlement to your liking, or not being happy with the policies of the credit bureaus, are not legitimate complaints about our company.NCS is reputable firm that has been in business for over 23 years. We go to great lengths to insure that we operate in a legal, professional, and ethical manner. If you feel that your interactions with our staff have not been up to these standards, we encourage you to submit your specific concern to our company for review. Our calls are recorded, so we can review as appropriate if you provide the date, time and agent name with whom you spoke.
By: Sandeep K.
National Credit Systems, Inc.
It is a mobster agency. Don't know whom to report and how to report. My apartment management sent the water bill to this collection agency after I vacate the apartment. I did not receive any mails/emails/text about the balance amount. They directly sent to collections. And this agency is another cheap crap. One guy called directly to my company and asked about me, instead he should have called me and left VM if I did not answer. But he called directly to my employer and asked me to call him. Ok fine, I called this guy but he did not answer the call and I left VM. Still I don't know who this guy and why I am calling him, only because he called my company I called him to know who he is. After few days I went to my old apartment to know my balance and they said they sent it to colelciton office and gave thier contact. Then I realised the call is from National Credit. I called him and I paid my balance immediately and he told this will not report to the credit bureau. This happened on 09/10/2014. But these idiots reported to credit bureau on 10/21/2014. Due to this collection report I lost around 34 credit score and also it is in my credit history now. I am finding a way to report this mistake to bureau. And don't know what to do to these kind of people. Blood SUCKERS.....
By: Jason T.
Urban Land Cruisers
I've purchased parts from Dave and the crew at ULC and ULR (Urban Land Rovers) for nearly 4 years now. Dave was so helpful I decided to have him do a full restoration on one of my vehicles. The work has taken a bit longer then planned but with a bit of patience the progress has been steady and the truck looks amazing today.First of all let me say how much the shop has changed in the past few years. Its gone from a small Land Cruiser Shop to one of the largest suppliers of new and used Land Rover parts in the South East.I would not hesitate to recommend ULC to anyone looking for the best in parts and vehicle sales. Call Dave (or even better email him) for some of the most knowledgeable and honest advice anywhere; 5 stars
By: Chelleycaesar ..
National Credit Systems, Inc.
As a psst employee of this company. I must say this is the worst company to work for. The pay is ridiculous and on top of that it's as though you are a slave working in a plantation. The company makes so much money and employees are faced to use filthy restrooms. Break room trash empty once a week. The sad but try part is unless you're willing to sleep with a member of management you have no chance of earning any monthly bonus. As if the pay is not an insult get caught trying to eat a piece of candy and that's an automatic $1000.00 fine. The managers and supervisors are so incompetent. No type of professionalism and you're trained to talk to debtors like animals. I would not recommend even a dog to this place!!!!!
By: Ilya C.
Urban Land Cruisers
I brought my truck here for restoration. They took my money destroyed my truck and then said just said they don't know what happened. FRAUD is all over this garage stay away. David is a crook. Multiple law suits against him.
By: Real T.
Processing Solutions
If you want to be transported to a Tony Soprano-style world, definitely sign up with Processing Solutions. If negative stars was an option, they d deserve it. This outfit promises low rates -- but when you audit your statements (which we had done by a third party), you ll find unexplainable charges, double charges, and straight overcharges that effectively double your costs. They fail to notify you in a timely way (or at all) of chargebacks, lose your data to support their charges ( tough luck is their response), threaten you constantly with the TMF/MATCH file (which can put you out of business) at every turn, cannot keep any staff (and they never disconnect the voicemail so you don t know it), and seem to also change their name with some frequency. The world of merchant processing businesses is pretty shady, but it is still astonishing that these guys can stay in business. You've been warned
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By: dreamer114
National Credit Systems, Inc.
This agency represents the apartments and clients it serves so poorly by being so overly rude. When one calls to try to make payments against the debt, the debt collectors will force you to hang up the phone. Yes, the debt will still be there, but no one has to be disrespected while trying to conduct business! It is better to write this agency do you don't have a heart attack. People have different income methods...this agency does not realize that they can not garnish a VA check of SS check. It might be better to work with people rather than shout at them all the time!Good luck NCS cause all of you need some professional training! These are very hard times we are living in with people losing jobs and homes. When you're facing one is afraid of NCS's stupidity and rudeness!!!!

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