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By: William B.
Braden Fellman Group Ltd.
I've been a resident of 730 Frederica for 14 months now, in my second lease and have to say that this is my first apartment owned by a management company and I actually signed the lease before even seeing the apartment. There have been zero issues, little crime (you have to be smart), and nothing but friendly reminders via email for any issues concerning the building. Jessica and Thomas have been outstanding in helping me with anything I need. I read a lot of reviews about rent increases, scamming on leases, etc. My initial lease did have some typos and mistakes, but let's be honest people, that is why they send you the lease for review. If you can afford $1200+ a month for an apartment, then you should be able to have a lawyer review a lease for you as it's your money and your home. I was sent a renewal request via email, 60 days before my lease was up, and yes there is an increase in rent should you decide to go month to month, or opt out of the 12 month lease, but for another year it was the same amount, with no hidden agenda. There is a deadline to submit, so you have to print, sign, and deliver to office. Shortly thereafter, I was sent a thank you email for my renewal by Jessica personally stating that BF was glad I was staying. I think that people fail to realize that they are a office of not that many people from what I see. So it's not like there are a 100 people there fielding calls and emails 24/7. If I have a issue, my emails are always promptly returned, but we all have the address of the office, most of us live across the street, so just go there and speak to someone. I'm in the restaurant business and I hate reading aggressive/ill-spirited reviews about my business, and especially about a business that has been nothing but welcoming and helpful to me. And for all the haters bashing apartments, get another job and buy a home.
By: Lori B.
Mariposa Lofts Apartments
I have lived in Mariposa Lofts going on 4 years now. I absolutely love it here and it is in the MaryLin/Inman/Grady school district! The location of our unit is perfect for us. Just the right amount of sun for both balconies, no sound from any neighbors, looking over the pool, beltline & Atlanta skyline. Love the top floor! Carla and the front desk staff go above and beyond for me and my family and Mike and his team replace and fix things same day! Had my AC stop working... Whole new unit replaced the next morning. My range had some un-even heating in the oven...... 3 days later a BRAND NEW gorgeous convection drop in range! When things go wrong, I have never, ever felt like I was putting someone out. The series "Being Mary Jane" was just filmed here and I just found out that the whole building is going through a complete renovation. New gym, media center, exterior, front office and also the units! So glad that we chose Mariposa Lofts years ago. It really feels like we are on vacation everyday. :) Yes, there is a problem with break-ins to units as well as lots of cars. BUT now we have 2 security guards that walk the complex just for us and when I asked for an additional dead bolt to be installed on the front door it was completed the next day free of charge.
By: bishopt
Camden Phipps
Lots of positives, but more negatives. Great location! Close to everything! Convenient! But Camden Phipps also has a high crime rate and limited parking, which the management lies about and never tells about. My apartment in Camden Phipps was broken into one year and my motorcycle was stolen another. The management wouldn’t allow me to see the video camera tapes if any and neither incident was announced to the other tenants on the property. Many tenants have dogs, but there is no green space on the property so dog waste would sometimes sit for days in halls and a few times on my door mat. Camden has done a great job fixing up the property. The pool area is very nice and vacant apartments are renovated, but rents have gone up by almost 20% a year. Because of increases in the rents, a lot of old tenants have moved on and there is a changing demographic in the area. The maintenance turnaround has slowed since Camden has taken over. The old management would fix things in a day, while Camden can take up to a week. If you plan on moving into Camden Phipps, please ask a tenant about the issues, because the agents and property manager Tiffany Days have been known to be dishonest.
By: Chanelle H.
Heritage Property Management Services, Inc.
Sandy Decker filled in for Sharon Silver as our Portfolio Manager while Sharon had her back operation and recovered. I, and the entire board of Dunwoody Chace, want you to know how much we appreciated having Sandy step in and do a very good job for us. Sandy is very capable and a quick learner, taking over her new duties so we did not miss a beat, pitching right in so we had only to familiarize her with all our quirks and expectations. She demonstrated strong follow-up, interest in and caring for our community, and contributed to our board meetings with sound advice and ideas. She was pleasant and easy to work with – she establishes and maintains relationships quickly -- always with a smile on her face and in her voice, keeping an even keel at all times. She even walked the community in August with board members, recording follow-ups and taking care of them. So, thanks for assigning Sandy to help us as well as Sharon. I know she and Sharon talked frequently to assure we were taken care of properly and in a timely manner. Having Sharon as our Manager and then experiencing Sandy filling in confirm the wisdom of our decision to contract with Heritage for your services.
By: kqstorm
Embarcadero Club Apartments
I moved in a year and a half ago. The first year was ok, had no problems! if I had an issue with maintenance, I would call Steve the maintenance man and he'd come fix it!!This year Steve quite, the switch for my oven went out. They said they had to order a switch. It took almost 2 month's, of me calling and going and going to the office. They just got another stove to replace mine. then i started having problems with the plumbing.Now the water in my bathroom sink keeps coming up. they came twice already to fix it, the second time the had a plumber come out and dig. it worked for 2 weeks now its back just like it was!!!!! Now its on me cause I left my car door unlocked. But i've done that many time, even forgot to let my windows up. well last night they went through my car pulled out all my papers, just trashed my car, cause there was nothing in my car!!! These guys have been hanging out side, when I come out sometimes there guys sitting on the steps leaving their trash!!! the complex doesn't even blow the walk ways anyway!!!!! Spider webs, bugs , leaves, flyers from restaurants!!! I WILL NOT BE RENEWING MY LEASE!!!!
By: Ben R.
Carlyle Of Sandy Springs
This place is actually really good for a couple of reasons.A lot of people seem to think this place is ghetto and full of riff raff. I've been living here almost 7 months now. The majority of people I see are African American, which basically means the people who make those assumptions are stereotyping based off of race. Tsk tsk. That and you would be surprised how many parking spots DON'T have cars in them lol.Anyway, what has impressed me the most is the staff here. They do not play. Felipe is seriously one of the best employees I've ever seen in that business. If you have a problem, he gets to the bottom of it period. Not just him either, the whole staff. I'm under the impression they are turning that place around and maybe it used to be kind of "ghetto". They are doing a good job if that's the case.I haven't had any problems there. Nor have there been any crazy incidents like cars getting broken into, murders, or crime in general. I think I got lucky because my back patio is very private and quiet which I love. I haven't had any issues here at all. None.
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By: Lourdes G.
The Prato at Midtown Apartments
've been living here now for a little over 2 years and I love this place! When I first moved to Atlanta it was a really quick move and I didn't really have time to apartment search, The Prato was close to work, and they worked with me giving me advice on the phone, and sending me photos of my then studio.I was so happy with their service I ended up moving in blind without ever seeing the studio. And let me tell you I LUCKED OUT! It was so big compared to the studios in New York, and cheap! I even had a balcony and the complex had amenities- I never had any of that back home. A week into living in my new place I got a knock on the door, and got fresh baked cookies from a young couple called "The Cares Team" who put together events in the complex. I was sold. Now I won't say that everything has been perfect, this summer my AC went out, but I put in a ticket and alerted maintenance and it was up and working again in less than an hour. Avery is always there whenever I have a question or need something fixed, and he genuinely cares about his residents.
By: jasoncoughlin26
Heritage Property Management Services, Inc.
Mr. Cobb, I have been an owner at the Highlands for over 15 years, and have recently been voted onto the Board as VP.I want you to know that the addition of Nada London to our team has been a blessing.Nada is personable; she arrives on time and is always well prepared for our meetings. She brings great ideas to our attention, along with competitive pricing on services we are looking into. Through your well run organization, she is able to leverage contractors to get better pricing on our projects.As we finished our meeting this past Sunday she was ready to walk the property to get a first hand look at some of the improvements we are looking at doing.When she sets time lines and informs us that she will be getting back to us with information; she does it. Her follow up and detail is impeccable.Thank you for taking the time to read a few of the many qualities that we see in Nada London
By: Patrick S.
Heritage Property Management Services, Inc.
Lee earned his wings this week. When he heard about the Boom lift, he suggested the light over B5, which has not been working for years and is difficult to access due to its position, be replaced as he would have access using the boom lift. Good thinking! It has now been done and the 11th Street has a flood light. Thanks, Lee! Lee also fixed the sprinkler thingamabob that went on the blink when whatever else went out. And, he watered the flowers the painter ripped out of the ground with their hoses. Thank You LEE. You are a GEM!! You, Paul, Lee, Morris and, of course Jan, make my work so much easier. Thank you so much. Now I just have to figure out how to program the sprinkler system for every other day instead of every day. Should be a breeze for someone as tech savvy as me? Tell Gavin, please, about what Lee has done for us. He is invaluable to me and our Association.
By: James S.
Heritage Property Management Services, Inc.
This letter serves as my personal reference of Heritage Property Management. My name is Greg Halvorson. I live in the Broadlands Community. Our community is a group of over 200 single family homes. I served on the Architectural Review Committee for two years and served as Vice President for four years.I became active in the community shortly after moving to the community. During the time I was on the board we made the decision to contract with Heritage Management. I can tell you this made a positive change not only on a day to day basis in our community but also the handling of the collections of dues and dealing with past due accounts. We have been contracted with Heritage for over five years.Heritage has been easy to work with, quick to rectify any situation and just generally a very professional organization to be associated with.

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