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By: nietzsche754
Park Tavern
I have been coming to this restaurant for around 3 years. I feel like this place is my home away from home. The food is really cheap for a sit down establishment with nothing on the regular menu over $10.99 and that is a shrimp basket. The portions are very good as well. When you are a regular customer you will occasionally receive free meal coupons either through the mail or in person. My advice for those who said they had bad service would to be to come during the week when the restaurant is less busy since the more crowded it is the longer food takes. Also any restaurant has high employee turnover so be sure to get a server like Jamar or Ouzan who has been there for a long time and that would improve your service as well. If you go on say a Wednesday though it is really intimate. They have Wii in the back room and regularly have concerts either through 99X or special events. On Memorial Day weekend there was a BBQ and blues event that was especially great. In the summer the patio is great especially if there is a breeze and in the winter they have a fireplace. One of the things I love most about it is when they have weddings and you can basically watch the wedding from where you are sitting if you are placed right. Depending on who is getting married the music is also usually really good on those nights. The restaurant is very inclusive and diverse. You can take your kids here and it is also very welcoming to GLBT people and is generally fairly ethnically diverse as well. If you are driving there is free parking and if you take MARTA it's very close to the Midtown station just walk to the end of the park right past Grady High School. The atmosphere is very casual and welcoming I never feel like I'm not dressed well enough to go there and never feel I'm looked down on as someone who is fairly working class myself.
By: Martin T.
Vapor Life Lounge
I totally disagree, when I was in Atlanta around Christmas I stopped in to check out about ecigs and vapor units. They were very friendly and very knowledgeable and were also spending quite a bit of time helping people work on their vaporizers and giving them tips on how to make them last longer. I learned a lot listening to them help other people. I know they have only been open for a short time but I was very impressed. Starting a new business and hiring new employees and training them is no easy task so I thought they were doing great. They are new and the place I started first using a vaporizer was years old and I found out that I was being ripped of with cheap junk but paying very high prices. I now have an awesome setup. They only sell top quality stuff plus the e juices they have you can sit there and try them all ! I found so many great flavors . You can never please everyone but these people were great when I was there. Just stop in and see for yourself. Small selection ? I definitely did not think so but they are new and growing. I wish this place was in Utah where I live. I will only buy from them though, online. I was so impressed that I am writing my first review on anything ever ! There are some people you can never make happy and sara z sounds like one of those people, fake plants ? Pretentious ? Fancy displays ? Really Sara ? I thought you just wanted to support a local business by buying their product not dog them because you cant get vegetable glycerine to make your own ! Sounds like you should try and start your own place. Good luck to the people of Vapor Life Lounge ! Looks like a GREAT start to me, thanks.
By: happyhookah
Happy Hookah
In response to "Upset :/"The individual (post from 3/4/2013) ask if Happy-Hookah could service his hookah. Management asked for a receipt to show proof of purchase from Happy-Hookah. The individual did not have a receipt and as a result management declined to repair the individuals hookah, it was found that Happy-Hookah had never sold the type of hookah the individual brought in for repair. Afterwards the individual asked if Happy-Hookah could offer a reduced price on a new hookah, again management declined to offer a discount on a new hookah. Policies set forth by Happy-Hookah explain that any hookah bought from Happy-Hookah comes with free repair, if repair cannot be completed, a customer will be offered a discount on a new hookah from Happy-Hookah, all with a receipt showing proof of purchase of the original hookah. Happy-Hookah does not and will not service hookahs purchased from an outside vendor or competitor. Happy-Hookah also does not accept any returns on any pipes, including hookahs, purchased from Happy-Hookah to comply with state laws. Management can be contacted during normal business hours at 404-223-0300 for any questions related to this policy, just leave your name and contact information for a return call if no one is available for assistance.While we try our best to assist our customers as much as possible, there are times Happy-Hookah cannot due to store policies and state compliance. Happy-Hookah will also not assist any person whom is combative or demeaning to any Happy-Hookah staff member, and as such the individual will be asked to leave.Thank you,Happy-Hookah
By: Emily D.
Park Tavern
If you ever want to grab lunch in the park then I definitely recommend going to Park Tavern! This place is so lovely that often times there are events here or even weddings! Rainbow Roll– $12.99- King crab, cucumber and avocado on the inside with salmon, tuna & yellowtail on the outside– I love that this sushi comes with three types of fish! It was really great & I would get this again! I ordered it with sweet potato fries (yes I know- what a weird combo) but I loved that I could get both in the same restaurant!Buffalo Wings (kicked-up)- $8.99-These wings are served with celery and blue cheese for dipping. I personally love spicy foods so I got mine “kicked-up”. Would definitely recommend!Drink deal:Park Tavern offers a deal that says “When it Rains, We Pour $1 Drafts!” Keep this in mind next time it starts raining in Atlanta! There are apparently exceptions to this deal but it helps to be aware of them through their facebook and twitter page.
By: freebaby27
The Tavern@
I been to JR Crickets a couple of times at night. The environment is very casual and a not very loud. The drinks are good but they aren't strong. There is a frozen alcoholic bar which is nice in the summer. The food is average sports bar food. There are TVs you can see from any place in the restaurant that are usually tuned in to a game.The times I been to JR the service is extremely slow. The waitress are usually very friendly but it takes forever for someone to come to take my order and to receive your food so don't come if you're in a hurry. Given this, I will still return to JR because I like the feel of a lounge/bar but not overly crowded like a club.
By: Emily D.
The manager here was super nice! Our waitress informed us that almost all of the food items in the restaurant are made in-house including their ketchup and vinegar which I thought was impressive! We started with two drinks that I wouldn't plan to get again: Peachtree & Spring (tasted like straight whiskey) and Peaches & Peppers Sangria (tasted too herb-y to me but my friend liked it!) I recommend the tavern fries and double stack burger! Get fries instead of the mac & cheese b/c the mac & cheese was a little undersalted. The peanut butter pie which isn't always available was amazing- get it if you can!
By: Jennifer C.
Park Tavern
Overlooks the beautiful area of Piedmont Park, but is still guarded away from just anyone walking through the park. They have food menu items for anyone and everyone to choose from including healthy, gluten-free, lower calorie, smaller portioned, larger portioned, vegetarian, American, Asian, bar food, sushi so much more. They have several bars inside and outside for everyone to get a cold beverage from. The outside patio is covered and can hold a very large crowd of people. The servers are knowledgeable and courteous.
By: Anna L.
Great little place for a casual evening. The atmosphere is very welcoming and warm, and there's a large outdoor space for when the weather is nice. Their food is on par with their neighborhood tavern theme (think pizzas, salads, or pot roast), but their cocktails are out of this world! I was really impressed with the Knock Knock Who's There one, which is made with rye, ginger, basil and balsamic! More details here: http://bit.ly/29H4GV5
By: Lauren L.
Dark Horse Tavern
This place is so fun if you're looking for a lively night out. My friends and I went here for my birthday after dinner and grabbed the mic for karaoke. We actually stayed late enough to shut the place down! Their drinks are nothing super impressive, but the staff there is fantastic. From the bartenders to the karaoke staff and band. It's always a fantastic place to begin or end the night!
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By: Chinasa O.
Park Tavern
This place is going to be my new spot. The outdoor seating overlooking Piedmont Park is like no other place i've been to. At fist i thought it would be really expensive since the decor was so nice and fancy, but the drink specials and food prices were extremely affordable. They have half price sushi every night at 10 PM! and it's delicious!

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