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By: amberwhite
Psychic Malina " Voted Best Professional Psychic" In Atlanta
Open Yourself Up to a Mystical Experience… I opened my spirit up to the entire experience. I was honest with this psychic, and i was not afraid to show emotion and express my feelings...my fears, doubts, and hopes. I am a spiritual person, you will feel so much good energy when you work with Malina. I feel relieved and peaceful after my psychic reading. I have the answers that I needed so much, and they are able to move forward with more purpose and direction. No matter what you’re worrying about or hoping for, you’ll be able to catch a glimpse of your own future when you speak with this psychic. Knowing what lies ahead is the perfect way to plan for a happy future. After all, knowledge is power, and this psychic has ability. Psychic powers are a gift from the spirit world, and they are very rare. Life is full of strange coincidences and strange happenstances…it’s almost as though a mystical thread ties everything together. If you believe there are spiritual forces at play in the universe, you’re not alone. Many people recognize that our “material” world is filled with guardian angels, oracles and portents. If you’re looking for a sign from the universe, a reading from Malina will help to unravel the mysteries of your own existence… You may choose from a comprehensive array of readings. Whether you’re interested in career, money, past lives, dream interpretation, or romance readings, you’ll find exactly what you need, and you’ll finally have the answers that you crave… I search so long for peace and feel I've finally it. Thank you, Malina. God Bless
By: starangel404
Psychic Malina " Voted Best Professional Psychic" In Atlanta
Honesty First:I saw Malina back in Feb, 2012. She predicted I would meet a woman with two kids. She stated I would meet this woman even if I stayed at home and did nothing, but because it was in my fate line on my palm, I would meet her. Truly enough, I met this woman and had a 3month relationship with her. Although the relationship did not last through 2013 as she predicted, I believe Malina is very gifted for even making such a detailed prediction to begin with. I would recommend her. I'm hoping her other predictions come true which are supposed to happen some time around fall. She's very kind and I did not feel any negative energy from her at all.Good luck.
By: Stuart D.
Psychic jun
Psychic jun is such a beacon of light in this world of darkness! She is truly GIFTED in the delivery of divine messages and healing on behalf of the Holy Spirit. She is truly sincere and passionate about her mission to bring TRUTH, HOPE, HEALING and CONFIDENCE to broken and inquiring spirits. She gives great advice and services in holistic healing and she encourages you to tap into your own God-given strength and inner power for healing. Her Aroma Touch and Reiki session was absolutely DELIGHTFUL!! It felt like I was being touched by an angel! :-) is jun such a delightful person and a woman of God!!
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By: Dee V.
Psychic Malina " Voted Best Professional Psychic" In Atlanta
Scheduled a session and arrived at her home. Walked in and went into a very decorated room. Did a psychic reading, tarot card and palm reading for a special price of $70. Unfortunately, her prediction did not come true. She mentioned my ex girlfriend would contact me by mid-December and still have not heard from her. The main purpose was to have her return to me. As it didn't, I would have to get her 2 stars for just being professional and at the time, believable, however, I would not recommend unless for entertainment or need someone to talk to.
By: Ravy P.
Psychic Malina " Voted Best Professional Psychic" In Atlanta
I have nothing but great things to say. I've been to psychics before and was disappointed. I didn't even want to go. My friend took me with her. After she told me what a great reading she had I decided to get one as well. I'm so glad I did. I was having questions about my work and my partner. Within a week My work related issues are behind me and my partner and I are doing better than we have in a long time. I can't say thank you enough to Malina. I highly recommend!
By: lizauestad
Psychic Malina " Voted Best Professional Psychic" In Atlanta
I have been coming here for over a year now, and let me tell you from the very beginning she has been very helpful and always there for me. I am now a frequent customer and she always helps me see the light and I always feel relieved to know that someone can help me see what is going on under the surface in my situations. I highly recommend her, I have taken friends to her as well and she was dead on accurate about them as well.
By: colin34
Psychic Malina " Voted Best Professional Psychic" In Atlanta
I have had many readings from many different psychics, but I consider Malina the best by far. No matter what she is reading about, she is very clear and specific. Malina never fails to impress, not only with her amazing psychic skills, but also with her warmth, compassion, patience and incredible ability to instil faith in me. She has helped my troubled soul, no end, and I shall continue to seek her guidance indefinitely.
By: rickweathers681
Psychic Malina " Voted Best Professional Psychic" In Atlanta
My first time with Malina blew me away.The minute I sat down she read me. She read everyone in my family, my friends, my future, my past. She was amazing. I was actually overwhelmed with everything that she told me.She changed the way I see the world, the decisions that I make and the way I see my life. Her words helped me shape a different path for my future. I feel like I have a clear path in front of me.
By: Ms H.
Psychic Malina " Voted Best Professional Psychic" In Atlanta
Today was my first time ever seeking psychic guidance. I have been experiencing some things and just needed clarity and confirmation. I am very happy that I went and I do plan on returning. I have yet to see things manifest so I do not know how accurate the future is, but I believe she knew what she was talking about. I am excited about what's to come. Again, I will definitely returning.
By: Alyssa M.
Psychic jun
jun is awesome! I asked her to come to an event that I hosted for 30 professionals and she was great. Everyone that had a reading with her was thrilled. She was spot on! Extremely perceptive, positive and wise. In addition to her skills as a psychic she is an all around nice, approachable person. I highly recommend Sara, whether it be for a reading.Psychic jun thank you

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