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By: Silvia M.
Little Five Points Pharmacy
If you are a parent of a young school-age child, do yourself a favor and "invest" in a lice comb and nontoxic lice shampoo BEFORE you have a problem. Sooner or later you will get that school email! Ira has great advice and also the best selection. Target only has RID but no lice combs. Sure you can go the Amazon route, but Ira can tell you all you need to know and that's worth something!
By: G L.
Little Five Points Pharmacy
Little 5 point pharmacy is a place to go if you not only need medicine but also advice. Ira Katz is very knowledgable, always will help you to find the best solution. They are not motivated by the biggest profit but by helping you to satisfy your needs. Great inventory of alternative medicine products.
By: Gia E.
Little Five Points Pharmacy
Amazing local pharmacy! They've been around for over 30 years! The pharmacist and cashiers are very friendly and helpful. They also have great selection of DVD rentals. I know we're currently in the digital age of Netflix but carry have a great selection of documentaries! Support Local!
By: Janice D.
Little Five Points Pharmacy
Great local pharmacy. The pharmacist recognizes us and provides great advice. This is so much more than a place to fill a prescription - they take the time to really understand what is going on and what our options are.
By: Mike J.
Davis Medical Holdings
Davis Medical Holdings is a Start up, Mr. Davis IS NOT A FRAUD. The Staff was hired by a Temp company. All of Davis Medical Holdings, Inc. Corp. Documents are in order and up to
By: Bishop ronald S.
Little Five Points Pharmacy
Cheryl was extremely helpful and patiently answered my questions ++++ :-)

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