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By: elizabethashleyfinsthwait
SunTrust Bank
Banking report to computer Sun Trust Review of Northside Parkway Location When I enter the bank, the front desk crew already knows who I am. Some have gone outside to see my Labrador Mix who is named Love and to see Labrador who I walk who is named Heroe. Erin and all of the people, who are at that desk area where you deposit and withdraw money, are extremely nice and helpful. Sai is very nice to talk to. She is also very informative to talk go over things with information about. She is newer to me. I have enjoyed banking at this branch for at least three years, if not many more. I am grateful for the people who have worked with me, BJ is one man who no longer works at that branch, yet who I also enjoyed working with at the time when I go into the back for personal help.The one thing that I do witness is the number of new people working at the same bank and the number of new people who seem to transfer to other banks without what seems to be a lot of time at that location. I do not know why so many people seem to transfer. It is a mystery to me. As much as I truly enjoy the fact that the people, who ever they are, are always nice, I wish that more of the real nice people, such as Erin, who is at the front, would be able to stay much longer before another teller or another banker moves on to another bank. Am glad tat Erin is there to see on a regular basis, too.Still, overall, I am very satisfied with the bank. I hope that the people who work with me are given good benefits, being paid well, respected by the bank for the hard work that is asked of them and that they are truly enjoying the time that they give me when I visit. I appreciate how I am treated kindly and the fact that I do recognize a few people who have worked to stay at the bank for more than a year. I do hope that the people who are working at my bank are enjoying themselves as much as I am enjoying them. I look forward to seeing everyone this Wednesday when I have a personal appointment with Sai.
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By: Dana P.
Ameris Bank
This is a small bank with a national presence. We were lured to move to Ameris as they were reaching out in the local community. However, we are probably moving our nonprofit money to another bank due to lack of customer service. Ie) when we stood outside at 8:45 am until the bank opened, when they finally opened the doors just after 9 am, they acted disinterested in helping us. And they could not resolve online banking issues with smartphones. They merely handed us a phone number.
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By: Linda A.
Fifth Third Bank & ATM
I had to remove my accounts from this establishment. When you Open up accounts and are assured of an agreement made, and this branch cycles through their branch managers several times in a year. Your agreement made with the initial branch assistant manager becomes negated. When it comes to my money I'm very specific. Lesson learned don't take anybody's word get it on paper. Customer service does not involve the words, " there is nothing that I can do, there is nothing that I will do."
By: Sanika S.
Navy Federal Credit Union
I love this credit union and this location. The service is always good and the people are always friendly. If you ever get an opportunity to join Navy Federal you need to jump on it because this is where your money should be. I have never had an issue with them over the phone or in person. I had an account with a bank along with this account , but I have canceled my bank account and moved everything over to this account . Best move ever!
By: Rosa A.
Bank of America
Though I've been a premier customer of BOFA for a long time, the bank never offered me the most competitive rates when trying to get a mortgage. They did not seem willing or interested in retaining my business. The service never seemed personalized to my needs. I just haven't switched banks because of the time it takes to switch.
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By: Trishia P.
Chase Bank
thank you whitehat! the work you did on my husbands account was phenomenal. thank goodness you rock! the closure was worth it. if you ever need spywork done on your spouse, clear criminal records or simply have a bone to pick, is the goto guy, he's tha bomb!
By: craig.hayes.3139
Wells Fargo Bank
Walter and Beverly Sloan of Greenback, TN bought some RV dinars thur Wells Fargo. They told me that I could buy some dinars also, but need to sign a disclaimer agreement. Just tell the a teller in Atlanta, Ga their names/ location that you are friends and she will let you sign up also.
By: Julie H.
Wells Fargo Bank
I love our local Wells Fargo branch. The people there are always so friendly and they carry foreign currency. And they give my dog treats at the checkout window, although I almost always use the ATM where you can put in 30 checks at once without even making up a deposit slip!
By: Henry A.
Bank of America
Many of the Bank of America locations in the Buckhead area of Atlanta do not have drive-thru ATMs. I like this B of A on Pharr because it has the drive thru ATM --- VERY handy and much safer than a walk up ATM.
By: Alesha H.
Chase Bank
What can I say. If you banked at one bank thename you have banked at them all. Chase will give you a second chance if you messed over a bank in the past. They have arms and branches in many places. I approve.

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