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By: Jerry B.
Dr. Steven L Morganstern, MD
I've suffered from Peyronie's Disease for more than 3 years, I felt that I had exhausted all options for improvement after seeing the highest rated doctors in the Northeast, including Memorial Sloan Kettering. I kept receiving the same advice, which I could have found online. Then, the Association of Peyronie's Disease Advocates referred me to Dr. Steven Morganstern of Atlanta, Georgia. I had a phone consultation with this physician and he assured me that he could help me. I traveled for treatment. I am truly shocked by the results that were achieved by my treatments. My erections are healthier, as the curve has decreased considerably and the girth and length that I had lost because of scar tissue have both increased dramatically. When flaccid, the appearance is much healthier and all of the pain I had been experiencing is gone.
By: Michael B.
Dr. Steven L Morganstern, MD
Since we began referring patients and clients to Morganstern Urology Clinic several years ago, we have heard consistently about the superb level of care these urologists provide. The excellent results they realize, combined with quality interaction with professional staff, add up to a health care experience that is extraordinary, especially in today’s environment. We especially note the Rejuva Heart™ methodology Morganstern Urology Clinic utilizes, which truly represents a state-of-the-art approach to wellness. Through this painless and advanced technology, their male patients can reduce risk of high blood pressure, stroke, heart attack and other health threats, while boosting overall endurance and vitality.
By: timothymiller
Dr. Steven L Morganstern, MD
If you want a great urologist, no I mean the best urologist for these pain free procedures in Atlanta, call Dr. Steven Morganstern's office and get in to see him for a consultation. When I first came to Atlanta about 30 years ago, I went to at least 10 or 15 different urologists and all were average or below average in their knowledge and technique. I am not a doctor, yet I have worked as a urology lab assistant in the past and know a little more about these things than your average patient. I can truly say he is an expert master of what he does and is at the top of the list of the best urologists in Atlanta.
By: jeromeneumann
Dr. Steven L Morganstern, MD
I heard this urologist was offering HGH treatments with Semorelin and called to find out more. It seems his a doctor who teaches other doctors on the state of the art procedures for men's anti-aging, premature e-jaculation, and Peyronie's disease. He has helped me with several conditions that were impacting my ability to last longer in bed. He chooses protocols that are safe and literally non-invasive. His patients praise him and love the results of such treatments
By: christiansmith
Dr. Steven L Morganstern, MD
I was having issues with premature ejaculat*on. It was definitely impacting my love life and ability to last longer in bed. He told me about options and stressed selecting a treatment protocol that was as natural as possible. He used one of the latest treatments on me, a topical medicine that was known for having very few to no side effects. It worked great and is truly a relief. I don't have to worry about this during intercourse any longer.
By: Ross S.
Dr. Steven L Morganstern, MD
I I sincerely appreciate Dr. Morganstern and their office staff. There have been many days when I’ve arrived at my physician appointment feeling quite down. Dr. M and his staff always encourage me and lift my mood & spirits. I credit them with saving my life. I recommend them for their compassionate, patience wisdom, and understanding.
By: rose_m.
Dr. Steven L Morganstern, MD
My husband was a patient of Dr. Morganstern before we moved away from the area. He often says he wants to travel back just to visit Dr. Morganstern's clinic. If you live in the area and suffer with ED, BPH, or Prostate Issues you should give them a try.
Tips & Advices
There is no set cost on a urology appointment, and some start at $100 and can go up. Rates vary with each doctor and office and by services rendered. When asking a physician, find out if lab work is included in a quoted cost or is extra.
Prostate cancer is cancer of the male’s prostate gland – the glands associated with reproduction. It is one of the most common cancers in men. If diagnosed early, it is also one of the most treatable.
Some insurance plans require a referral from a primary doctor if you want them to cover the costs. For other insurance plans, it is not necessary to get a referral to see a urologist.
A urologist provides a variety of tests, starting with the testing of blood and urine samples that provide information not available in a physical exam. In men, they test for PSAs (a prostate-specific antigen) in the prostate, blood counts and kidney function. Additional image testing or (sonography) of the kidney, bladder, and prostate might be needed. A cystoscopy is a procedure that allows the doctor to examine and test the lower urinary tract (bladder etc.) for cancer. Organ and prostate biopsies, renal angiograms, and urine flow tests are also common tests readily available.
A urology exam will depend on your specific condition. You can expect the standard paperwork plus a questionnaire that asks about your symptoms. You will very likely be giving a urine sample and  exam is typical. The rest of the exam will depend on whether you are male or female, and what your specific needs are. Rectal (and prostate exam and/or tests for men), blood tests, imaging of organs, and other tests might be needed based on the diagnosis.

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