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By: Tom B.
Atlanta Vision Optical
I've been wearing glasses since I was 20. My vision was never really that bad, but at 36 years old, I became fed up with my glasses. I tried contacts briefly in my 20s, but my eyes just couldn't handle them, so after two weeks of tired eyes, I gave up and went back to glasses. So I decided a couple of weeks ago to splurge on myself and have Lasik performed on my eyes. As with any surgery, I was a little nervous having it performed, but Dr Ashraf was very knowledgeable and experienced and put me right at ease. I did a little research on my own, and presented my questions to him. He was able to give me immediate answers to my questions. The procedure was very quick. He had mentioned that it would be, but I was still surprised at how quickly I was in and out. I am now at 20/20 vision and consider it money very well spent. Thank you, Dr. Ashraf.
By: John T.
Woodhams Eye Clinic
I had both my lenses replaced by Dr. livernois. I had cataracts and was wearing #3 reading glasses. After a year, I started having a cloudy effect in my right eye. It was determined I needed surgery to remove some gel from behind the lens. Dr. Woodhams performed the surgery about 5-6 weeks ago and my sight is better than 20/20 now. I have been totally satisfied with my experience with the Woodhams staff. I truly do not understand the bad reviews here. I went to two other large companies before I decided on Woodhams. They did not impress me and feel like I made a wise decision to go with Woodhams. Good eyesight is important to a 69 year old man......... thanks, j todd
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By: atlantadude
Very efficient, very knowledgeable about their craft. From thE time I made to the appointment to the time I left I felt I was dealing with professionals who understand their field. Along with stylist, susan's help i purchased glasses that SCREAM my personality. There was one patient that was there complaining the were going to america's best because they would get "two pair for $69)... you have to laugh ! No comparison or threat, as far as I am concerned. If you like style, originality and quality-go here. If you have no style, could care less about quality or service, go get abused at the low life chains, as I call the., I recommend this place to all- insurance or not.
By: Milla W.
Cumberland Pointe Eye Care
I've been going to this eye facility for about 5 years and the service and doctors are great. The glasses are a bit on the pricey side. The office is always clean and the doctors are quite knowledgeable. I like Doctor Dau recommends trying natural things to assist with caring for your eyes and she's not so quick to provide medicine. She gives awesome recommendations that has assisted me in taking better care of my eyes.
By: Cveta M.
Colony Square Eye Care
Dr. LeVine is the best optometrist I've ever encountered! He is excellent at what he does, very knowledgeable and thorough with his patients. Not once have I ever felt rushed like I have at other places...I really appreciate the care. The staff at Colony Square Eye Care is phenomenal! They are always extremely helpful and friendly. The service you get is top notch. Highly recommend this practice!
By: Tracy G.
Eye Etc
I've been going to Eye Etc. for about eight years now and kind of hope the secret stays hidden but I also want others to get the same kind of care I do. I've got super bad eye sight and going to the doc makes me nervous (a lot). Dr. Stomboli takes great care of me and my blind self. I fully trust him. Oh, they're great to help with insurance and making sure we make the most of it.
By: Mark E.
Optique Atlanta
If you're looking for unique, high-quality glasses, you owe it to yourself to check out Optique. They've got a great selection of stylish frames, very helpful folks to guide you in the right direction, and I was amazed at how quickly my glasses we're prepared. While they're not cheap, I've been thrilled with the service they provided and my new glasses are amazing.
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By: Michelle M.
Highland Eye Boutique
If anyone needs an awesome eye doctor and even better staff for any of your eye health needs, Highland Eye Boutique is the place to go!! Lee, Dr. Christy, Ed, and Sarah are the amazing! I've been coming here for years, and it extended to my entire family! Dr. Christy even found that my youngest son had prismatic issues that was affecting his reading!!!
By: Henry A.
Georgia Eye Associates
Georgia Eye Associates has provided me high quality vision services for the past 4 years. Dr. Brian Kahn is excellent and the entire staff is professional and friendly. I had some minor problems with a pair of new glasses and the optician worked with the lab to ensure that the problem was properly resolved. The office in Buckhead is very nice.
By: Wren C.
In Focus Eye Center
Dr. Chretien and his staff are impeccable. My entire family goes here and we've never had the hint of a problem. My (then) 4 year old daughter had an excellent examine and glasses fitting. I've personally had a more thorough and educating examine than I other in my 30 years of eye doctor visits.
Tips & Advices
To find a professional that fits your needs and wants, look for an optometrist with the proper licensing and compliance with state-specific legalities as well as these qualities: attentiveness, ability to listen, ethics, compassion, ability to communicate effectively and willingness to spend time with patients.
Vision, like dental, is often an additional voluntary cost for employers who provide health care coverage. As a result, it may not be included in basic company-sponsored insurance. Those who do have access to this type of coverage - or Medicare - often only pay for a portion of their eye exam services.
The cost of an appointment with an optometrist varies based on the services required. While a typical eye exam can range from $50 to $250, depending on location. If if glasses or contact lenses are prescribed, or tests are needed, the overall expense of an optometrist visit can increase.
The American Optometric Association recommended that patients have their first eye exam at six months of age, followed by another at 3 years old, and again at school age. At that point, Regular annual exams are recommended.
Ophthalmologists are eye doctors that have received higher levels of training than both opticians and optometrists, and can also perform eye surgery when necessary. Opticians design and fit eyeglasses, frames, and lenses that are prescribed by optometrists and ophthalmologists. They do not perform vision tests or write prescriptions for visual aids. Optometrists fall between ophthalmologists and opticians. Optometrists can detect and treat eye abnormalities, prescribe lenses, and complete eye exams, but cannot perform eye surgery.

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