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By: Abby B.
Corner Bakery Cafe
I was over this location when I saw the sanitary solution pail with murky water and a discolored cleaning rag. The bucket was placed on the ground near the trash can. The attendant used the "sterile" solution. I was disgusted before due to the filthy tables, smelly and dirty patio. However, witnessing the lack of care and cleanliness is totally unacceptable. I adore most locations, but this bakery is the worst I've seen in the chain. The wait time is unusual, the food is lukewarm and frequently unfresh, and the staff seems unhappy. There's one particular lady who makes me smile. Her warmth and positivity is the single reason I'm giving this place 2 stars.
Jimmy John's
I called Jimmy Johns on Friday afternoon 5/9/2014, and placed an order around 5:20 pm., they're usually very quick with their delivery. I called back around 6:00 pm to check the status of my order, and was told that someone canceled my order around 5:25 pm. The manager tried to give me a song and dance excuse and he couldn't explain how and why that happened. I highly doubt that I'll be calling them for anymore sandwiches. I think they really need more customer service training.
By: Julie B.
Salad Express
Swear the people know me here cause I go all the time. It's a great place to create your own salad or sandwich. Sometimes when you get a salad and they put to much dressing on it that causes the lettuce to get soggy but with creating your own you can tell them how much you want on. My absolute favorite is a chicken Caesar and I add eggs, cranraisins and sesame seeds.
By: Anna L.
Victory Sandwich Bar
Jack-and-coke slushies, mini sandwiches you can (and should) get multiples of, a friendly game of ping-pong: This is a fantastic place for a casual get together or a celebration. The food is tasty, and 2 sandwiches should be plenty to fill you up. Popcorn of the day is also worth ordering. Oh, and this also makes for a good stop on your Beltline walk.
By: Sanika S.
Which Wich
Which Wich has this great sandwich for vegetarians or someone who wants to try something different. It's called the Superfood Wich for $7.75 and it is amazing. It has a vegan black bean patty, avocado, jalapeño hummus, roasted red peppers and quinoa all wrapped in a spinach tortilla. It's something to add to your list of things to try.
By: Erik M.
Neighborhood Eats
Great lunches/breakfast's, enthusiastic and well mannered owner. Whatever your craving for lunch or breakfast he will make from scratch and explain each ingredient till you are watering at the mouth. If more people knew this hidden treasure, his line would be out the door. Recommend anything Thai on the menu.
By: Michaela G.
Panera Bread
Friendly. Alyssa at the cash register was quick, smart and very friendly. However, the three breakfast sandwiches took a solid 10-15 minutes and they were out of all bagels except cinnamon crunch, cinnamon raisin, chocolate chip and blueberry. Would give a higher review but the food preparation is slooooow.
By: Alesha H.
Mr Everything Cafe
If you are looking for good food with a good price and good healthy standards then you should come here. They grill any meat with any vegetable over rice, ruffage, or bread. The sauces are great too. I like any meat with everything with either ranch or creole. It's a must try in atlanta.
By: Julie B.
Woody's Famous Philadelphia Cheesesteaks
I went yesterday after work to meet a friend just to grab a King of Pops but I ended up getting a black & white milkshake instead. The milkshake was delicious and I will be going back to try the food. I love the feel of an older restaurant that hasn't changed its ways.
By: Candice B.
Panera Bread
I love panera and come here often so I pretty much am aware of their quality. This particular panera made my salad sloppy and the broccoli cheddar soup was watery. Thankfully, the company sent me a gift card for the inconvenience

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