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By: pacfolly
Laughing Skull Lounge
Attending their Wednesday night open mic night almost didn't happen for us since parking in the area is a bit cumbersome to find and our cards wouldn't work at the lot across the street but we thankfully finally found a metered street parking spot. You have to go through The Vortex restaurant to get into the comedy club through the same door used to access their shared restrooms in the back left of the restaurant. If you're a student be sure to ask for the student discount since you can get in for $5 instead of $10 and I wouldn't order tickets online since there is a $3 per ticket service fee for the convenience of securing your seat online.Although all the chairs at the front of the intimate red-hued venue were taken when we arrived there is overflow bench seating at the back that is pretty comfortable and still gives you a good view of the stage. The quick but sizable open mic acts were divided into two sets although there was no intermission between the two and the first set was definitely stronger than the last one. There was a really good selection of several comedians here, some skilled, some brand new, and most were pretty funny although all of them were at least somewhat entertaining. Overall I cannot think of very many better ways to entertain yourself for this price during a night out for a unique and largely comedic experience.
By: Emily D.
I went for the first time to Grain with friends and we went roughly at 11:30pm on a Monday night and the place was small, but had plenty of open seats! This was a great bar to catch up with friends and I could also see it being a cute place to get drinks after a date too. I liked the classy and dark ambience to the bar. My friends Morgan and Katie ordered the Midtown Mule ($9). Morgan said this drink was too pungent for her but I personally liked it when I tried a sip. To me, the pineapple cancelled out an overly vodka taste! Katie said really liked it as well because the juices in it made it a little sweeter than a normal Moscow mule.For me, I ordered the Hemingway cocktail ($9). I believe this drink contained rum, lime juice, grapefruit juice, and a couple other of ingredients. It was too bitter for my taste so I found myself adding some lime and water to the cocktail. I would not get this drink again.The bartender was also extremely nice and I enjoyed speaking with him!
By: Sanika S.
Club Ellery's
Clubs have changed since I was 21 ,but hey I've changed since I was 21. It's nice to be able to go out and not only enjoy the music ,but enjoy the people too. That's what you'll get when you come to Ellery's and the only thing you have to worry about is having a good time. This club is for a more mature crowd or for those old souls at heart. The owners Mr. Ellery and his son Shayne make you feel like more than a customer ,but like family. The bartenders take the time to get to know your name and greet you when you come inside. They have great drink specials throughout the night and the food is amazing. Make sure you try the catfish nuggets and the wings. They offer live music on Wednesday, stepping on Thursdays and nothing ,but fun on Friday and Saturday. This just could be your new hangout spot.
By: Dana J.
Cinebistro At Brookhaven
I don’t get the chance to go here often, but when I do I really enjoy myself. CineBistro is great. The food is just alright, the drinks are okay and the experience is even better. There’s lots of space and room for legs to stretch out and the seats are relaxing. I do wish the movie selection was better. They also take a while to order you get ready to start the movie. Occasionally, they are still bringing in food as the movie begins and I’d rather have mine before it starts. Sometimes they just don’t offer the films that I want to see. Additionally, the price point is a bit expensive in comparison to a regular movie visit so this place is only for date night or rare girls night. I’ll go back but will definitely eat before hand and just have a drink.
By: Lauren L.
Red Phone Booth
This place was fantastic! There's something about knowing the phone number and going in through a phone booth that feels so special! We actually came from upstairs; we'd eaten at Amalfi prior. The cocktails were seriously delicious. You can't go wrong with any of them! The service was excellent and everyone who came to our table told me happy birthday. The vibe itself is amazing, with dark wood paneling, a painted ceiling and plush couches. You're able to smoke cigars there, but the filtration system makes the air very breathable. The waiter had fantastic suggestions of what to order. All in all, it was a fantastic night!
By: glendale100
The Porter Beer Bar
It's all true :) This place is fantastic. If you're looking for a _large_ selection of beer, excellently prepared bar food with vegetarian options, hip atmosphere and good service.I went there on a week night, sat at one of the many tables in the back. We got recommendations for beer and orders black bean burger / mussels / cesar salad. I messed up my order and asked for the arugula side salad after the order was already in; it got delivered promptly and didn't show on the bill. Wow. Service was prompt and with a smile. Prices very fair for the quality. We had a great time and will be back.
By: Emily D.
Keep in mind there is a $5 cover to go to the top! I went to Skylounge with some friends on a Friday night. There was a lot of space at this bar so it wasn’t a shoulder to shoulder kind of place which is always nice! There is also both indoor and outdoor seating here. We ordered whiskey sours and I believe they cost $9 each! It was fairly strong but enjoyable nonetheless! in my opinion, this isn’t a bar I would go to frequently and the view is only average; however, if I had people coming in town to visit or explore the city, I would definitely consider bringing them here!
By: Erica S.
Verde Taqueria
I visited Verde a few years ago and wasn't impressed; however, I was completely blown away during my last experience about a week ago. The service was fantastic and accommodating, especially considering our large group and multiple needs. The four dips (queso, salsa, black bean dip and guac) were amazing and possibly some of the best dips in the city. The quesadilla I had was pretty good. And, the margarita was great! I had one margarita and it was strong but not overbearing. The prices were great, and I had a fantastic time. I'm definitely going back.
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By: bleachbunny
Lefont Sandy Springs
It's gotta be tough to run a movie theater in this economy. So I applaud Georgia Lafont for giving this venue a try after so many others have failed in this location. But if anyone remembers George's Garden Hills theater, they'll remember how dirty it was. Well he's Sandy Springs location is not far behind. Please George up your game! Clean the carpet, repaint, and how about putting tablecloth on the tables. I will say it's nice to be able to have wine served but do wish it was not so bloody expensive.
By: Karoneats C.
The Establishment
My first time coming here was just for drinks on a Friday night with girlfriends. The place has a very sexy and sophisticated vibe. I assumed it would just be a drink spot but then a few weeks later I went for dinner and was very happy with the food and service! The outdoor seating is perfect for the Georgia summer evenings. Worth checking out. Parking can be a pain so id recommend ubering. I spent $24 parking in the deck adjacent to the restaurant and I was only there for tops three hours

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