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By: Joyce B.
National Credit Systems, Inc.
I recently had dealings with this company after relocating. I have not applied for a house or apartment in a few years. I had no idea that an old complex lied and charged me with all sorts or damages and cleaning fees. Had no idea. So I try to do the right thing and contact this company. Granted according my record it has been there for 4 years. So I know a bit about collections company's and I know they purchase these "contracts" from business. I KNOW THEY CAN SETTLE. Now I decided to settle and she came up with price. It was saving me about 250.00. Although I don't agree at all with the apt I was willing to pay it just to get it off my credit report. Okay so we come up with a figure she says "oh I'm sure it will be fine just have the money so I don't look like a fool". Of course I have the money expecting to settle the next day. She tries to tell me " we got in contact with the apartment and they refused" Really? So after 4 years of being in collections she expected me to believe the APARTMENT COMPLEX would not settle. I was not born yesterday. Not only that she tried to tell me to go ahead and pay the 960 and it won't come off my report and we can make arrangements for the rest. I'm like "NO not happening. If you guys can't settle and get the majority of money , I'm not doing it. You can continue to wait now. I have a person willing to rent me a place. I explained all this to them. I don't have my belonging because it's packed away in storage. I don't have the time to go look for a piece of paper which is why I was settling. They lost out on the payment for trying to play freaking games.!
By: Ncs N.
National Credit Systems, Inc.
As a representative of NCS, I recognize the below username Chelleycaesar. Ms. Caesar, I believe you were released from NCS for a multitude of reasons and attempted to convince us numerous time to allow you to remain employed with our company. I don't believe you would have wanted to continue your employment so badly if things were as you inaccurately describe at NCS. In fact, our company has one of the lowest turn-over rates in our industry because we treat our employed and others with dignity and respect; however, we wish you the best in your future endeavors.Regarding other comments about our company, keep in mind, disagreeing with a charge assessed our client, not being offered a reduced settlement to your liking, or not being happy with the policies of the credit bureaus, are not legitimate complaints about our company.NCS is reputable firm that has been in business for over 23 years. We go to great lengths to insure that we operate in a legal, professional, and ethical manner. If you feel that your interactions with our staff have not been up to these standards, we encourage you to submit your specific concern to our company for review. Our calls are recorded, so we can review as appropriate if you provide the date, time and agent name with whom you spoke.
By: Chelleycaesar ..
National Credit Systems, Inc.
As a psst employee of this company. I must say this is the worst company to work for. The pay is ridiculous and on top of that it's as though you are a slave working in a plantation. The company makes so much money and employees are faced to use filthy restrooms. Break room trash empty once a week. The sad but try part is unless you're willing to sleep with a member of management you have no chance of earning any monthly bonus. As if the pay is not an insult get caught trying to eat a piece of candy and that's an automatic $1000.00 fine. The managers and supervisors are so incompetent. No type of professionalism and you're trained to talk to debtors like animals. I would not recommend even a dog to this place!!!!!
By: miss.wells
Solvent Financial
My best friend recommended I give them a call. I had some serious spending problems, and I wasn’t saving or managing my money responsibly. The agent did a financial analysis just to get an understanding of my finances so that he could advise me on what adjustments I needed to make to have a comfortable cushion should I lose my job or anything happens that prevents me from working. I am totally satisfied that I have it all organized and put into perspective.
By: princesteven
Solvent Financial
My friends are always nervous around the end of year because they always have to pay back taxes to the irs. Solvent Financial always ensure that I'm ready for tax season and I haven't been disappointed yet. I have been a customer for three years. I always try to talk my friends into switching over with them but they want to keep using those fly by night companies and never get any satisfaction. Good comapny overall.
By: marvas
Solvent Financial
I contacted Solvent Financial to perform an internal audit of my company books because I suspected my accountant of stealing but I wasn't sure, so I wanted to have some proof before making any accusations. After the audit was completed they did determine she was stealing, and it added up to about $40,000 They provided me with everything needed to terminate her.
By: janicebea
Solvent Financial
Good Ole Fashion ServiceWhen I first contacted this company I was really impressed. The agent seemed so knowledgeable at whatever question I asked her. I did not feel pressured into signing up for any of the services she mentioned to me at all. I did end up signing up for a service but only after I thought about it for a few days. Good company.
By: Jason L.
Solvent Financial
800 Credit Score!!! After spending hundreds of dollars on credit repair I decided to give it one last try. I had a repo, several collection accounts, and a bankruptcy. All negative accounts were removed from my credit reports in less than a year. I was finally able to build my dream house. Great company with awesome employees.
By: raenelle
Solvent Financial
I LOVE Solvent Financial. I'm a BIG shopper and I like high price items. I spend money without any consideration, and I know that's horrible in this economy. Now that Solvent has been advising me on my financials I'm doing much better. My advisor helped me make a budget I now feel like I have more control over my money.
By: barryh.
Solvent Financial
Thank You Solvent Financial!!! This company help me get my credit back on track. After unsuccessful attempts by other companies, I was a little skeptical but they delivered as promise. I brought a new home financed at 4.75% before contacting them the bank offered me an interest rate of 7.25% I really saved some money.

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