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By: Dana J.
Cinebistro At Brookhaven
I don’t get the chance to go here often, but when I do I really enjoy myself. CineBistro is great. The food is just alright, the drinks are okay and the experience is even better. There’s lots of space and room for legs to stretch out and the seats are relaxing. I do wish the movie selection was better. They also take a while to order you get ready to start the movie. Occasionally, they are still bringing in food as the movie begins and I’d rather have mine before it starts. Sometimes they just don’t offer the films that I want to see. Additionally, the price point is a bit expensive in comparison to a regular movie visit so this place is only for date night or rare girls night. I’ll go back but will definitely eat before hand and just have a drink.
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By: bleachbunny
Lefont Sandy Springs
It's gotta be tough to run a movie theater in this economy. So I applaud Georgia Lafont for giving this venue a try after so many others have failed in this location. But if anyone remembers George's Garden Hills theater, they'll remember how dirty it was. Well he's Sandy Springs location is not far behind. Please George up your game! Clean the carpet, repaint, and how about putting tablecloth on the tables. I will say it's nice to be able to have wine served but do wish it was not so bloody expensive.
By: Mary jean J.
Carmike Cinemas - Movies ATL 14
I know theaters suffer losses when people are illegally allowed in movie theater, but if a fire breaks out in this theater, you could die. I watched the manager for the day LOCK the emergency door in our theater.. he even checked to make certain it wouldnt open.. the theater is actually ok.. I just hope there is no problem with the wiring.. cause the likelyhood of you getting out before smoke consumes you is nil
By: Cassandra M.
Regal Atlantic Station 18 IMAX & RPX
You can't ask for a better place to catch a movie. Actually you could but they seemed to have thought of it already and now offers a VIP movie experience. Adults only with food and alcohol service. I can't wait to go back and take advantage of that. Overall the theater is clean, the staff friendly & nice and they will validate your parking ticket for you. It's a win win situation going to the movies here.
By: atlien27
AMC Theaters
Yeah, this theater has waiters and serves popcorn in bowls and hamburgers and fries and all that good stuff. But the real reason to go here is the seating. Instead of small, cramped theater seats with tall people in front of you blocking your view, you get comfy lounge chairs. These seats swivel and move and are much more comfortable than normal seating.
By: tjpino
Cinebistro At Brookhaven
Service and good are good. Great dining experience in front of the big screen...but to order, you have to be there 30 min before the movie starts. Only negative, is that is a little pricey but the dinner + movie combo saves you time and babysitter money!
By: Candice B.
Regal Atlantic Station 18 IMAX & RPX
I love the VIP experience area. The seats are comfortable and along with having a bar it makes for an enjoyable movie experience. The only downside is the food and beverage service takes a long time and they're a bit pricey but it's too be expected
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By: Michelle M.
AMC Theaters
This is our preferred theater! They have reserved seating and huge leather recliners!! If you buy your tickets for the first showing on Saturday or Sunday, the tickets are only $7 each!!!!
By: Chadd J.
Regal Atlantic Station 18 IMAX & RPX
Awesome theater with stadium seating throughout, including RPX, IMAX and an excellent VIP (adults) where you can reserve your seat in huge recliners and order food and an adult beverage!
By: freebaby27
Carmike Cinemas - Movies ATL 14
I was impressed with this location...it was very clean, security was present yet not prominent, the amenities were up to date and the staff was courteous & professional.

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