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232 Forsyth St SW, Atlanta, GA 30303


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: (404) 584-1731

Baggage: (404) 584-1738

Greyhound Package Express: (404) 589-2583

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    Jeremy P.

    Our family was visiting us in Atlanta, and were headed back to Rochester, NY today. We arrived an hour early for the first bus at 11:50am in Gainesville. The pickup location was a rundown gas station, with no direction on what to do, but luckily other travelers ended up all helping each other on what to do. Then the bus arrives 35min late, and even the gas station attendant tells us this bus is always late and normal. At his point, we're worried we'll miss out connecting bus from Atlanta to

    We end up arriving at the Atlanta Greyhound Station late, and run off the bus to customer service to ask where to go, what to do. They tell us to go to line D. We were 2nd in line when the his finally starts to board. Then, the security person looks at our luggage and mutters under his breath, "there's nothing I can do with these, there's no tags".

    Security guy yells to go to customer service for tags. We go back and wait in line for another 20 mins for tags. Meanwhile, people at the desk are disrespecting people left and right. One attendant told an elderly couple they were going to teach them the ABC's so they knew what line to get into!

    Get tags on luggage finally, to get back to the bus that is starting to drive away. Run along side the bus yelling for them to stop, bus driver looks at me, looks away, and then keeps driving.

    People at customer service desk in Atlanta reschedule trip for 1:15am Saturday. We see the majority of other greyhound travelers missing their busses as well, having to stay there for days for new routes, and the employees seemed to almost enjoy the chaos they were causing.

    I end up calling customer service, get transferred to the compliant line to describe the events a second time, and am then told by your rep Villalone, to call back 24hrs after arrival in Rochester. He also mentioned there have been several other complaints regarding this route along with mine!

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    Danielle M.
    Edited: 05/13/2017

    They hate their customers and their jobs. The only helpful person was Mr. Washington and the stub lady with locks as the security guard. The rest of them need to find another job because dealing with people and chaos is. It their strong point. I felt as if I was bothering them and they were the ones with the system down. Negative stars however thanks to the security guards that was working may 10th at 4:00 am in the morning and Mr. Washington. Save yourselves some trouble tide Amtrak or get over your fear of flying. I rather get punch by an employee on United airlines than ever ride greyhound again.

  • Tamareya O.

    They don't care about their customers and their things,they are very unorganized customers service play around instead of getting their customers were they need to go and helping them,and the people in baggage claim need drug testing the way they are losing customers bags

  • Two words BLATANT THEFT. I was...
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    Steven G.

    Two words BLATANT THEFT. I was told by customer service that there would be a place to park my car for the weekend, but the only parking available was rittled with homeless people(one even came up to my car and tried to run a scam on me as soon as I parked). A cop at the stations even warned me against parking my car there for an extended period of time! Tried to get a refund but I was not given one because, and I quote from a supervisor "I forfeited my right just because I did not feel safe parking there." (I did not realize my safety was not your concern!) What kind of customer service is that?! Will never use this service and will tell everyone I know not to either.

  • Terrible terrible terrible customer service

    Greyhound: Terrible company

    Here was my situation, I paid $171.63 round trip for Daytona to Atlanta and back

    I traveled from Daytona Beach to Atlanta on 7/18/13. I stayed in Atlanta for 4 days... but during those 4 days I lost my round trip ticket to go back to Daytona Beach on 7/22/13.

    When I approached customer service and told them my situation they pulled up my information on their computer , checked my ID to verify that it was my ticket information on the cpu, acknowledged that I was the one who paid for the ticket, and after all that stated that I still had to purchase a whole new ticket. they would not do anything for me, they weren't willing to work with me, that was their final answer and they decided they were going to do nothing for me. My message to greyhound and to prospective customers is that accidents do happen, and I feel like customers who bend over backwards to pay money for a businesses service, should in return receive bend over backwards customer service.

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    147 rings then it went to busy signal. Called back for another 45. Gave up and called Cincinnati OH. They answered in 7 rings put me on hold politely for about 2 minutes, came back and answered all of my questions. SHAME on Atlanta.

  • Lousey got to ask 1 question a...
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    Amy J.

    Lousey got to ask 1 question and then got hung up on then tryed to call back no answer. They must not was buisness so if you want to travel by bus i'd use the internet. I would not recomed to anybody i know.

  • I have tried for 3 days to cal...

    I have tried for 3 days to call to ask a question about the Atlanta Station. No one answers the phone???? What kind of business is this?

  • I Tried to call Greyhound to f...

    I Tried to call Greyhound to findout information both in Atlanta and in Indiana and wouldn't you know it I got no answer at any of the numbers they listed. How do you expect to have a succesful business if you are not answering the phone for your customers?

  • Wasted Space for A Business

    I attempted to call Atlanta station to check on the arrival time of a greyhound bus. I wasn't surpised that no one answered the phone at 10:52 am. What type of business are you running Greyhound??????

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