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By: Iris L.
Location: Right off of the street and in the same plaza as Yogli Mogli. Parking is a bit tight and they do not offer much parking space, so I recommend finding a spot on the side of the street and then walking. Atmosphere: My friend and I sat on the patio, which was nice and offered views onto the street. It also has a warm and rustic vibe. When you first walk into the restaurant I was greeted by a very friendly host who asked if we wanted to either sit inside or outside. He then led us to our table which was very clean and simple. The inside of the restaurant features a wall of wine options that you can choose from and also features desserts that I think you can pick up for togo. Murphy’s has a very casual laid back atmosphere that transports you to a Cali winery. Food/Beverages: We ordered the mimosas which were good because how can you really butcher a mimosa (juice & champagne)? I ordered the quinoa squash with the artichokes as an appetizer and a side of their mac and cheese. My lovely friend ordered their special, which was grilled scallops over angel hair pasta and tossed in a pesto sauce. The artichokes were very good because they were grilled and served with a delicious lemon aioli of some sort. I LOVE artichokes and boy, they did this artichoke justice. The quinoa squash was also delicious and perfectly seasoned. Many places usually offer bland vegetable entrees, but Murphy’s seasoned this entree to perfection. It was surprisingly good. The thing that stole my heart was actually the mac and cheese. I love mac and cheese and this was some good ole mac and cheese. I think they used some sort of white cheddar and truffle oil, which complemented the cheese very nicely. I also loved the fact that they used a thicker type of pasta in order to catch every drop of their delicious cheese sauce. If you do not thick that the shape of the pasta affects how a dish tastes, then you my friend need to try their mac and cheese. It was goooooood. My friend’s scallop pesto pasta was also very flavorful, light and filling. The pesto sauce was divine and she raved about the perfection that the scallops were cooked to.Service: Our server was very attentive to us and made sure that we had everything we needed. Overall: Murphy’s is a great place for a unique spin on traditional american food. Everything was seasoned to my liking and I will definitely be back to try some of their other offerings. Parking is a bit of a pain, but a bit of walking is not all that bad. I am surprised that I haven’t heard about this gem in Virginia Highland’s until now.
By: felicia m.
Two Urban Licks
This place was the ultimate experience for out of state visitors. My friends and I are all about the true dining experience. We love chic eateries with amazing decor that put such a big smile on your face when you walk in. I love to feel like I'm in a movie when I am out dining and this place did just that. When you pull up to the establishment you are a little confused because it looks like you just pulled up to a garage shipping dock. Parking wasn't anywhere insight so we paid for valet. Shortly there after we walked into an amazing restaurant that is mouth dropping. It has a very urban New York sophisticated upscale hipster appeal. The bar tender was very well versed in her knowledge of cocktails so we took her suggestions for drinks. The restaurant is very large in size. We decided to sit outside on their amazing patio surrounded by trendy lofts and a beautiful landscape of rich greenery. Their outside dining was absolutely one of the best experiences I have had. The weather was even great in November of 2014. The drinks are a bit pricey as it is upscale dining, but I experience is well worth. We only stayed for drinks as we were just looking for place to kick back and have a few cocktails. I totally recommend this place as a date night restaurant or a girls in the city night out with your with your closest friends. I will definitely visit this place the next time that I am in Atlanta. The service was a plus. This place is definitely an attraction for Atlanta visitors.
By: Jennifer C.
Flip Burger Boutique
My girlfriend and I came here for lunch. We started off with the layered fried green tomtoes was accompanied by soft goat cheese, minced tomatoes, and topped with a sticky balsalmic glaze. I ordered the sweet potatoe tots and the burger of the month, breaded bison buffalo burger with buffalo sauce and blue cheese crumbles. Unaware that it was breaded, and not really thrilled with the breaded burger, I asked to send it back. Our server pleasantly had it replaced with the same dressed burger (w/o breading), which had the perfect amount of sauce and cheese. My girlfriend ordered the the turkey burger and crisp fries. The restaurant was fairly busy, but our food took a very long time to get to our tables (almost an hour). My sweet potatoe tots also seemed like they had been sitting out of the heat for a while, which made them somewhat soggy. Our server was extremely nice and the assisted general manager visited our table and later took my burger off my check, which I was not expecting. The restaurant is kid friendly, has a well stocked bar, can sit a large a small group and does offer WiFi. They offer gluten free, vegetarian, entrees, sandwiches, starters, salads, soups, and specially crafted milkshakes. menu items. Their burgers consist of bison, angus beef, ground chuck, chicken, fish, turkey, and vegetables.
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By: Yolanda M.
Boogalou Restaurant & Lounge
����Where do I start? If you are celebrating an event this is not your spot. I made reservations for 6 and received an email saying my reservations were received. I arrive at the restaurant only to wait 15 minutes for the Hostess who was having a intense conversation with another group who were unhappy and then left. I was told there was no record of my reservation and that I was supposed to receive a text confirmation. How was I supposed to know that? After some discussion, the Hostess seated us and told us we would have to give up our table in one hour and 45 minutes to stand because there was no other available seating. Our waitress came with menus and took one drink order only to come back 20 minutes later w/o the one drink. After one person in my party let the waitress know how she felt the waitress bought us a round of drinks. All through the night we saw the Hostess having unpleasant conversations with other groups who appeared dissatisfied. On the up side the food and the DJ were good. WHO MANAGES THIS SPOT?
By: Jennifer C.
American Cut
I started my evening on the rooftop fully stocked bar overlooking the cosmopolitan view of the Buckhead shops and city. After quenching our thirst over happy hour. We headed down to the 2nd floor where we had reservations for dinner. We feasted entreees of various steaks, tuna tartar, family style sides of savory garlic green beans, perfectly seasoned brussel sprouts, icey cold oysters, pan fried golden potatoe cakes, gooey mac-n-cheese, and homemade biscuits (that reminded me of the red lobster bisquits). The divine wine full bodied wine was the perfect touch to our meal. The service was top notch despite the fully reserved restaurant. In receiving our check we were quite surprised that we had been charged extra for butter for our$30-50 steaks. I was not able lo finish my steak tuna tartar. After the third request the server finally up my food, but forgot to close the bottom of the tartar, which has seeped into the steak box and through the paper bag, which I then had to toss the unsalvageable food.
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By: Loren B.
Have you ever been to a Brazilian steakhouse or a Chinese dim sum? Imagine both but with refined Southern food and if you haven't gone to either.....you're in for a treat.This was a very unique dining experience. I was NOT expecting cafeteria style seating with my date sitting on the opposite side of me and other patrons so close to me but I LOVED IT. I was so curious to see what others ordered and ask if we should order it as well.Gunshow serves amazing small dishes and the actually chef comes out and presents each course to you. The drinks are made table side. I did feel bad declining some dishes since it looks so yummy but after dish number 5 - I was stuffed. This by far is one of my favorite restaurants in Atlanta due to its creativity, amazing food, and ambiance. The menu is constantly changing with revolving chefs. I wouldn't recommend it for a first date, since it's quite loud and busy, but definitely worth it with friends, family, or if you're in a relationship. We parked on the street. :)
By: Milla W.
BLT Steak Atlanta
I recently visited BLT for brunch and it was not the best experience. Our server was not in the best mood and seemed to be quite annoyed. The restaurant was pretty much empty as there was only 1 other table and they were already done with their meal. Although the restaurant was empty we waited 30 mins before our food arrived. Unfortunately my food was not hot at all. The BLT popover was served with home fries and what was supposed to be field greens but instead it was iceberg lettuce which was brown. I asked the server prior to ordering if the dish came with home fries and he said no which was the reason I ordered the hand cut fries which were $9 by the way. Once he brought the food to the table he said "oh yea your popover came with home fries...your welcome". I was stunned to say the least. I mentioned to him that he seems to have an attitude and he proceeded to say "that is just his personality". Considering the extravagant prices for brunch I expected service and food to be better.
By: Candyce V.
So I have to give myself props for choosing STK's 3rd anniversary party as the night of my first visit to the restaurant. I got to have an even better experience because it was party time!It was a bit louder than I'm sure it usually is. But it didn't take away from much overall. The DJ was really good. As for the food....OMG it was awesome! The bread that was brought out before our meals was tasty. I ordered the Skirt Steak with Crab Oscar (loved it) along with the Broccolini (so so good). Now, every time I see broccolini on a menu somewhere, I have to try it to see if it tastes the same. We also had Raspberry Mama shots and I had a Strawberry Cobbler (my drink was missing the graham cracker crusted rim for some reason, though).And because it was STK's anniversary, we received a free small bottle of Veuve Clicquot with souvenir glasses. Cheers!I'll be back for sure--whether it's to celebrate each anniversary, or I just want to enjoy an excellent meal and celebrate life.
By: allen.keele
The obvious comparison is to the Twist near door. Limited menu is appetizers, salads and small plates. Maybe 15 wines. 1 Cab that I remember.Tried the pork terrine. Vacuum of taste, even with chutney sauces. Literally sucked the expected flavor from my imagination. Tried the pork samosas on waiter's recommendation. Same tasteless shredded boiled pork, but deep fried in filo dough in greasy limp turnovers. Wish he would have advised me I was ordering the same meat twice in a row. Tried the beet salad since its hard to screw up this dish. Got a dome of diced beets with fruits and goat cheese. Get a real beet salad at Barcelona's in Virginia Highlands.The atmosphere was nice; the service on par for a buckhead joint. Loud music outside from cheap speakers like nails on a chalkboard - at 4:00PM. Need to get better sound system, or make the music background to conversation.Yebo needs to step up to the plate and deliver, or die next to Twist like the last place there.
By: Abby B.
Empire State South
The design and location are more interesting than the menu. Frankly, the brunch menu is too snooty for me, and it includes minor Southern delicacies. I started with the pimento cheese; it's savory, and the topped bacon is well incorporated, but it's slightly too smokey. My meal was the griddled biscuit in which was disappointing. The sausage in the biscuit was very spam-like. It had the same look and consistency as cooked spam. The bacon was a hard, thick slice of what tasted like cooking oil. The biscuit was somewhat dry but had a good texture. The good in this conjunction was the fig and cheese had a lot of flavors! The potatoes were well done as well which I prefer. I did not enjoy my cocktail; there was too much grapefruit in my Venetian Spritzer, so it was very sour and unpleasant. The silver lining is the staff is helpful, and the outdoor patio is beautiful! I'd return if a regular menu item is added. I hope waffles is in the near future.

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