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By: pacfolly
Georgia State University
I'm graduating from here tomorrow, I think. At GSU grades are due after graduation and my professor for the class I'm worried about won't get back to me so I've worked six long and hard years to walk and I'm not even sure I'm actually going to graduate when I do which is a complete travesty. I've given up the past six years of my life to get my degree and won't even be able to celebrate during a ceremony I paid $50 for along with an $80 cap and down, not to mention the thousands that I am now in debt. I just feel broken at this point and like the very extensive amount of time and money I spent at GSU is ending with a harsh slap in the face and a powerful kick to the bleak hobo-ridden curb. My degree is in Film and Video and while some classes were beneficial, many of them, as I assume is the case at any college, are mind-numbing. You memorize stuff, spit it out on a Scantron or superficial essay, then forget it. Now you're educated, or rather, you're learning to more willingly jump through hoops for your masters and follow orders regurgitating and writing things that make you completely miserable in the process. Sure, there are good professors here that have very in-depth lectures on course subject matter, but there are also a few whose lessons and assignments do virtually nothing to truly expand your understanding of what they're supposedly teaching their students. A couple of my film classes, for instance, consisted of making short films and having them ripped apart by the class. Sure, making them was good practice and I received some good feedback on my work, but couldn't I have done that outside the setting of this institution? I'm also an English minor and your average writing class is the same empty void: read assigned and student works and subjectively hyper-analyze and critique them. Can you not practice writing outside of the sterile brick and concrete confines of Georgia State? I guess not. Don't get me wrong, I've intermittently enjoyed my time incubating and postponing employment here and did like some aspects of GSU. They have cool speakers from time to time (you pay for them in fees), decent events (more fees), a somewhat nice gym (fees), and other amenities that you can expect to receive at today's colleges but overall do I feel intelligent and optimistic after graduating? No, instead I feel mangled, old, weak, and straddled by a mountain of debt as I near my completion on the GSU assembly line. Maybe since I'm so educated now I forgot what it was like to not be, or maybe I've just been slowly having my mind molded by the powerful force that is the college institution. One last note if you're still forcing yourself to take them. I lived on campus freshman year and I would not recommend living in an overpriced dorm since you will be at risk of sharing a room with a complete sociopath. You've been warned.
By: Mtngirl S.
Center For Puppetry Arts Ticket Office
The Center for Puppetry Arts is hands-down one of my favorite places in all of Atlanta. The shows, particularly the ones produced by Jon Ludwig, are exceptional—always top caliber-like something you’d see on Broadway. The Center’s motto is to bring to life the magic of puppetry and they really do that. You can tell the puppeteers have tremendous passion for their craft and it shows in their high quality performances. They also explain the magic at the end of every show. It’s unbelievable how complicated so many of the puppets and sets are. My kids love learning how each of the puppets work. Tickets also include the Create-A-Puppet Workshops where you can make your own puppet inspired by the performance. And don’t forget the Muppet museum (part of the Worlds of Puppetry Museum-also included in your ticket) featuring beloved Muppets donated by the Jim Henson Foundation. See Big Bird, Sesame Street characters, Muppets and Fragels all in one place. It’s a treat for the whole family.
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By: Lauren P.
Children's Museum of Atlanta
We had an awesome time at the newly-renovated Children's Museum of Atlanta.There's a huge multi-story playground in the middle of the museum, with additional playhouses scattered about different exhibits. Interactive demonstrations include science experiments, arts and crafts, a painting station, and actors doing skits. Thanks to Waffle House, there's a fake diner and play food. Publix provided a "grocery store" complete with a delivery truck/playhouse. From a play perspective, there are plenty of blocks, toys, a "fishing hole", sand tables, train sets, costumes, and dozens of ways for the kids to have fun. If you have friends with kids ages 10 and under, they're going to love this place. From a logistics perspective, there's a pay parking lot just a block down from the museum on the left. You can also bring in your own food and drinks because the second story of the museum has an area with picnic tables so kids can snack then go back to playing.
By: September H.
I could not be more pleased with a school, and we have tried a few. My children (ages 3 and 5) often do not want to leave because they are having so much fun. This is the first school where my daughter has been academically challenged, and always in a positive, supportive way. As a non-profit, OMNI is an amazing value. The head-of-school and her husband have worked tirelessly and sacrificed to offer this educational opportunity as a ministry to our community. As an MIT graduate, I am picky about the quality of my children's education, and as a Christian, I am wary about where and with whom my children spend the majority of their time. However, I can attest that OMNI is truly a place where children can reach their God-given potential, and I pray that many more families will be blessed by what it has to offer.
By: Cassandra M.
Georgia State University
A state school located in downtown Atlanta. Ideal for the aspiring student with access to an abundance of opportunities at various fortune 500 companies and beyond. With acquisition of Georgia Perimeter college it has enlarged it campus and it offerings. You are bound to find a pathway just for you and your future. There are multiple student organizations and plenty of help to get you through your schooling. You have the option of campus living or commuting, including the use of the local public transportation system, MARTA. You can create the experience you want on this campus.
By: Mtngirl S.
High Museum of Art
Every Sunday, from 1-4pm, the Woodruff Arts Center offers free family programming as part of their CREATE series with the Woodruff Arts Center. Now is a great time to go because many of the activities are centered around the art work of children’s author, Eric Carle, in celebration of the Eric Carle exhibit. The family activities are a lot of fun and really creative. At a recent event, my daughter’s made light-up fireflies, caterpillar headbands, and flowerpots-all in the theme of Eric Carle characters. It’s a great way to bring the exhibits to life for kids.
By: Emily D.
Paul Mitchell The School Atlanta
I got a caramel ombre done- I’m super in love with it. Holland, a phase II student, was my stylist and she was so talented and did a great job changing my hair! I got an ombre, cut, and color balance all done and my hair still feels healthy and looks shiny! All this typically cost over $120 in midtown but it was only $60 for me here because I had a groupon so be sure to be on the lookout for more deals! I definitely recommend going to the Paul Mitchell school if you’re looking for an affordable cut and color! the teachers check all of the student's work too!
By: k9conan23
My daughter is a 2nd grader at OMNI and is in her 2nd year at the school. I am extremely pleased with the school, the teacher to student ratio, curriculum, extra curricular activities, and teachers. The curriculum is challenging, but the staff provides all the support and encouragement for her to succeed. I am AMAZED at how well she can read and sing songs in Japanese. I am so impressed that we are planning to use her as our official interpreter when we attend the 2020 Summer Olympics in Japan.
By: Henry A.
Emory University Hospital
We have used the Emory Hospital emergency facilities when we have experienced serious medical situations. The in-take staff is a well oiled machine that helps you get to the medical team very quickly. The nursing staff is excellent and the doctors are outstanding. The facilities are the best with all the latest medical equipment for testing and the patient rooms are clean and pleasant. When you are having an extreme medical emergency, you want the best medical staff and facilities.
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By: Serena H.
World of Coca-Cola
Starting from the entrance, you get excited. There is so much memorabilia that it takes you back to when you were much smaller and you 1st heard the sound of a coca cola opening. Ahhh. The best part is the 4d movie that has not changed in the past couple of years, but always want to see it more than once. You can sample yourself sick with all of the various countries types of Coca Cola products. A+ rating.

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