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By: Lauren P.
5Church Atlanta
5Church is awesome, y'all! I recently visited for dinner on a Thursday night. We started off with a round of cocktails. The Viper is true to its name. I loved the blend of tequila, cucumber, and cayenne pepper. For a starter, we noshed on the tuna tartare and pastrami-cured hamachi (think sushi-grade fish thinly sliced and topped with a radish garnish). Both were delicious. We then had the charred octopus, which was perfect. For entrees, we shared a few of the main courses including the filet with mashed potatoes (classic) and a vegetarian special: mushroom sausage. I'd never had anything like that before which wasn't tofu and I was pleasantly surprised. With our meal, our server helped us pick out a lovely bottle of pinot noir. Service was great. The whole staff at 5Church Atlanta aims to please. Also, 5Church just started lunch service, so I'll have to get back down there to see what's on the menu. I highly recommend this place - it's as good as it gets in Midtown ATL.
By: Mark R.
Fork In The Road
I was so impassioned by the horrible review that I had to respond. No restaurant experience is ever perfect except for at a Michelin 3 Star restaurant, and I believe at this time that there are no Georgia restaurants that have achieved that high level of service and culinary artistry. Fork in the Road exists in a price range for the rest of us. I live for a tasty lunch option that is fairly priced. I would highly recommend trying Fork in the Road because the following:1. The menu selection is diverse2. The wait staff can be a little slow at times, but they are always very friendly. 3. The food is always tasty and hot. 4. The portions are a great value for the money.In summary, mistakes happen. I have little respect for anyone who cannot accept the occasional mess-up that accompanies an apology. All I can say is that the previously posted unfair review has only inspired me and several of my co-workers to patronage this establishment even more.
By: Candyce V.
Craft Izakaya
Loved the ambiance as soon as I walked in. I wasn't expecting the dark wood, candles, and cool vibe of the restaurant.Bailey was our server for the evening, and she was awesome. She went over the extensive menu and offered suggestions on what to try out. I appreciated the fact that she was really engaging throughout the entire meal.The music...was so not expecting the music that was played. Outkast, Ludacris, Biggie--I heard songs I haven't heard in the longest time. So dope!Okay, the food. I had the Salmon Belly, which was great and tasted very fresh. I also ordered the Scallop and Avocado roll. I just wish there were more than 6 pieces. But it also worked out because the menu's more tapas-style, so you need to save room for more food. I asked for the Miso Sake Kama (honey miso marinated salmon collar), but they ran out as I waited for it. So I tried the fried squid legs--not bad.This spot is definitely being added to my usual rotation.
By: peaches100
Rice King Jr
Dear Spirit of God, Inspite of mankind reviews of Rice King you know the behind the scene of what Mrs. Crystal and her husband Lee do daily. Lord God, Bless Rice King as a whole. Bless Mrs. Crystal 2 boys Jerry and Roger. Rebuke any and everything that disrespect this family our their place of business. Lord God, Mrs. Crystal have helped so many people including my family down through the years. Remeber her for the very good and raise her up to know you. Prosper this Restaurant in a way that the world will know that God have put such honor on them for their kind deeds. This restaurant have fed the homeless many times and they have fed familes at Emory Hospital and Grady Hospital. My God, Show Mrs. Crystal that you are with her, Lee and their 2 boys. Make it plain that you care and give back to them. Peace and AmenFrom: Peaches and Family
By: Jennifer C.
5Church Atlanta
Came here for a COT Thursday networking event. The ambiance is really awesome and the decor is very swanky with a modern retro twist. The catered freshly chef prepared food was a little too artistic for the crowd I was with though. Many people at the event had a hard time trying some of the exotic chef inspired dishes, which I thought were very unique and tasty. The polite and attentaive servers and bartenders constantly cleared empty dishes/glasses and inquired to replenish patrons with new drinks. The downstairs is not adequately sound isolated causing the room to get very loud from the echos of people talking. The outside bar/lounge area supplies the perfect view of Midtown. I am definitely looking forward to trying the food and cocktails at the actual upstairs restaurant.
By: Candyce V.
Ah-Ma's Taiwanese Kitchen
The space is small, but really cute. I quickly scanned the menu and ordered the Cup Sticky Rice along with the Dirty Bird and Shrimp Baos. The Dirty Bird Bao was served first. Party in my mouth! The bun melted in my mouth. The chicken was seasoned well. The pickled daikon and carrots went perfectly with the chicken. The Shrimp Bao made for a party after the Dirty Bird Bao party. And then the Cup Sticky Rice was the after after party...very flavorful.I brought a few of the baos home for The Hubs to try, but he wasn't a fan. Fortunately, that means this will be one of the few leftovers I can bring home without having to worry about him eating them behind my back.
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By: Kristen H.
5Church Atlanta
I had really high hopes for 5Church. Cool location, awesome decor and an interesting menu. After having been twice, now, though, I can't say I'll be going back.The food is average - good, but the portions are so small for what you're paying for. I'm not trying to spend a fortune on an appetizer and salad. They also still have a few things to work out in the kitchen - they brought us a vegan dish with bacon on it, for instance. I'm hoping they can expand the lunch menu to be comparable to their other locations - the one now is super limiting. Hopefully they are still working out kinks and will be able to show us a better experience next time.
By: Sanika S.
This place is where Korean and Mexican food meet. It is a most try if you're ever on this side of town. I can truly say that I had the best Shrimp taco that I have ever had in my life here. It was amazing and is now my go to dish. The bibim-bop is another one of my favorites. When entering the restaurant you walk up to the counter and place your order then you can have a seat outside or inside. Once your food is ready someone will bring it out to you. The margarita was nice and strong which is a plus for me. I enjoy sitting outside with my tacos and margaritas after a long day at work. This also a great spot to meet up and watch the game.
By: Anna L.
Great alternative to fast food, in the heart of Buckhead! It's like a Mediterranean Chipotle, but healthier. The concept is very simple yet genius: Pick your base (leafy greens/grains/sandwich bread), choose your protein (chicken/shrimp/portobello), and pile on your favorite toppings. It's a great way to sneak veggies and flavor into your meal, without going over your calorie count for the day (if you're counting those). This place is open for lunch and dinner, and each meal comes with the tastiest sweet potato chips: They're thin and savory and delicious! More details here: http://bit.ly/1twyZm4
By: Sanika S.
Fresh 2 Order Buckhead
This is always my go to spot after a good workout. The food here is always fresh and is always delicious. I try not to order the same thing when I go , but the almond chicken skewers are amazing! This is a dish packed with protein.They have great salads with ten different proteins choices to add on. The panini sandwich are also a great choice. You can't really go wrong here. The staff is friendly and efficient That's one of the things that I love about this place is that I'm in and out. You do have to park in a garage so, don't forget to get your ticket so, that the cost is taken care of.

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