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By: Jazmin G.
Prestige Healthcare Atlanta
By far the worst OB-GYN Ever. I know people usually write reviews when they are upset but the lack of professionalism in this office is ridiculous. I came in today for my second apportionment and it's like they had no clue what I was in for. They start asking me questions and doing the produces they were doing the first time. I had to ask if I was getting a ultrasound which was why they scheduled my appointment in the first place!!!! They said they hadn't even scheduled it and I had to go across the street. Then they just left. I had to walk out and ask if they were even going to tell me my test results from 2 weeks ago. She was like "oh hey, we can do that today", That was why I came in and payed a co-pay for. Then after I get my results, my doctor ( which I later than found out I hadn't even seen a doctor the first two times, it was a physician assistant) explain she prescribed me a subscription on July 11th for a serious pain I have been having. So today is the 18th and I never received a phone call or anything regarding the medication. I could have taken that two weeks ago and cleared up a few things. The rude nurse proceeds to tell me I know we for sure called you and then says "oh well we were closed for flood". so you didn't bother to make a note and call me the next day?? I mean that's what a normal office would do. It's like they didn't care. I was soo upset because they didn't even bother to care for my health especially since I was in a lot of pain. Please do not bother to go here, long waits, very expensive and they are just there. They didn't even bother to tell me that I didn't even see a doctor. Then when I argued anything, they were looking at me like I was crazy and proceed to give me an attitude. I cancelled my further appointment's and will find a new doctor. They have no lack of respect for there patients.
By: Cassandra M.
Georgia State University
A state school located in downtown Atlanta. Ideal for the aspiring student with access to an abundance of opportunities at various fortune 500 companies and beyond. With acquisition of Georgia Perimeter college it has enlarged it campus and it offerings. You are bound to find a pathway just for you and your future. There are multiple student organizations and plenty of help to get you through your schooling. You have the option of campus living or commuting, including the use of the local public transportation system, MARTA. You can create the experience you want on this campus.
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By: Briana C.
Prestige Healthcare Atlanta
Pregnant mothers BEWARE this is NOT a good doctor office at all. You should also keep tabs of your insurance because they are shady about that I.e. hidden fees and extra cost. If I could rate no stars I would. As much money they scamming from people you would think they could afford updated equipment and pay their workers more to fix them crazy looking drawed on eyebrows but hey just my opinion. Do yourself and your baby a favor and go elsewhere.
By: Steve M.
Le Reve Spinal Care
I first went to Le Reve Chiropractic & Spinal Care few days after the opening day. I thought the office has always been there. I was expecting a strip mall just like I used to see . But the office is a professional real doctors office. And when I met Dr. Amir for the first time, I knew I am in great hands. His knowledge and expertise blew me away. He was so compassionate and genuinely cared about me. I think that is the difference between some chiropractors that come from Los Angeles than the one from here. I highly recommend Dr. Amir and Le Reve Chiropractic And Spinal Care. Highly!!!!!
By: Alesha H.
Georgia State University
They are an OK school but you would think that they were a prestigious institution for the way that they deny people acceptance. I wonder what makes universitits say nay or yay.
By: Mike M.
Le Reve Spinal Care
I am so thankful and glad that I found Dr. Amir Banishahi. I have had many experiences with so many other chiropractors in Atlanta, BUT! Dr. Amir is really knows about the Anatomy and physiology of the body and educated me and made me understand. I Love going to Dr. Amir Banishahi. The BEST CHIROPRACTOR Thanks Doc!!!
By: Henry A.
Emory University Hospital
We have used the Emory Hospital emergency facilities when we have experienced serious medical situations. The in-take staff is a well oiled machine that helps you get to the medical team very quickly. The nursing staff is excellent and the doctors are outstanding. The facilities are the best with all the latest medical equipment for testing and the patient rooms are clean and pleasant. When you are having an extreme medical emergency, you want the best medical staff and facilities.
By: Melanie L.
Behavioral Institute Of Atlanta
A family member saw Dr. Stephen Garber here for a time. What a skilled psychologist, not to mention a kind, intuitive, funny and gentle MAN. We are so appreciative of his care, but had to move on because Dr. Garber (who started this practice with his equally professional and accomplished wife, Marianne), though wonderful, is simply too far for us to travel regularly. I can't recommend him enough.
By: Vonne S.
Prestige Healthcare Atlanta
My experience with this physician's office was absolutely horrible, and I will never visit again, nor would I recommend to a friend--or an enemy, for that matter.Every single part of the experience was less than professional. The receptionist was graciously rude--you know, fake smile and overly sweet tone of voice with obvious disdain for the patients and the job, itself. I received the same treatment over the phone, during my appointment, and two weeks later for my follow-up. I was not called back into the exam room until a good hour or so after my appointment slot, and once there, it took another 30-45 mins to see Dr. Simmons.I went in for a routine pap exam and was asked to sign a consent form for drug testing. When asked why, the nurse said it was typical practice for pregnant women. I quickly informed her that I was not pregnant, never had been, and was not actively trying to be, and I felt that a drug test was inappropriate and unnecessary for a regular well woman's visit. She got visibly agitated by my response. I declined the test, did not sign the consent form, and even kept the form after the conversation.Things got progressively worse, as the nurse did all her "charting" on a random scrap of paper because the exam room lacked a computer to directly input my information into the electronic medical record software. I was bothered by this due to the high patient volume...random pieces of paper leave a lot of room for charting errors (more on this later).Dr. Simmons was okay, and when I say "okay", I literally mean just okay. Something about his conversation rubbed me the wrong way, but I can't pinpoint why.After the exam, the nurse came back asking AGAIN about the drug test, and after I declined a second time, I left.4 months after my appointment, I received a huge bill totaling ~$500 from the office, and called to inquire because a) I'm in-network with the provider b) I was billed for the FREAKING DRUG TEST that I never took. Oh, and not to mention the fact that according to the bill, I came in and had all these things done in January, when my visit was over a month prior. I believe all of this is due to horrible charting practices aka writing information on scraps of paper.It took multiple phone calls to speak with someone, and I was told that it would take "a few days" to get more information from the 3rd party billing company.Multiple phone calls, voice mails, and 2 months passed before I got any tangible information. Supposedly, everything was fixed, but lo and behold, I got another bill in September. This bill was considerably less, only $20 this time, but what was it for? The drug test I never took!So here we are, 10 months after my original appointment, and I'm still going back and forth with this office about billing, getting nowhere.AVOID "PRESTIGE HEALTHCARE OF ATLANTA" because there is not a drop of prestige going on at this unprofessional entity called a doctor's office.
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By: Anonymous A.
Sanford-Brown College
Just listening to the Clark Howard show. Clark says DO NOT apply to attend this school. They are not reputable.

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