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By: nietzsche754
Park Tavern
I have been coming to this restaurant for around 3 years. I feel like this place is my home away from home. The food is really cheap for a sit down establishment with nothing on the regular menu over $10.99 and that is a shrimp basket. The portions are very good as well. When you are a regular customer you will occasionally receive free meal coupons either through the mail or in person. My advice for those who said they had bad service would to be to come during the week when the restaurant is less busy since the more crowded it is the longer food takes. Also any restaurant has high employee turnover so be sure to get a server like Jamar or Ouzan who has been there for a long time and that would improve your service as well. If you go on say a Wednesday though it is really intimate. They have Wii in the back room and regularly have concerts either through 99X or special events. On Memorial Day weekend there was a BBQ and blues event that was especially great. In the summer the patio is great especially if there is a breeze and in the winter they have a fireplace. One of the things I love most about it is when they have weddings and you can basically watch the wedding from where you are sitting if you are placed right. Depending on who is getting married the music is also usually really good on those nights. The restaurant is very inclusive and diverse. You can take your kids here and it is also very welcoming to GLBT people and is generally fairly ethnically diverse as well. If you are driving there is free parking and if you take MARTA it's very close to the Midtown station just walk to the end of the park right past Grady High School. The atmosphere is very casual and welcoming I never feel like I'm not dressed well enough to go there and never feel I'm looked down on as someone who is fairly working class myself.
By: pacfolly
Laughing Skull Lounge
Attending their Wednesday night open mic night almost didn't happen for us since parking in the area is a bit cumbersome to find and our cards wouldn't work at the lot across the street but we thankfully finally found a metered street parking spot. You have to go through The Vortex restaurant to get into the comedy club through the same door used to access their shared restrooms in the back left of the restaurant. If you're a student be sure to ask for the student discount since you can get in for $5 instead of $10 and I wouldn't order tickets online since there is a $3 per ticket service fee for the convenience of securing your seat online.Although all the chairs at the front of the intimate red-hued venue were taken when we arrived there is overflow bench seating at the back that is pretty comfortable and still gives you a good view of the stage. The quick but sizable open mic acts were divided into two sets although there was no intermission between the two and the first set was definitely stronger than the last one. There was a really good selection of several comedians here, some skilled, some brand new, and most were pretty funny although all of them were at least somewhat entertaining. Overall I cannot think of very many better ways to entertain yourself for this price during a night out for a unique and largely comedic experience.
By: Emily D.
Park Tavern
If you ever want to grab lunch in the park then I definitely recommend going to Park Tavern! This place is so lovely that often times there are events here or even weddings! Rainbow Roll– $12.99- King crab, cucumber and avocado on the inside with salmon, tuna & yellowtail on the outside– I love that this sushi comes with three types of fish! It was really great & I would get this again! I ordered it with sweet potato fries (yes I know- what a weird combo) but I loved that I could get both in the same restaurant!Buffalo Wings (kicked-up)- $8.99-These wings are served with celery and blue cheese for dipping. I personally love spicy foods so I got mine “kicked-up”. Would definitely recommend!Drink deal:Park Tavern offers a deal that says “When it Rains, We Pour $1 Drafts!” Keep this in mind next time it starts raining in Atlanta! There are apparently exceptions to this deal but it helps to be aware of them through their facebook and twitter page.
By: Sanika S.
Club Ellery's
Clubs have changed since I was 21 ,but hey I've changed since I was 21. It's nice to be able to go out and not only enjoy the music ,but enjoy the people too. That's what you'll get when you come to Ellery's and the only thing you have to worry about is having a good time. This club is for a more mature crowd or for those old souls at heart. The owners Mr. Ellery and his son Shayne make you feel like more than a customer ,but like family. The bartenders take the time to get to know your name and greet you when you come inside. They have great drink specials throughout the night and the food is amazing. Make sure you try the catfish nuggets and the wings. They offer live music on Wednesday, stepping on Thursdays and nothing ,but fun on Friday and Saturday. This just could be your new hangout spot.
By: freebaby27
The Tavern At Jr Crickets
I been to JR Crickets a couple of times at night. The environment is very casual and a not very loud. The drinks are good but they aren't strong. There is a frozen alcoholic bar which is nice in the summer. The food is average sports bar food. There are TVs you can see from any place in the restaurant that are usually tuned in to a game.The times I been to JR the service is extremely slow. The waitress are usually very friendly but it takes forever for someone to come to take my order and to receive your food so don't come if you're in a hurry. Given this, I will still return to JR because I like the feel of a lounge/bar but not overly crowded like a club.
By: Emily D.
The manager here was super nice! Our waitress informed us that almost all of the food items in the restaurant are made in-house including their ketchup and vinegar which I thought was impressive! We started with two drinks that I wouldn't plan to get again: Peachtree & Spring (tasted like straight whiskey) and Peaches & Peppers Sangria (tasted too herb-y to me but my friend liked it!) I recommend the tavern fries and double stack burger! Get fries instead of the mac & cheese b/c the mac & cheese was a little undersalted. The peanut butter pie which isn't always available was amazing- get it if you can!
By: Emily D.
Keep in mind there is a $5 cover to go to the top! I went to Skylounge with some friends on a Friday night. There was a lot of space at this bar so it wasn’t a shoulder to shoulder kind of place which is always nice! There is also both indoor and outdoor seating here. We ordered whiskey sours and I believe they cost $9 each! It was fairly strong but enjoyable nonetheless! in my opinion, this isn’t a bar I would go to frequently and the view is only average; however, if I had people coming in town to visit or explore the city, I would definitely consider bringing them here!
By: Jennifer C.
Park Tavern
Overlooks the beautiful area of Piedmont Park, but is still guarded away from just anyone walking through the park. They have food menu items for anyone and everyone to choose from including healthy, gluten-free, lower calorie, smaller portioned, larger portioned, vegetarian, American, Asian, bar food, sushi so much more. They have several bars inside and outside for everyone to get a cold beverage from. The outside patio is covered and can hold a very large crowd of people. The servers are knowledgeable and courteous.
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By: Tamara J.
The Euclid Avenue Yacht Club
Not sure what I can say that will enhance the legendary status of this place. It's where my husband and I first connected. We walked here from our rental houses in Candler Park while in grad school in the mid 90s. Look for the mermaid statue that he donated to EAYC when his Emory crew moved out. We have experienced so many awesome memories here - from Halloween parties to impromptu appearances by the Seed and Feed Marching Abominables. We love the two seat-er in the window.
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By: Tori B.
Sky lounge is a rooftop bar at the Glenn hotel in downtown Atlanta. The view is absolutely amazing! It is probably the best view of the city. You can see all of downtown and midtown, Piedmont park, the Ferris wheel, the CNN center, and the new Georgia dome being built. The drinks are good and the price is what you expect for such an awesome view. It is $5 to go up to the rooftop unless you're a guest at the hotel. They have live bands on the weekend as well.

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