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By: Doyle B.
Fox5 Atlanta
My family believes Fox-5 is the best. However, I would like to share a few random thoughts.The news banner that scrolls across the bottom of the screen is great. We really love it. However, you disrupt it from time to time for other programming events such as commercials. May I suggest that you keep it on all of the time.It is understandable that someone might stumble over names of Texas places such Nacogdoches, or Sabine County or River, and Louisiana cities such as Bossier or Natchitoches. However, before any one of such places is ever mentioned in your news, someone should call the county court house or police department there and get a local to tell how it is pronounced, and then that someone needs to write it down phonetically for the newscaster to read several times before they mispronounce it on live TV.But, it is not understandable or excusable when a newscaster mispronounces Georgia places such Gwinnett, Winder, or Dacula.Someone needs to get the word out on when it is correct and incorrect to say either "you and me" and "you and I."You are spending too much time on Max the dog. Instead, may I suggest that you reduce the time spent on Max the dog and spend a few minutes at the end of each news program to show tips on "Highway Courtesy" thereby hoping it will reduce road rage and wrecks. For example, show video clips on the way to merge onto an interstate. Explain the correct and incorrect ways to make this merger or to help someone else merge. Also, show video clips on the way to change lanes, and to help someone else change lanes. Show the correct and incorrect ways to drive behind and beside a big truck. There are many other such driving hints you could show.Please don't follow the trashy ways of CBS. Be the leader rather than the follower. Hold the standard high, as a standard for the family. Set the standard. This is intended to make excellent TV programs better.Doyle T. Brittain
By: Doyle B.
Waga-Tv Fox 5
Please respond to my email. It is only common courtesy and professional.Please respond to my email. It is only common courtesy and professional.Please respond to my email. It is only common courtesy and professional.ThanksDoyle T. Brittain
By: Dave D.
WSB Television-Channel 2
Their brand is hard news. If that's your cup of tea, there's certainly no news station better in Atlanta and probably not in the country. The Special Investigations are worth searching WSBTV.Com for.
By: Tiffany B.
CNN Headline News
This was a fascinating tour! Take the VIP tour to get into the actual studios. Great insight, say what you will about CNN, pretty cool to see how the leader in news operates.

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