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By: brokerblogger
Hennessy Lexus Of Atlanta
I first found Mr. Peter Hennessy's name in a 2/12 "Automotive News" article. He was quoted due to the fact that he is Chairman of the Lexus Dealer Advisory Council. On 11/4/12, I asked his help in finding out why I had a 2 hour drive to my nearest Lexus Dealer, yet Mercedes, BMW, and Hyundai dealers are very close to my home. He not only found out, and diplomatically explained it to me, after going to Lexus Corporate in CA on a business trip, but he also helped me find, and get, with his New Car Sales Mgr.'s help, a 2013 Lexus LS 460 with 18" vs. 19" wheels on it. For some unknown reason, Lexus Corporate was, at first, only sending the 18" wheeled LS 460's to West Coast Lexus Dealers? So, Jay Burnett, the New Car Sales Mgr., suggested the "Pull Ahead" Program which was a new BOS Delivery System that reduced the lee time it takes to special order a new car from Japan from 90/120 days to 45/60 days. I was skeptical throughout the process, but it all worked out very well. I got the car I wanted, in the time frame I wanted it, and Mr. Hennessy kept his word to me that he would give me a price that I was comfortable with, on the exact car/options configuration that I wanted. It was a pleasure dealing with a true professional like Mr. Hennessy who, although a very busy man, and who probably doesn't usually work directly with sales prospects , was prompt in answering questions, and made sure I was taken care of even after he turned my over to others at his dealership. All the people at the dealership were very helpful and friendly, especially Eric Fischer, the sales person assigned to help us quickly learn our new car, when we picked it up after a 6 hour drive to get to Hennessy Lexus of Atlanta. The only negative about my experience is that their Parts Department had totally different information regarding touch up paint for my new car than three other Lexus Dealer Parts Departments had. Mr. Burnett finally got to the bottom of the problem and told me "There was an issue with our system not showing the correct product." The touch up paint was part of my purchase, and the delay in getting it was no big deal, but I still don't understand why their "system" showed something different than three other dealer's systems. All Lexus "Parts" Systems should show exactly the same information on two different touch up paint part numbers. One is the "BC", or "base coat", and the other is the pearlescent top coat.
By: acpence
Jim Ellis Automotive Group
When my 2005 Toyota Prius suffered a scratch on the bottom panel, I immediately scheduled my appointment with Jim Ellis Collision Center. Let’s face it – they are experts. Even though I am sure all the repair guys are great, we were lucky to get Michael Antonovich. He kept in constant contact with us as to what phase Jim Ellis was with the repair and THE CAR LOOKS LIKE NEW. Even though the car is a hybrid, they had no trouble in fixing it. They even said they had a man on staff that had worked with hybrid vehicles. For those customers who complain that the collision department may be a little slow, please thank your insurance companies. If it weren’t for professional collision centers, consumers would be taken for “a ride” each and every time we went to get our car repaired. From my insurance agent, I received an initial check for $650. The final repair cost $3000. Without the help of professionals who make insurance companies replace damaged parts with NEW parts, who knows what kind of repair I would have come away with? We as consumers do not have it in our DNA make up to have to fight with insurance companies to get the true repair dollar value when we go in to have our cars fixed. I thank Jim Ellis for being there to represent me, to fix my car but mostly for being one of the most courteous staffs I have ever had the pleasure of dealing with.
By: rebelandduke
Landmark FIAT of Atlanta
I've got to say this has been one of the BEST dealerships I've ever had to deal with! I let them know exactly what I wanted and where I wanted to be and they made it happen! We had just been to another Fiat Dealer that were so sneaky and horrible customer service that we were very impressed with the upfrontness that these people showed. They had no problem answering any and all questions we had, showing exactly how everything was broken down and walked us through the whole process. They are VERY knowledgeable and shockingly enough FAST. I was in and out of that dealership in an hour! After spending 6+ hours at the other Fiat place the night before it was refreshing! Everyone there was nice, friendly and knew what they were doing. They have a great selection, a pristine dealership and the even better part is that no matter what my question is AFTER I've purchased they still respond, are very helpful and super supportive! I have found the place where I will buy all my cars!!! (My family too!) THANK YOU LANDMARK FIAT OF ATLANTA!!!!
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By: Sarah M.
Mastercars Auto Sales
Had a great experience with the sales and finance staff. David, my salesman, was VERY quiet (unlike other car sales pros) but very thorough. They had a computer available for customers to print all the docs needed. The sales area is tiny so make an appointment- they get busy! I worked quite a bit with Deborah in Finance to get the payment I needed, the down payment I needed, and a great car. I had choices, which is rare for a buy here pay here lot! My situation was challenging and I was grateful for everyone working together to make it happen and I love my car! Came with a 2 yr warranty and haven't had to use the service center yet, but when I called because the brakes were squeaking a little the service center manager was able to look up and tell me my car came with new brakes! Look forward to working with the team. Tell the sales team Sarah Mason sent you!
By: sg488v1
Car Finders
These folks are great!! I was looking for a car that was a specific type and color. I called J.Ross and he searched diligently until he found what I wanted. They made the process so easy and I did not have to keep going into the dealership. This is not a typical car dealership where you walk in and sharks are waiting to pressure you into a car. It is a custom broker dealership that actually builds a relationship. They even called me afterwards to see how I liked the car. I will never go anywhere else!!
By: Monica R.
Hennessy Lexus Of Atlanta
Max Sheffield in the service department takes great care of me. The support team (everyone from the concierge to the fellows on the floor to the cashiers) is also lovely to deal with. This is my first Lexus and I SO appreciate the level of service here! Regarding dropping off your car... it's always difficult to be without transportation when your wheels are in for service, so I REALLY appreciate the Lexus loaner program! It keeps me able to see my clients even when my car needs attention. Thanks!!
By: Robert T.
Hennessy Lexus Of Atlanta
I have been a long-time Lexus owner (currently have three in the family) and switched to Hennessy about four years ago, first for service (due to problems with another dealer), and then later for car purchases (bought two so far from Hennessy). All aspects of my relationship, and those of my family members, with the company have been fabulous. Everyone on the Hennessy team goes the extra mile. I'm proud to be a customer.
By: Laurel M.
Mercedes-Benz of Buckhead
They were always helpful & smiley, but warranty items just never got fixed. Finally my car came off warranty & I paid elsewhere out of pocket... All easy repairs that should have been done the first 10 times I went. They accused me of hiding an accident & said their failed repairs weren't covered... No accident - just bad business. But I'm very happy with revolution auto.
By: Jessica C.
Though we didn't end up buying our car here, we *almost* did. The experience was easy and very low stress. It's billed as a "car vending machine." For those who don't enjoy the chit chat with the car salespeople at traditional dealers, this may be the solution. The environment itself is also very stress free and clean, with super professional staff.
By: marge42
Dyer & Dyer Volvo Cars
I'm too old and too ugly to be messing around when it comes to my car. I always use dyer and dyer, their staff are always fantastic and nothing seems too much trouble.I have used them for many years and so do many of my friends. Their cars are always in exceptional condition and I have had no hassle with my vehicles over the years.
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