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By: clearedasfiled
Falcon Aviation Academy
Before you shell out the cash for flight lessons, best do your research before conducting business with Falcon Aviation. They assure you that they'll accommodate you and in their literature they look safety oriented. They've had a few crashes recently and some collisions/incidents on the ground. The establishment is a CFI mill so there are young and inexperienced flight staff behind the controls of the little Diamond airplanes. They give a packet to fill out and sign with a steep refund policy and it's based on when you sign the document. You could fill out the paperwork, not fly for a month after and you would have already given up a good chunk of your money. Dealing with staff is a nightmare. They're in it for a the international government checks that keep them in business so you as a local student are sent to the back of the line. Falcon knows they are the only flight school on the south side of Atlanta so it's their way or the highway. Before conducting business with Falcon, do the research. Talk to the locals and speak with a few students first hand. We were able to back out before it was too late.
By: Jason T.
Urban Land Cruisers
I've purchased parts from Dave and the crew at ULC and ULR (Urban Land Rovers) for nearly 4 years now. Dave was so helpful I decided to have him do a full restoration on one of my vehicles. The work has taken a bit longer then planned but with a bit of patience the progress has been steady and the truck looks amazing today.First of all let me say how much the shop has changed in the past few years. Its gone from a small Land Cruiser Shop to one of the largest suppliers of new and used Land Rover parts in the South East.I would not hesitate to recommend ULC to anyone looking for the best in parts and vehicle sales. Call Dave (or even better email him) for some of the most knowledgeable and honest advice anywhere; 5 stars
By: Seth S.
The Sun Rose Wellness Center
All around great spa and wellness center. I just had had my 4th visit yesterday and i'm in the habit of watching what I consume and put into my body almost naturally already! I feel great and look fantastic, people are asking me what i've been doing. Just give it a try! Whether its a massage, colonic, foot bath, steam room its all magic. P.S Fellow reviewers, i've recently notices a lot of negative comments stirred from the Groupon side of the internet. I would completely ignore those cheap inconsiderate people. I have yet to run into another guest at The sun rose not as satisfied as myself. If anything all those reviews are scams. Thank you again Maya.
By: Tabitha F.
The Sun Rose Wellness Center
So I have been looking for a spa to retreat to near home for some time now. I walked into the sun rose by appointment and was warmly welcomed by Maya, the owner and colon therapist. The next 30 minutes were so smooth and comfortable I immediately lost any anxiety about getting a colonic and she was so beautiful. I ended up trying a lot out and will definitely be back. Anyways i'm suggesting the sun rose to all my friends pretty much and am getting more into reviewing so heres to yellow pages. You'll get in the best health of your life here I promise.
By: M.f. C.
Hornsby & Associates
Mrs. Louise Hornsby is a spectacular attorney. She and her Firm are point on in helping the client get their day in court. She has a long history of service to the community and experience as a judge. These people know their way around the law, especially in the area of land and home. Best referral I ever received was to Mrs. Hornsby.M.F.Cleveland
By: Julie B.
W. H. Stiles Fish Camp
Got the catch of the day which was a cod sandwich. It was good but the sandwich was to big for me. The sandwich came with chips but they were to much. I also got a lemonade with it which wasn't to my liking. Again this is just my preference I definitely will go back but I'll be trying something different. They have a good selection of seafood.
By: Cassandra M.
Kafenio All Day Greek Cafe
I was greeted with the warmest welcome from Brandon, the server behind the counter. He was able to make suggestions which I happily took. I opted for the lamb burger which was also recommended by another patron. The space is comfortable and the food really good. I'd make the drive from Conyers to College Park to partake again.
By: Wren C.
Christopher P. Berney, PC
Chris and his team handled our estate planning with professionalism and patience. My husband and I had questions around different aspects of the process and they explained everything, sometimes more than once, very well.
By: Preston T.
W. H. Stiles Fish Camp
Great place. The lady who is usually behind the register is great. I have had drinks there a couple times and have had the smoked salmon sandwich. It was one of the best sandwiches I have ever had. Great place.
By: Chadd J.
Super Pan Pcm
We went for the true test of this Latin sandwich bar, the Cuban, and it was good. The people were nice and I will explore more of their menu next time.

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