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By: Scott K.
Lifetest Atlanta
I would like to share my experience with Atlanta Virtual Imaging. Before I went, I read all the reviews I could get my hands on. Most of them were very negative. We purchased a Groupon and went anyway. I figured that if they started any funny business on me, I would be ready. I have no doubt that the experiences of others were accurately represented. I believe that through the power of the internet, this business has improved. Yeah Internet!!! My wife and I walked in. The front desk staff was friendly and cheerful. We waited about 15 minutes in the waiting room. We then went back to the "Let's make a deal" room. You need to know now that the Groupon is a marketing tool to get people into the business. Lots of businesses do this and Atlanta Virtual Imaging is no exception. It was similar to the timeshare presentations that people talk about. You get a "free" gift but you have to sit through the sales pitch. The gift in this case was a $79 heart and lung scan.The salesman, in my opinion, was sincere and genuine. He believes that their product really saves lives. He went through and outlined various options and put some great spin on it. However, at the end of the day, it is a very expensive venture and one my wife and I did not want to afford. It boiled down to multiple scans over the course of years, whether you need them or not; and they finance (or offer financing through some medical credit card).If you need the scans, it might be a great deal. As it turned out, my scan was completely clear. I got a score of 0 on the calcification so I am not sure why I would need to keep going back. During the sales pitch, I got two really big red flags. 1) If we were to get the deal, we had to buy today. This always makes me pucker. I loathe sales tactics like this. You are asking me to make a $5,000 decision before I walk out the door? Big ole' NO on that one. 2) The reason why we had to decide today is that otherwise we would be "diluting the test pool" and we wouldn't qualify for the subsidies. This is because they don't track our names with the test????? Maybe I heard him wrong but this doesn't even make sense. My name was attached to the test when it came via email so that sounds like some bogus stuff. I have to say though that once he realized we weren't going to buy that day, he politely thanked us and the sales pitch ended. I was on the scanner within 20 minutes and the whole scan lasted about 7-10 minutes. I had to hold my breath a few times and the table wasn't that comfortable but hey, it was 7 minutes.The information you get from the scan is minimal but what do you expect for $79. I found out I had no calcification, no masses detected and that I am truly unremarkable; which is good for a medical report. Would I recommend the Groupon deal? The answer to that is sure, go for it. My experience there was pretty good. Just know going in, they are selling something and are going to try and get you to buy it. If you are just doing the Groupon scan, keep politely saying no. If you are interested in the scans, I would request all the information up front before your appointment so you can go over it and make your decision an informed one.
By: heartscanman
Lifetest Atlanta
LifeTest of AtlantaReviews received from actual customersAverage rating: 5 Jun 16, 2011Clive&Marva We heeded the advice of Neal Boortz, particularly regarding the sudden loss of his Radio partner without warning and decided we had better make sure we checked clean 5 Jun 15, 2011Patrick & Karen My Wife and I came to Life Test because of a Commercial on WSB radio to get a Free Heart scan.. When we got there we were a little afraid of what the Presentation would be like...but we were pleasantly surprised by our Counselor Annie, she was very informative and We defiantly saw the Need for Life Scans services!! after having the Heart Scan it was nice to actually get the results almost instantly (the Radiologist still has to read it) but we were able to see how much calcium build uo I had in 5 Jun 12, 2011Kelly i needed peace of mind because i started mountain biking.heart disease runs on both sides of my family.i came close to canceling my appt but i had to have peace of mind.would advise everyone to do was a quick test,10-15 min tops.i have friends wanting this test now 4 Jun 10, 2011Dougald & Deborah We heard about the scan listening to Neal Boortz on the radio. He said that the test/scan would help discover medical problems with the heart well before symptoms so we decided to have the scans done. The staff was friendly and informed. We arrived at our appointed time. The scans were to take about 1 1/2, but It took over 2 hours to process us. We have not gotten the results yet. 4 May 22, 2011Sherry & Randy Staff was awsome and test was a breeze. I would have liked to have known our results before leaving or have known that a payment would be required to get this. 5 May 19, 2011MARY One of the best staff I've ever seen in a doctor's office. They were considerate and made the experience a breeze. And the price is affordable. Horray for Life Test Atlanta. 5 May 16, 2011margie & juan Staff was very informative , I am glad that my husband and I decided to go. We found out that my husband has heart disease. If it was not for this test we would have never known. We recommend that everyone does this. This will save my husbands life. 5 May 13, 2011B.S. I was very pleased. The staff was friendly and accomodating. There was a problem due to a power outage, and I had to return the next day for my scan. It was done quickly and professionally, and I had the results before I left the facility. 5 May 2, 2011Guy my wife was a little afraid, but the staff made her feel comfortable enough to procede w/ the scan. I feel this is a needed and valuable tool for preventive care. 5 May 2, 2011K.G. A very friendly staff made you feel comfortable and at ease. The heart scan was quick and painless. I highly recommend Life Test of Atlanta. Our experience was excellent. 4 Apr 27, 2011Dr. Michael & Rita L Our experience was very positive from our check in to our scan. My wife and I wanted to have our hearts checked and were most pleased with the data presented and the ease of the scan.
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By: Very I.
Jonathan O Nwiloh, Other
He was not very personable to me. I always felt rushed. He would be in and out within a matter of minutes. He operated on me and I was hospitalized for 4 days. He made his rounds daily while I was hospitalized (he and his male P.A.John or Jonathan). Out of the 4 mornings he came in, I would say he spent a total of 8-10 mins. Again, that is the TOTAL and not per day.I was misdiagnosed. I was advised that I was having an operation on one thing, only to wake up to find out it was something else. It was not even close to what I'd been originally told was wrong with me. The surgery he performed failed 100%. To add insult to injury, he never told me it failed. While recovering and going to follow ups with him (over about a 4-5 week timeframe) my gut was telling me something wasn't right. 2 plus 2 was not equalling 4. I obtained my records from the hospital, went to see 2 other doctors (my family physician and another Thoracic Surgeon) who both confirmed my suspicion was correct. They also said it was obvious while I was hospitalized after the surgery that it failed. All of my ultrasounds, scans, tests, reflected such. I am now under the care of another surgeon whom is the complete opposite of him. Sadly, I'm facing another major operation with abother hospitalization and minimum 8 week recovery but I'm thankful that things are as well as they are with my new doctor. I would not recommend Dr. John Gouldman
Tips & Advices
The main difference separating a heart attack from heart failure is in the underlying reasons for the occurrence. Hearts attacks can be traced to blockages in arteries and acute flares, while heart failure is more likely to be due to congenital heart disease and a more developed condition.
Arrhythmia is an abnormal beating of the heart that may feel like it comes at a fluttering, accelerated, or otherwise irregular pace. While in many cases these occurrences can be infrequent, benign and go away on their own, if persistent, they may require further consultation with a cardiologist.
Cholesterol is a naturally occurring fatty body compound used to produce hormones. It becomes a problem for heart health when there are high levels of bad cholesterol, low-density lipoproteins (LDL), which can lead to arterial congestion.
Visits to a cardiologist typically entail a doctor reviewing and assessing your health, and more specifically within the context of your heart health. It is important to prepare for appointments by having a list of medications and any documents related to your medical history. Some tests (like EKGs) may be administered on a first visit.
Invasive cardiologists are distinguished from non-invasive cardiologists for their ability to perform a number of specialized procedures, including pacemaker and defibrillator insertions, cardioversions and emergent angioplasties.

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