By: Lori B.
Bella By Alethea
Everyone there has been beyond nice to me and very accommodating including Alethea. Keep in mind that I always go out of my way to project positive energy in hopes of receiving it back and that may well be my secret. :) First, I have very pale non tanning skin with dark coarse hair. I also feel almost no pain. I have been there 3 times for laser hair removal and after just one treatment I noticed at least 25% of the hair was gone. Since then I have been a total of 3 times. It has been at least 3 months that I haven't even shaved. Looking right now I can actually count how many hairs are left and they are hard to see and maybe a quarter of an inch long. I am leaving them so we can see what still needs to be done. I wish I could have my whole body done!!! I have been to another place when laser hair removal was still new around 5 years ago and I had 6 treatments and 100% of that hair has grown back. it was extremely painful and It also cost me around $700!! Since my 3 laser treatments at Bella so far I even went in for a microderm facial. Two weeks before I had a microderm performed at another salon and my face wasn't even red! I couldn't even tell! At Bella, my face was really red and all my skin just fell off for the next few days. It was amazing!! I just put avocado oil on my face right after my morning shower then before I went to bed. I can't believe how fantastic my skin looks and i heard that you need to have like 3-6 done to see any results?!?! I love my results right now. I even had a groupon and I don't feel like I was treated any less.
By: d.c.h.
Urban Body Studios
My partner and I got a Scout Mob deal on massage services at Urban Body Studios, and I scheduled an appointment with Tai, who was one of the massage therapists participating. I figured, since I got him by default, that I shouldn't have any unreal expectations for a great massage. Man, I could not have been more wrong!!Tai is that rare massage therapist who actually listens to what you tell him, has the skills to put his hands to work, and produces GREAT results. After only three massages, I'm hooked...I work out a lot. I do weight training, and use the machines at my gym to row, bike, and sweat it out on the eliptical. I'm in my 40's, and definitely need help staying balanced with the hard work I put in. I have been to massage therapists many times before, and have finally found someone who can keep me tuned up.Tai has intuitive, powerful hands, and gets right into those difficult areas with just the right amount of pressure, just pushing right up to the point of pain without ever crossing over the line. I stay in a meditative-like state the whole time he's working on me, and don't even have to give him feedback--he's that GOOD. I am so happy to have stumble upon this wonderful, amazing therapist. I cannot recommend his services enough. Just WOW!!
By: Chris E.
Advanced Massage Network, LLC.
I had my first visit yesterday, and it was a great experience, so had to say so. My low back and mid back have been locked up for a while now. I have been seeing other massage therapists and getting massaged, but wasn't getting the results I needed and once used to get (I have been under care since I was 13 - I have congenital conditions in my spine that make me prone to flare-ups). I am actually a therapist myself so that means my job is very physical and because I have a lot at stake I am picky about who I trust to work on me. I had never met Alexis before, and like anyone else - did research and read reviews prior to going in. I actually get nervous seeing anyone new because I have a sensitive back that can get aggravated if moved incorrectly. Anyways, the experience was awesome. It was one of the best therapy sessions I have had in a while, and am finally hopeful about getting continued improvement. Scheduling couldn't have been easier, and he was super nice and welcoming.
By: Dmitry G.
Advanced Massage Network, LLC.
So I was experiencing some tension and pain on the right side of my neck. I have been seeing another massage therapist and a chiropractor that have been great but we just weren't quite getting there in terms of loosening up my neck. Alexi is a big guy and pretty powerful, not to get confused with rough or aggressive. But it's exactly what my body needed to get that relief I desperately needed. The first session I was so locked up. Alexi opened me up very quickly and I was impressed. I came back for 2 to 3 more times and by the end of the 3rd session I was cured and fully unlocked and able to sleep and move my head in full range of motion pain free. Price is amazingly low for his services $100 for 90 minutes, services like this usually run $150 a session. The appointments can be scheduled online, I was in and out very quickly. I HIGHLY recommend Alexi if you need, desperately need some quick relief, even in my scenario where my chiropractor was unable to quite get me there.
By: Abby B.
Buckhead Grand Spa
Wow! My glowing skin is a testament to the awesomeness & serious expertise! I've visited many medspas & skincare clinics around town & no doubt this is the best. Through the door, I was greeted, given nuts & chocolate & completed a brief skin analysis. Thankfully, there's no extreme waiver stating the company is not responsible for incompetent employees ruining the skin. The treatment was so peaceful & thorough! I appreciate the esthetician using a timer since I've had incidents elsewhere with my treatments ending before the booked and paid time. The temperature was just right, the soft music, & cozy table... I napped during half the facial. Products used contain active ingredients so you can feel & see an immediate difference. My pores never looked better, & my face never felt cleaner.The prices aren't terrible, so I'm certainly saving $ to visit when recommended. Buckhead Grand Spa is officially my home beauty care spot.
By: Jennifer C.
Blue Divine Aesthetics
If you are looking for a little pampering for yourself or with your girlfriends with a sincere and professional staff, then definitely check this place out. Located in the rear of a two story building you will find this quaint and chic med spa. They offer the most up to date natural beautifying products and procedures including laser hair removal, peels, teeth whitening, botox, vein treatments, microneedling, and more. Kai, was such a joy to work with, she walked me through step by step of what she was doing before, during, and after my teeth whitening experience. Kalen, the founder and owner pleasantly explained different facial treatments. I chose the Hydra Facial, which only took about 30 mins and left my looking clean, radiant, decreased my wrinkles, and evened out my complexion. I can't wait to go back and pamper myself with some other specialized treatments.
By: Donna B.
Cleopatra Beauty Spa
This place is wretched!I ONLY gave this salon five stars because of the nail salon here.I wouldn't let them touch my head with a 10 ft pole! Or do my makeup!Lol! Everyone that gets up from the makeup chair look like Bozo the clown! I swear they do!They are ghetto and unprofessional,the sign says don't bring your kids but they bring unruly undisciplined children here every time I get my nails done. You go to the spa for peace and relaxation not for this hot mess of a business! I would hate to see this place close ONLY because of YEN,the girl who does my nails! I drive 30 min cause she is the best nail technician I've ever found! I wldnt let any other nail tech here touch my nails either. As for all the others? They need to fire everybody but YEN! She's the best!
By: #1 customer ..
Min Hua
You usually get a good massage. I would call it a medium tissue massage, not really "deep." But it depends on the woman. Intensity, technique varies. I've been enough to know one woman's complete routine.Yes, they are probably between 30, to 35 years old. But experience accounts for something. Usually.Women looking for a massage? There are other massage places in the area.Men, you will be given the option of a different type of massage during the session.And if you aren't sure what to "tip," you can ask "how much?". Suggestions are reasonable (30, to 40 dollars).They WORK off tips, so don't be rude. As long as the service was truly good, of course. Just be "reasonable."The best? From my experience -- "Linda!"Here's to a... "happy massage." ;)
By: Lauren W.
Buckhead Massage & Skincare
My boyfriend and I came in for a couples massage. Tamara and Betsy were so cheerful and kind. They offered us water and greeted us when we came in. The spa is super welcoming, calm and I felt like we were treated to a very personal experience. The massage was great!!!! We had a paraffin wax on our feet that was incredible. I also had a nice heated blanket on me (not too warm, but nice to keep me cozy) during the massage and the oil used smelled great. At the end of our massage, we both were so relaxed. There were fresh berries and chocolate out for us after our massage as well. It was awesome ! I highly recommend this place for a personalized and relaxing experience. I have to be super sweet to my boyfriend so we get to go more often
By: medicalmassageinc
Advanced Massage Network, LLC.
Bodywork unlike anything you will ever experience anywhere else. If you have a structural problem or ailment/diagnosis you will work the problem out here. If you have a: pinched nerve, atrophied muscle, lack of range motion, tons of muscle tension, or a stubborn trigger point (knot) in the muscle, it will be alleviated at Medical Massage at Midtown, Inc. in a relaxed setting.It's worth a try with an:introductory price of $45 for a 60 min. Orthopedic Massage or $60 for a 90 min. Orthopedic Massage.You can't beat that price anywhere. Physiotherapy like this is normally retailed at $150 for 90 minutes in medical spas and physical therapy offices across the U.S.A.. If you can find it offered at those locations.

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