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By: Iris L.
Location: Right near two urban licks. They offer complimentary valet parking because the parking can get very tight. Atmosphere: Cool, hip, and peaceful. They have a big wooden tree and fountain in the center of their restaurant, which is very serene and modern. The decor is very simple and allows you to focus on their food and bar. Food/Beverages: They offer a wide array of beers, cocktails and food as well. Their dishes range from traditional japanese items such as Okonomiyaki (japanese pancake) to other yummy dishes such as their georgia white shrimp. We ordered the curry ramen, spicy bacon ramen, Okonomiyaki, georgia white shrimp and gommae. Their ramen is extremely flavorful and not the typical ramen that you imagine. It is also very filling and their soups are very rich as well. Their Okonomiyaki was very, very good also. Their version had bacon and lobster and was cooked to perfection. The georgia shrimp appetizer featured locally grilled shrimp served over spicy mayo, which was delicious also. The gommae was a bit different than others because it tasted like chrysanthemum, which was pretty cool and different. My favorites were the Okonomiyaki and the curry ramen. Service: Our server was very sweet and attentive. She made us feel very comfortable and helped us answer any questions that we had. Overall: Cool, fun and delicious place to grab ramen when you are on the Beltline. I also love that they offer so many other choices and a late night menu as well. After 10pm, they offer a ramen burger. Usually they do not close until 2am on the weekends, which is a great option for people who want to grab a drink or late night bowl of delicious ramen. They do not serve your traditional ramen, but ramen with a good twist. It is nice to have something different from time to time and Nexto is doing a fantastic job at this.
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By: Melissa P.
The Optimist
It took us several weeks to book dinner at The Optimist and we were really looking forward to it. We were impressed when arriving. We had requested the Chef's table, but there wasn't one, so we were seated where we had a view of the kitchen. We love to watch the chefs so this was perfect to meet our request. The appetizers were good, the cocktails were average. Although we had a pleasant waitress, she did forget one of our crudo items that came after the entree. Our entrees were both fish; one swordfish that was cooked perfectly, and Cobia, which was not. The Cobia was raw in the center and very disappointing coming from a Ford Fry restaurant. My expectations were set high for this restaurant and although they did many things "right", they also had some mistakes and there was nothing to set the dining bar as I had expected. We do not mind paying higher prices for a great "experience", but this was really a let down as to what we've come to expect from a Ford Fry restaurant.
By: allen.keele
The obvious comparison is to the Twist near door. Limited menu is appetizers, salads and small plates. Maybe 15 wines. 1 Cab that I remember.Tried the pork terrine. Vacuum of taste, even with chutney sauces. Literally sucked the expected flavor from my imagination. Tried the pork samosas on waiter's recommendation. Same tasteless shredded boiled pork, but deep fried in filo dough in greasy limp turnovers. Wish he would have advised me I was ordering the same meat twice in a row. Tried the beet salad since its hard to screw up this dish. Got a dome of diced beets with fruits and goat cheese. Get a real beet salad at Barcelona's in Virginia Highlands.The atmosphere was nice; the service on par for a buckhead joint. Loud music outside from cheap speakers like nails on a chalkboard - at 4:00PM. Need to get better sound system, or make the music background to conversation.Yebo needs to step up to the plate and deliver, or die next to Twist like the last place there.
By: Scott L.
Front Row Seafood Sports Bar
Went in for lunch Friday at 1:30, only one table had people sitting, a table of 7. I stood there at the foyer entrance for a few minutes then (sat myself). Waitress came brought me a water and took my order, last I saw of her. I filled my own water again at the bar and after 45 minutes someone from the kitchen brings out my order, it had the wrong side, I didn’t say anything since I had to get back to work. Again filled my own water at the bar, and found my original waitress at the back cleaning tables. I asked her for the check, she said Ok. Another 10 minutes go by, she’s still cleaning. I went to the bar left $13 (my best estimate) with the bartender and left. Huge waste of time. The food was good, the place was clean. Owner, your location is great, your menu looks good, you spent a ton of money on furniture and TV's but service like this will drive us luncher's away. Some of us eat lunch at a place before we bring our friends and family.
By: Emily D.
Callie's Hot Little Biscuit
Pimento Cheese Biscuit with Bacon & Eggs– $7- I loved this biscuit! The biscuit was crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside and was filling! I also really liked that pepper was used on the egg because it really added to the overall flavor!You can also try three little biscuits for $5!Pimento Cheese Sandwich-$4- My friend got this sandwich & thought it was great! The bread on this sandwich was crunchy.Black Pepper Bacon Biscuit– $4- This was such a unique biscuit. I tried this biscuit and personally wouldn’t get it over other options. I wish it was served with gravy over it or something because it was a little plain on its own.Cinnamon Biscuit– $4- If you liked sweets, then I recommend the cinnamon biscuit!Callie’s Hot Little Biscuit is a pretty small place so I would recommend going in the morning on a week day if you can. There’s pretty limited seating so going on a weekday would help! FYI parking is on the street and paid at a meter.
By: Candyce V.
The Oceanaire Seafood Room
Came here for a midweek dinner with some colleagues, and it did not disappoint!I had the shrimp cocktail appetizer. The shrimp were plump and fresh, and the cocktail sauce was flavorful. For my entree, I had broiled Bali Barramundi. Never heard of this before, but I was feeling adventurous. I topped it was the jumbo lump crab oscar. Once again, the seafood was fresh.The staff was extremely attentive. When I got up to freshen up in the powder room, they came and cleaned the very few crumbs that were on the table and re-folded my napkin for me. Dessert was the Crème Brûlée, and I enjoyed it as well. The server suggested the Dr. Loosen Blue Plate Riesling, and it was divine.And to top things off--We asked the hostess to call a cab for us, and she got us black car service instead. Granted, it was a few more dollars more. But it was like the perfect end to a great evening.All in all, I had a wonderful experience and will certainly be back.
By: Milla W.
Southern Art & Bourbon Bar
I visited on a Sunday where the restaurant promotes their Sunday Dinner. It features 3 courses for $25 pp with a 4-person minimum. It is a great deal for all that you get. We enjoyed for the starter the pimento cheese with house made crackers and the most delicious fried green tomatoes. It can be difficult to fry them without the batter falling off but these were perfect. The entree we enjoyed the grilled salmon and the fried chicken. Both were great and the fried chicken tastes like grandma made it. The sides included collard greens and the creamiest mac and cheese Ive had in a long time. To end the night, we indulged in the chocolate cake and coconut cake. Our server Sokat was knowledgeable and friendly and made sure that we had everything that we needed. The ambiance could be considered upscale with lots of art. Be sure to look up at the ceiling and admire all of the art work that is hanging from above.
By: Candyce V.
Taki Japanese Steakhouse
Our group had such an amazing dining experience at Taki! The service was impeccable from the moment we walked in the restaurant. We had a few drinks at the bar while we waited for the rest of our party to arrive. The Hubs had the Jim Jones and I had the Mango Mai Tai...both were very potent (just the way we like it)! Once we sat down, we shared the rock shrimp (tempura fried), rock scallops, and rock beef. The last two were cooked on hot rocks at our table, and were flavorful and fun to prepare. We ordered a variety of entrees, from hibachi to sushi. I had the Rainbow and Bubba Gump rolls. I enjoyed both thoroughly. Everyone loved their meals as well. We ate and drank more than we'd planned, but it made for a very fun evening.Steve--the general manager--and our server Michelle were wonderful during our entire visit. We'll all definitely be back to visit soon.
By: Emily D.
We started out by ordering the Queso Fundido ($9) which is roasted poblano cheese and chorizo, served with handmade corn tortillas. This was absolutely amazing. We basically made little enchiladas with the corn tortillas and it was delicious. This appetizer comes with 6 corn tortillas so it was plenty to split amongst two people. I am personally a huge fan of corn tortillas and loved the flavor that these had.For our entree, Morgan and I each got two tacos. Now keep in mind that these are really small compared to tacos you’re probably used to like at restaurants like On The Border. These tacos are about 4 inches in diameter. However, Minero really stuffs these with ingredients so we were full after eating our tacos! My favorite taco is the Al Pastor. The chilaquiles is my favorite dish in Atlanta!
By: Candyce V.
Ton Ton
Ramen is all the rage now, and Ton Ton is one of the newest restaurants to serve this dish in Atlanta. I decided to pop in while I was at Ponce City Market, and I'm glad I did. I ordered the Hakata Tonkotsu Classic Ramen, which was a treat. I loved the pretty bowl and almost didn't want to eat it (but I was starving, so of course I dug in soon after it was served). The broth was flavorful, and the ingredients were fresh.My only complaint is that my seat at the ramen bar was shaky. I thought I was going to fall a few times. Next time, I'd sit in the dining area...it seemed more quiet and nicer in that area anyway. Other than this, I can't wait to get back.Note: As of the date of this review, they did not have their liquor license. But check out the fun soda and tea options in the meantime!

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