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By: O B.
The Financial Mall LLC
As with most things, to be good, you have to practice. And to be great you have to practice not just a lot, but with focus and dedication. The thing about practicing trading is it encompasses so many different disciplines. There's technical practice where you practice price action theory, and learning how to work your trading platform. How to do top down analysis and choose the right timeframe for the type of trading you're doing - day v.s position, etc... There's target practice, where you learn how to set the correct targets. And then there's the most important of all, risk management practice, where you learn how to stay in the trading game as a fulltime professional trader. And last but not least the practice of trying to develop an eye for the quick recognition of high probability chart patterns so you can quickly discern what to and what not to trade that day. What PFA offers is the ability to learn and practice all of these things and much more with the added glue that ties this all together - mentorship! Thank you PFA for helping me turn a bunch of chart patterns into everyday common sense! ~ OB
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By: George D.
The Financial Mall LLC
I have been a PFA student for about 3 months and like most people here, I concur that this is the best trading education I have been exposed to. I had always rejected any type of course that was based on supply and demand or reading the market because it required effort on my part to learn the methodology and being lazy I didn't want to use my brain to trade. I figured why spend time learning to read the markets when I can just buy a red light green light system that does the thinking for me. Unfortunately this is the path that most new traders go down. If that's you, good luck with that. After wasting a lot of money (I'm scared to calculate the real figure) I finally took the plunge with PFA. I did my due diligence and this course stood out as the best when it came to learning about supply and demand trading. Yes you need to use your brain, and yes it does take time and effort.on your part to learn it but the results are worth it. This is the last trading course you will ever need.
By: Zoltan K.
The Financial Mall LLC
I joined PFA a couple months ago, after leaving all the promising indicators and trading systems behind - I gave up with the money pit and "buy this and you will be the next lottery winner" type of things...I was chasing a good place to learn the pure/naked charts trading method and after a long time, finally I found PFA. I'm not telling a fairy tale, just talking about a place to learn an excellent method and get educated by an exceptional honest educator - Will Busby. I was willing to learn hard and I'm willing to learn hard to understand and use his method as a full time job trader. My trading is already improved big time, as well as my understanding about the market moves, price actions and naked chart reading, thanks for Will for his awesome skills of educating and trading.I'm glad and proud to be part of his members and this is the first time in my trading carrier I can say: this is the best investment I ever made. Thank you, Will!
By: Manny C.
The Financial Mall LLC
I recently became a Platinum member of the Pure Financial Academy and am very pleased with the results! The training course for trading is awesome and easy to follow, you can re-review any part of it as much as you need to learn it. Will Busby is a great teacher, he makes it easy to understand. I have been paper trading for a couple of weeks now using the PFA system and following the rules and, I can honestly say that my success rate is currently approximately 70% winners to loosing trades, simply by following the system and rules and, not being greedy! Trading isn't for everyone, however, if you want to become a trader or simply want to learn a great system for trading, then I recommend you look into PFA.Best Regards,Manny C
By: Jim G.
The Financial Mall LLC
I highly recommend Pure Financial Academy’s Supply & Demand methodology and software, as well as the founder, Will Busby, and his exceptional mentoring capabilities. Will’s unique understanding of institutional Supply and Demand order flow, combined with his exceptional teaching skills, provide a trader with the essential foundation in understanding price activity in any market. Will is extremely passionate about your success as a trader, and I see him demonstrate that week after week, month after month in his daily mentoring sessions! If you are willing to dedicate yourself to the hard work and discipline required become a successful trader, this is the place to start, or restart, your career.
By: Sd T.
The Financial Mall LLC
After been trading for 5 years, I’ve always thought that my Fibonacci trading strategies is as close to the so called “holly grail”, but after learning the Supply and Demand Trading from PFA my perspectives on the market has totally changed. Now I understand why those Fibonacci setups sometimes doesn’t work out. Most importantly I now know how to read the market movements "nakedly". And it's accurate majority of the time too... Supply and Demand “IS” the reason why the market moves. See and understand how the smart money moves the market and "jump in the wagon" - Buy Low Sell High. Get the right education if you are serious in trading the Supply and Demand Methodology.PFA is the REAL Deal.
By: Jason L.
The Financial Mall LLC
Just about the smartest investment I've ever made. I've taken trading educational courses from other, much bigger organizations (which I will not name). I came to PFA through a random Google search trying to confirm from other professionals the lessons I've learned from the previous school. Not only did PFA's education confirm what I've learned, but also expanded it to beyond anything I was taught before. Best of all, it was done at a fraction of the cost of my tuition of the previous school. Will is there to guide you and mentor you day by day with patience and expertise. Not only is he an awesome trader, his teachings skills and energy are just as good. Highly recommended!
By: Diana L.
The Financial Mall LLC
Over the past few years I have purchased many educational materials - most of which are on technical analysis or how to use indicators. However with PFA what I thought was different is that I got to learn about supply and demand, This was relatively new to me until recently. PFA offers an online course and a mentorship program, The material is easy to understand. The mentorship program is where everything comes together. If you are already using TA and other indicators then supply and demand will further enhance your trades. You will understand price action in another whole new level. Will is always there to help if you don't understand and replies to emails promptly.
By: Gnel M.
Moreira Team
I had a privilege working with Moreira Team on my mortgage for our new home in Athens, Georgia. Alvaro Moreira and his team Amanda Bailey, Kristin Turner are awesome, I had a fantastic experience with them. He was very easy to get in touch with and was great at communicating. Alvaro, Amanda and Kristin went above and beyond to make sure that we close on the house on time with minimal stress. Alvaro got me low rate, with minimal origination fees. I would highly recommend working with Moreira Team on any mortgage needs, and for sure I will go back to him for my investment purchase! Keep up the good job Alvaro, well done! Kudos to you and your team.
By: Keith U.
The Financial Mall LLC
Keith. A Pure Financial Academy education will transform the way you look at the market. The trading market is not unlike any other market of goods - and this is terrific to know because it will greatly improve your approach to trading. It is precisely because of this that you will begin to see and follow the order flow from one area of buyers and sellers to the next. Be prepared to erase your conventional approach to trading because without you knowing it you have fallen into a trap set for you by the market makers. However, with your PFA knowledge you will be able to SEE the market with an eye toward following institutional order flow.

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