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By: georgianne
Foundation Financial Group
It is with a happy heart that I write of my wonderful experience with Foundation Financial Group during a recent refinancing of my mortgage. And, primarily, my satisfaction and joy was dealing with your very competent employees: Lauren Hill and Susannah Ruby.From the very first phone call, Lauren presented herself as an exceptional professional with seasoned interpersonal skills. I had actually been working with another company when I received Lauren's phone call from Foundation Financial Group. I had dealt with and ignored many calls from lending institutions in the several days since I had applied on-line and was satisfied with the proposal that I had been granted. But, Lauren's manner was immediately attractive and she was determined that she could make me a better offer. The more I spoke with her, the more I realized how much more thorough and knowledgeable she was than the company than I was already working with.Lauren and Susannah spent countless hours on my refinance and often worked well into the evening. It was not unusual to receive emails and phone calls at 7:30 in the evening.I was particularly touched by the very personal way that they handled a family crisis during the refinance period. My elderly mother was in the hospital out of state and I needed to be there. There were many documents that your office needed from me in order to continue the process. I had no choice but to abandon my end of things and go to GA to care for my mom. Lauren and Susannah were genuinely compassionate and encouraging about the situations. I have no doubt that this interruption caused hardships on the time-line that they were working with, but they both handled it so gracefully and with genuine concern for my family.The most pleasant part of the work was actually forging a relationship with these two young women. Putting your finances in the hands of someone whom you've never met could be a daunting process, but Lauren continued to educate me at every turn. She was always contrasting how Foundation Financial Group does the process and emphasizing the thoroughness that each client receives as opposed to some other companies. She completely put me at ease with my questions and answered them in a way that a "lay" person could understand.Certainly one expects a strong understanding of the financial endeavors that she is engaged in, but Lauren offered so much more. She was efficient and smart but also so very human and fun. I particularly enjoy conversation and often we shared part of our personal lives. It was just so easy to relax and know that she was truly motivated to get the best plan for me that she could. My expectations of the refinance were exceeded and in a time-line far quicker than I though possible.I spoke with Susannah less but again, was so very impressed with her abilities. She had a delightful sense of humor and it was so fun to relate on a personal level that went beyond the "basics" of transferring information. I think she and Lauren have a synergy between them that would put anyone with a financial need at ease.Thank you very kindly for such a stress free experience. It was amazing to have the notary even come to my house for the signing of the multitude of papers instead of my going to her. Also, the appraisal team that you selected for the area was equally competent and personable.ALL the way around, from the first phone call to Lauren's very kind personal note of appreciation at the end of the work, Foundation Financial Group impressed me on the highest level. I will gladly refer anyone that I may to do business with you.
By: donnabarrel
Foundation Financial Group
I am writing this letter on behalf of my husband, Johnathon Bell and myself regarding our recent re-financing of our mortgage loan. We would like to say that we were very pleased with the quick and simple process that we encountered with your company, and in particular the manager, Daniel Sessions. We have re-financed before, and it was a long, drawn-out process, and very frustrating, so we were hesitant to do it again, particularly with an on-line company. However, after inquiring on-line about rates we were contacted by Scott, from your company, almost instantly. After Scott got all of our information he put us right in contact with his manager, Daniel, who assured us that he would try and get our loan done within 15 days, which we found impressive, but not quite believable! We did our part, getting the papers and verifications to him next day, and found him to be very professional and personable when we visited your offices. Furthermore, we were pleasantly shocked when everything went without hassle and we were ready to close in LESS that that original 15 day quote. We would definitely recommend your company to anyone we speak to about mortgage loans. Thank you for making our re-finance a pleasant experience.
By: O B.
The Financial Mall LLC
As with most things, to be good, you have to practice. And to be great you have to practice not just a lot, but with focus and dedication. The thing about practicing trading is it encompasses so many different disciplines. There's technical practice where you practice price action theory, and learning how to work your trading platform. How to do top down analysis and choose the right timeframe for the type of trading you're doing - day v.s position, etc... There's target practice, where you learn how to set the correct targets. And then there's the most important of all, risk management practice, where you learn how to stay in the trading game as a fulltime professional trader. And last but not least the practice of trying to develop an eye for the quick recognition of high probability chart patterns so you can quickly discern what to and what not to trade that day. What PFA offers is the ability to learn and practice all of these things and much more with the added glue that ties this all together - mentorship! Thank you PFA for helping me turn a bunch of chart patterns into everyday common sense! ~ OB
By: Peter X.
American Family Insurance - Shucheng Xu Agency
Shucheng Xu Agency with American Family Insurance is providing very competitive insurance rates for auto, home, business, and life. We are also providing the best customer services to all kinds of customers. We have a lot of discounts for auto and home insurance:Auto Discounts: Multiply vehicle discount, good driver discount, defensive driver discount, good student discount, new auto discount, 50+ age discount, and teen safe driver & young volunteer discount. Home Discounts: New home discount, home purchased discount, home security & fire protection discount, age of customer discount, home/auto combined discount.Both of Auto and home policies provide New Customer, Full payment, and early bird discounts.Our company also provides wonderful life insurance products including Term (10 years, 20 years, and 30 years), Whole Life, and MyLife Flexible. For whom have auto policies in our company, we provide SimplyProtected Term life insurance with large range of ages (18 to 60 year old) and minimal health questions. It is so easy to have a dream to protect your family and reserve education fund for your kids.
By: charlessybil
Foundation Financial Group
Hi Megan, just wanted to let you know how much we appreciated the way you handled our application with Foundation Financial.From the beginning, you convinced us that Foundation Financial, because of your open, truthful, consistent and determined efforts was the right choice for us. You listened to us, confirmed our needs and chose the correct product for us. I know that there were a few days during the course of our project where, because of my schedule, I was a little overtaxed with your requests. You remained very professional, understanding and helpful never the less, and you got us through the process in record time.We were offered very competitive products by our own bank and others, but no one else showed the interest in our business, and offered as much of themselves, as you did Megan. The savings on the home insurance package you offered (nearly 50 percent off!) was sensational.Thanks again for all your help. Best wishes for your continued success . You obviously love your work and with your work ethic and dedication, you are sure to continue doing well.
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By: George D.
The Financial Mall LLC
I have been a PFA student for about 3 months and like most people here, I concur that this is the best trading education I have been exposed to. I had always rejected any type of course that was based on supply and demand or reading the market because it required effort on my part to learn the methodology and being lazy I didn't want to use my brain to trade. I figured why spend time learning to read the markets when I can just buy a red light green light system that does the thinking for me. Unfortunately this is the path that most new traders go down. If that's you, good luck with that. After wasting a lot of money (I'm scared to calculate the real figure) I finally took the plunge with PFA. I did my due diligence and this course stood out as the best when it came to learning about supply and demand trading. Yes you need to use your brain, and yes it does take time and effort.on your part to learn it but the results are worth it. This is the last trading course you will ever need.
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By: Arvie R.
Johnson Agencies
My experience was "informative". I did go in expecting one type of position and received a different type of opportunity. Something different in terms of my own footprint opportunity vs the traditional stuck the rut, count on someone else to make me money, accompanied with a capped income kind of situation to boost someone else's bottom line all while busting my buns to try to make their unreasonable, biased production quotas to increase their bottom line and eventually leave me out to scuffle for more at retirement. No thanks! Been there ,done that...What this agency is offering is a situation that is flexible with high income and growth potentials, no rat -race included. I'd rather make my own way than to let a stagnant promise of a false-hope job get in my way. When we decide to create our own wealth at our own pace, then we have decided to determine how and when we will arrive at our expected destination.My glass, is already half-full.
By: Zoltan K.
The Financial Mall LLC
I joined PFA a couple months ago, after leaving all the promising indicators and trading systems behind - I gave up with the money pit and "buy this and you will be the next lottery winner" type of things...I was chasing a good place to learn the pure/naked charts trading method and after a long time, finally I found PFA. I'm not telling a fairy tale, just talking about a place to learn an excellent method and get educated by an exceptional honest educator - Will Busby. I was willing to learn hard and I'm willing to learn hard to understand and use his method as a full time job trader. My trading is already improved big time, as well as my understanding about the market moves, price actions and naked chart reading, thanks for Will for his awesome skills of educating and trading.I'm glad and proud to be part of his members and this is the first time in my trading carrier I can say: this is the best investment I ever made. Thank you, Will!
By: leonwong
Foundation Financial Group
Thank you once again for all the time and energy you put forth with getting me to closing. I have to say that I have consulted with about 5 different lenders over the past year so I know what I'm talking about when I say that Foundation Financial Group is by far the most professional organization I have ever dealt with. Actually I don't think I ever dealt with a representative as professional and courteous as you in any line of business I have engaged in. I appreciated you following up with me every day and guiding my and/or keeping me up to date with current status of this process up until closing. I also appreciated the high/positive energy you displayed whenever we spoke. You truly made this extremely stressful process easy and worthwhile. If I had to judge FFG on a whole based on my experience with you and compared to all the other lenders I have dealt with I would sincerely say that FFG is #1.
By: spencerbelkofer
Alfa Insurance
Every person chooses insurance based on different reasons. For me, it's about not being a number in a system, i.e. when I call, I can speak to the same person. They're familiar with my situation and I don't need to waste a bunch of time "briefing" someone on a claim I've already filed or ask some anonymous person at the end of the line about my private financial matters.I didn't do a lot of price shopping because I'd already gone the "cheap" route and wasn't happy, so you may be able to find a cheaper quote...but I doubt you'll find better insurance for the price. Believe me...I've used a lot of insurance companies in the past and I'm really glad not to have to deal with making any more changes. Could I be getting my car insurance for a lower price? Maybe...But would it be worth the hassle? Not for me...but you may be different. It's just a matter of what's important to you.
Tips & Advices
By law, you need to be insured up to the minimum amount required in your state before getting behind the wheel of any car. Beyond that, your insurance needs will vary depending on your financial situation and the amount of risk you are willing to take on.
  • Full or comprehensive car insurance is the most expensive, but often the best deal for drivers who own an expensive car, those who commute frequently or anyone who lives in an area with extreme weather or high crime rates.
  • Drivers of less expensive or older cars usually save more by opting for the minimum required policy, along with some extra coverage if they can afford it. Since the cost of repairs might exceed the total value of an older vehicle, some owners forgo collision protection in favor of greater liability coverage or personal injury coverage.
If someone other than you causes an accident while driving your car, most insurance policies will still pay for damage, according to the rules that apply. However, it’s a good idea to check with the insurance provider to be sure this is the case. Regardless, either the at-fault driver or the actual policyholder will be responsible for paying for anything not covered by insurance. People who don’t own a car but frequently borrow or rent one might consider purchasing a non-owner policy to make up the difference.
Car insurance premiums might be tax deductible in certain situations, but only with the documentation to prove it. Insurance costs may be deducted as part of overall business expenses if you use that car for work-related travel. However, this does not generally apply to taxpayers who use the standard deduction when filing their income tax returns. If your car is used for business purposes often, save all insurance-related documentation, as well as receipts, invoices and other forms of proof that your vehicle expenses were for business purposes.
Car insurers set premium prices depending on every driver’s individual risk. A huge number of details are factored into every determination of insurance risk, so the cost of any two policies can vary widely depending on the driver’s personal attributes, accident history, location, vehicle type and much more. The type of coverage you choose also impacts what you pay - premiums for minimal liability coverage will almost always be lower than those of a universal coverage policy.
The cost of car insurance is highly variable, but according to the National Association of Insurance Commissioners, U.S. motorists pay around $900 per year on auto insurance.

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