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By: doeroadx
Harry's Pig Shop
Don’t be fooled into thinking this is a barbeque restaurant: it isn’t. You will get pork (and very lean, at that), but after I specifically inquired of the staff if their meat was smoked, and was informed that it is, I was quite disappointed to learn that they are misinformed. There is no smoky flavor apparent in the meat, nor are there any grills to be found on premises. The hash, though not watery like many Brunswick stew recipes, is also comparatively flavorless, as it’s not made with smoked pork. Once you throw in the unsalted fries, the industrial park feel to the dining rooms, and the inflated price, what you end up with isn’t a restaurant meal, but a caterer’s plate. This is the kind of stuff you might wolf down while standing around in golfer’s pants, but it’s not something you’ll want to eat again. Real barbeque makes you want to go back the next day. I just wanted to go find some real barbeque after eating at Harry’s. “Stuff to eat, just down the street.”
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By: Ben R.
Saucehouse Bbq
Building is very nice. Parking was full but building did not have but two people in the Resturant eating. It was around 1pm. Food was ok to dissappointing. Got a pulled pork sandwhich asked for toast all they had was loaf bread or small buns both pulled directly from bags appearing to still have the reduced sticker on them. Also got Mac n cheese and Brunswick stew. The sandwhich was ok but it was not warm like I like those kind of sandwiches it was cold which I was surprised. Mac n cheese was warm. Brunswick stew was warm. The food was served in paper trays with the Mac n cheese sticking to the paper peeling it a little or to be fair it might have been my spoon trying to scrap it of the paper tray. Good to go for atmosphere but food was very average.
By: amnichols
Your Pie
I originally came here a week ago with my family do I could try the gluten pizza. However, they were out of the gluten free pizza dough. I was really really upset about it but it was too late to leave since my family's pizzas were already in the oven. Seeing my distress the manager wrote up a note giving me a free meal. Came in today to try The Hippie pizza (gluten free of course) and was not disappointed. The kids and I also enjoyed the "magic Coke machine" where you can use the touch screen to make custom cokes, root beers, lemonades, Sprites and more. You can also eat outside on the back deck. Your Pie food can be as healthy or decadent as you want, but it's always fun eating here!
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By: Thomas S.
Love the decor. Wife and I went. We actually enjoyed the atmosphere. The ceiling tiles and fixtures were items my wife commented on. The service was spot on. I enjoyed the prompt service. Their facilities were well stocked. The cook was friendly when asked about the experiences they have had in the location. The only gripe I have was that they did not open this one sooner. I have had bad experiences with other Zaxby's. Not sure whom runs this one. But they need to be placed at a higher level so they canoversee the training of others.
By: Karen H.
Dickey's Barbecue Pit
I agree with the previous reviewer, the price is nothing to write home about. But it is in line with almost every other chain like this one. They do turkey, ham and beef barbecue as well as the usual pork. They have a hot (it is) and regular sauce. I mixed them to get the type I prefer. I will eat here again, but I will have to be feeling flush to do so.
By: arabianites
Hilltop Grille
This is one of our favorite places to visit in Athens!!! Very nice staff and nice ambiance. More mature crowd with great music/bands! The appetizers are awesome!!!! Dinners are a little pricey, but sophisticated and well plated....We enjoy simply having a few appetizers and sitting outside on the nights when entertainment is avail.
By: chundra.merritt
Herschel's Famous 34 Pub-Grill
The service is great and very happy, but the food is just okay, We waited almost an hour for our food and our order still wasn't complete, The drinks are over priced and were a little watered down. I would rate this resturant as a 2 for food and a 5 for service. I feel they need a little more experience.
By: barbecue_lover1
Harry's Pig Shop
The meat was great, the price es were fine, and the service was friendly and they provided 6 sauces, but none of them were traditional barbecue flavor. some were mustard, one wad slightly spicy, and one tasted really, well, interesting, but I was wishing for some plain old barbecue sauce.
By: James O.
Heirloom Cafe & Fresh Market
Excellent food but very pricey. Service was a bit slow. If you plan to eat lunch avoid this place at all cost. This was our first time and there were five of us. Still the food was great and we will probably go again. Us retired folks can eat anytime.
By: James O.
Five & Ten
Excellent food, great Service and the atmosphere is delightful. I would highly recommend this resturant to anyone. We have eaten in D.C., N.Y, SF, Houston and many restaurants all over the world, including Singapore and Five & Ten is on par with the best.

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