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  • James H.
    Edited: 10/23/2016

    By far the worst service ever. My wife went for a pedicure and the guy just cut her nails didn't bother cleaning up the cuticles or in grown toe nails. And the 35$ massage paid 40$ for nothing the employee was very rude.

  • Tiffany V.

    Let me begin by saying this: I have NEVER in my life wrote a review on a place of business; however, for DT Nails, I will be making an exception; and not just on here, but every possible website that I can. If there was an option to put -5 stars, that would still be a compliment to the women that work at this incredibly rude (to put it nicely) establishment. I get my eyebrows waxed about everything six to eight weeks; I'm a natural blonde, so I can usually wait a little longer than most people to get them waxed. I have been going here for close to three years now, and every time I go in I know that I can expect to be treated with absolute disdain and complete disrespect. I honestly dread walking into this NAIL SALON (a place where people, often women, go to pamper themselves! Oh, the irony...) because of the incredibly offensive behavior I am subject to EVERY TIME I GO IN. The only reason I keep going back to this bottom-dwelling establishment is because, despite their atrocious behaviors towards me, they do a (relatively) good job and the price is fair. I'm also afraid to try someone new because they may not shape them the specific way that I like them. (Having said that, if anyone knows of a good eyebrow waxing place in Asheville, please let me know via Twitter: @elizabethvonv !) The last time I was there, about a month ago. I tried making conversation with the woman doing my eyebrows; however, she thought it was more important to ignore me COMPLETELY and yell, and I mean literally YELL, to her coworkers in the front of the building. When she was done, she straight up WALKED OUT, knocking into me in her haste and offering no apology; she didn't even turn around! NO HAND MIRROR WAS OFFERED TO ME, AND SHE DIDN'T EVEN ASK ME IF I WAS OK WITH HOW THEY TURNED OUT! As much as I wish this whole disrespectful experience ended here, unfortunately, it does not. I went up front to pay, and I ALWAYS leave a tip, as much as I can being a broke college student saving up to start law school in NYC in the fall. She takes the money out of my hand and starts to walk away. By this point, I was almost in tears; she had not said MORE THAN THREE WORDS TO ME DIRING THE ENTIRE VISIT! Completely unacceptable. So, I looked at her and said "Wow. Thank you, too; and your welcome"; trying to imitate her "I'm better than you" attitude, and then I walked out. I still tip regardless of the way I get treated; I feel if I don't, they would make me feel worse the next time I come in.

    My mother, brother, and aunt have all gone with me at some point when I get my eyebrows done: All three had the same reaction as I did: these women are the rudest, most disrespectful women they have ever met.

    It would be different if this was a one time occurrence; but it's not- it's every time I go; and each time I go, their bad attitudes, behaviors, and disrespect toward me intensifies.

    I'm having dinner with the female North Carolina Supreme Court Justices tomorrow, so I have no choice but to walk back in to this bottom-dwelling establishment because I'm afraid to try someone new on the day of my important dinner. I'm Also taking moral support! (How sad is that?! Having to take a friend or family member to a NAIL SALON just so I don't walk out of there feeling like I usually do, which is horrendous.

    DO NOT GIVE THESE PEOPLE YOUR BUSINESS! They are undeserving- spread the word.

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