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By: Maria R.
Asheville Children's Medical Center PA
VERY DISAPPOINTEDI have been taken my daughter for 9 years and I every time I had to wait more than 20 minutes to been seen. Yesterday after arriving 10 minutes late for the first time of course they did not want to see my daughter for her physical because of their 10 min late policy. But I want a doctor to see her in the after 5 p. m. clinic they have, but the receptionist said according with their policy a patient that is late for her appointment she can not been seen the same day. I asked her to show me the policy in written but they could not, because they did not have it!!! of course I asked to talk with a doctor and she said nobody could talk with me after telling her I was not going to leave until I could talk with a doctor finally Dr, Grant went to the reception and talked with me and she gave me the same excuse that the receptionist gave me. I explained to the doctor that my daughter had a very bad headache for one week and she said she could not do nothing that I needed to go back another day or make an appointment or going to the urgent care . The doctor and the staff was very unprofessional and I am very disappointed because I could notice they DO NOT CARE FOR THE PATIENTS they just care for the money they can make. How sad it is that just with a cold heart Dr. COLBY GRANT acted in front of this situation. Definitely I am looking for another clinic where doctors and staff care for their patients. A couple of doctors like Dr.Fogleman and Dr. Khon I feel they still care.
By: Unhappy P.
Wells Slechta, Sarah E, MD
Prescribed Lamictal off-label -- meaning that it does not have FDA approval for use in adolescent depression and mood -- for my adolescent son, without offering any other options. Told me that the only risk was "Lamictal rash" and if that showed up, he would be taken off of it and the rash would go away in a day or two. She failed to mention the FDA BLACK BOX WARNING for Stevens Johnson Syndrome, a potentially fatal immune response. He developed SJS, and luckily, survived, no thanks to Dr. Wells
By: M T.
11th Step House
Addiction took over my daughter’s life and rocked the solid foundation that our lives had been built upon. Our family was devastated as we watched our daughter’s life crumble before our eyes. We turned to many individuals and places for guidance and help for our daughter, but she left those individuals and places unchanged. We started looking again for another place for help and we came upon the 11th Step House. They opened their home to my daughter and cared for her. They helped to rebuild her physically and spiritually. They provided a solid foundation for her to rebuild her life upon. My daughter is approaching a year of sobriety!
By: Karen O.
11th Step House
The 11th Step House has been one of the biggest blessings in my life. I would still be lost at the bottom of the miserable pit my life had become if it had not been for the love, strength and support that I received at that the 11th Step House, which became my home for 10 months. I was in that pit for 33 years and I had never been successful enough to be able to climb out of it and put together any kind of real sobriety time, until now. The wonderful ladies that run the 11th Step House gave me everything I needed in order to get sober. Between the two of them they have 43 years of sobriety and they give away what they have so lovingly every day. I will be forever grateful for what they have done for me. I pray that other women can experience the hope and healing that is provided so beautifully at the 11th step house. Thank you to Linda, Mercedes and all the girls at the 11th Step House. Karen O.
By: Mark T.
11th Step House
Eleventh Step House is a safe, happy place for women in recovery. My niece has been there for over seven months, and she has become stronger, happier and more stable with every passing day. She has learned life skills and how to get along with people. Of course, there are rules that must be followed, and that may get some people bent out of shape. Without this structure, however, there would be no recovery. The two supervisors, Mercedes Ziegler and Linda Steward, are principled individuals of the highest integrity, and give a tremendous amount of love, support and wisdom to the women in their care, day after day. I am eternally grateful to them for what they have done for my niece. She would not be where she is now without them.Uncle Mark
By: Haley T.
11th Step House
I can honestly say the 11th Step House has saved my life. As a "low-bottom addict", I never thought recovery was even possible until I stepped through these doors and my life took a turn I never foresaw. The two years prior to arriving at the 11th Step House was spent in and out of nine treatment facilities, countless detoxes, jail and homelessness. I had given up all together and accepted I was due to die a drug addict. Under court orders, I was dragged to this halfway house that I assumed would be as short-lived as my other attempts at sobriety. I can't put my finger on exactly what changed for me this go-round other than the impact the 11th Step House and its owners had on me. The owners, Mercedes and Linda, are the two most compassionate, selfless, and kindhearted women I've ever encountered. I think seeing those altruistic characteristics in them was what initially caused me to stick around- the fact that they TRULY cared unlike any other halfway manager, rehab counselor, etc. Their faith and exuberance continue to inspire me to this day. Their eccentricities and radiance of pure love make my heart full and put a smile on my face every day. The way they run their halfway house is sometimes seen as unorthodox, but I believe that is what I needed and what kept me here. They give you the freedom to make your own decisions while still remaining readily involved, guiding you in the right direction or at least being there to counsel you through the mistakes you make. The two owners feel like family. We all, including the other girls that make it in our house, have a mutual respect for each other and we get the opportunity to accompany each other on this incredibly beautiful path of recovery. I could literally rhapsodize over the 11th Step House to no end, but matter-of-factly I strongly suggest this halfway house to any women searching for peace in recovery. I truly found a family I never knew I was looking for.
By: Len M.
11th Step House
11th Step House has been a life changer for our daughter and family. After an amazing 90 day program at EMR we were directed towards Asheville and 11th Step. We looked at others too but chose 11th Step. Linda & Mercy become family & truly care about our daughter. I'm not saying everything is perfect but I will say for those girls that are there & really want sobriety, it is a safe & loving place where they can learn to tippy toe back into a sober life. Our daughter is almost 10 months sober. If your loved one WANTS to live a sober life this home is great. But I believe that is key. I am very grateful for the way Linda & Mercy love the girls & how they keep them safe, even if it means having to be tough on the ones who don't follow the rules. I think sometimes families forget that these are not children we're talking about, these are grown addicted women, who are master manipulators. TO THOSE QUES.. WHY THESE REVIEWS CAME AFTER NEG ONES ITS BECAUSE WE ARE HAVING A DIFF EXP.
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By: Marybeth T.
11th Step House
I am so grateful for the 11th step house and all they have done for me. When i came into the 11th step house i was just a shell of a girl. I didn't know how to function normally or how to even value myself. But over the time that Linda and Mercy spent with me i slowly started to come out of my shell and become the woman i am today. They taught me to never ever give up. Also no matter what time of day or night it was i could come and talk to them about my problems. They have given me unconditional support. Linda and Mercy also helped me figure my court charges out and get them handled. They also helped me get enrolled into college and taught me how to succeed in college and ask for help when i need it. I am so grateful for these ladies because if it was not for them saving my life i would probably be dead today. I recommend this place with the highest accolades.
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By: Courtney M.
11th Step House
This place has saved my life! I couldn't be more grateful to be in such an amazing environment! The owners of this house are so supportive of everything and are so willing to help us all out in anyway they can! I truly don't know where I would be if it wasn't for this house!
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By: Annie C.
11th Step House
This place is the most amazing sober living. My experience here has been the best. the owners who run the house are so sweet and super supportive. They help so much with our recovery and learning how to live life sober. All the girls in the house are so close and work good programs and attend meetings regularly. I have been trying to get sober for many years and have been to many sober livings and this is by far the best one. Such a great house and community and our house moms!
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