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By: B. P.
Charlotte Street Computers
With Expertise and Professionalism at a 1 rating and Selection at a 2, the rating is closer to a 1 overall and that's what they deserve.I've been there a number of times. Six months ago, I attempted to shop for a laptop but both times got sent out of the store and told to come back another time. I didn't until recently. Tried again - support a local business but with trepidation and skepticism. First fellow shouldn't have been allowed on the floor to show me computers. He was untrained. Switched to a fellow who knew more. Got a price on a notebook out the door. It was high for what they finally offered. But to save trouble would've bought it and dealt with it through Apple, not the store. But I left long enough that I ended up at home. That was an accident but a good one.Contacted a lovely woman at Apple who easily put together what I wanted and saved me about $150 and I trust Apple. It's taking all of two days to get here and I know I'm in better hands with Apple.Everything I ordered through Apple was cheaper.They also did a nasty job repairing a Mac under warranty. I don't trust their knowledge level.I wouldn't go back, not even to help a local business. They failed on repair work and flunked my three times going to attempt to buy a Mac.

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