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By: Audrey R.
Shane Brown Bail Bonds
Last year I was unfortunate enough to be detained for charges that were eventually dropped. Long story short I had a very high bond in a bad part of town (Henderson County). I came across Shane through a mutual friend of FB and thought I would give him a try. In less than an hour he had me out of there. No questions, no judgement. He was easy to get a hold of, easy to pay and didn't jerk me or my family around. Just a warm smile and a much needed friend. Thank you Shane!
By: Tonya B.
We Spring Bail Bonds
Okay I have called to make sure the one in Hendersonville is of the same Business and they are...Jamie at the H'Ville Branch turned a terrible day into a wonderful day and what might usually be a tiresome worrisome ordeal was easy, uneventful in a good way and "a Happy Ending"..Jamie puts a new non judgmental unconditional twist on How to deal with Customers ...Thanking you SO MUCH We Spring....This has to put a hurting on the next door neighbor iyswim..lol
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By: misses.mandy
Shane Brown Bail Bonds
Shane's a great bondsman he will come out of county to get you out of jail. He came all the way to Bakersville to get me out. I've used him probably over 5 times he's the only bondsman I call cause once you use him you won't need any other bondsman's numbers. I give him two thumbs up!!! A 10 not to mention he's a hottie ;-)
By: Kim H.
Shane Brown Bail Bonds
I have known Shane for some time now. He is a hard working, caring and loyal person. If you are in need of a bail bondsman for you or your loved one, I highly recommend Shane Brown Bail Bonds. The best when you need nothing less!
By: Christie G.
We Spring Bail Bonds
Estonia doesn't mess around! She is straight to the point and let me know what to expect with bonding out . Quick and easy. Thank you so much! I recommend We Spring to get you out of jail....
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By: Shane B.
Free Bird Bail Bonds
David is a very understanding individual that work with me on my financial problem and help it possible to be on the road once again
By: iwru87
We Spring Bail Bonds
Fast and friendly. Keith worked hard in getting my family member out of jail. He is the only bondsman I will ever use.
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By: shane.t.brown.9
Shane Brown Bail Bonds
Payments are an option with these guys and I'm glad. Without payments. Still would be locked up
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By: shane.t.brown.9
Freebird Bail Bonds
David Exum is a caring respectful person. He's a great person to work with
By: Paula S.
Shane Brown Bail Bonds
Shane is always willing to help whenever someone needs it.
Tips & Advices
Bail bond premiums are not refundable. These are considered payment for the bail bond agent's services.
A co-signer is a person who arranges bail for another person. This individual pledges to post bond on behalf of the agent should the defendant fail to appear in court. Similarly, a co-signer will provide payment for the bail bondsman if the defendant does not do so.
Bail is set by a judge and determined by the crime in question, the defendant's criminal history, how likely that person will or won't show up to court, and other factors.
Collateral options include but are not limited to:
  • Vehicles
  • Real estate
  • Savings
  • Investments
  • Jewelry
After a case is over, the bond is returned to the entity who posted it -- the bail bond agent or the defendant. Premiums paid to bail bondsmen generally are not returned.

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